OUR MIRAGE – New Album

The hot Marl, Germany based post-hardcore outfit OUR MIRAGE is back for their upcoming sophomore album »Unseen Relations«, which will be released on the 7th of February 2020 via Arising Empire. Watch the music video for ‘Unseen’ here. The Band, OUR MIRAGE, was called OUR MIRAGE because depressions, for example, are feelings, others can’t see, but that are still there – a Mirage. The band’s name stands for unity, relations, a bond that is so special, that it can’t be seen either, but can be felt when experiencing music. OUR MIRAGE aims to have listeners stop feeling left out, stop feeling alone and finally realize that there always is at least someone feeling the same, having experienced the same and being able to help. This is why their second album was called »Unseen Relations«. OUR MIRAGE feels relations to each and everyone listening to their music, going through the same problems they experienced or sing about. Together we can grow strong, together we can stay strong, together we can realize who needs help, together we can help each other and grow upon ourselves. Just know you are never alone – this Mirage is our all home.

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