Panzram – “Long Shadows”

Texas blackened industrial outfit PANZRAM — featuring former Absu bassist Ezezu — has released its latest video for “Long Shadows,” taken from the band’s third album War Drums For Dreary Scum. Sink to the rankest depths with “Long Shadows” here

Named after serial killer Carl Panzram (1891-1930), the duo exists solely to create a truly terrifying and abyssic sound through a combined effort between multi-instrumentalists Ezezu and Hexx. While the sound can be quite diverse, PANZRAM’s roots lie in the chaos of black metal with its ethos not defined by predecessors. Instead, the band interprets the nuances and traditions of the genre into a greater sense of disillusion and mania.

Formed in Canada in 1991 under the name “Arkadia,” the band released two demos and recorded its debut full-length before relocating to the landfills of the Texas Panhandle in late 2004. PANZRAM’s debut White Silence was released in 2006, and the band performed several local shows before Ezezu joined USBM pioneers Absu in 2008.

The band was on ice for close to a decade before Ezezu struck flame to iron and resumed activities in 2015 after Absu’s schedule waned. Hexx, the producer of Arkadia’s demos, was invoked as an official member shortly thereafter, and the duo recorded Cyanide Overdrive in 2018. The band’s third album, War Drums For Dreary Scum, was released in December to bring PANZRAM back to its original intention of releasing music each year.

With the unconventional duo augmenting disorder, the arsonists prepare their fourth album Black Hearted Battery, slated for release sometime October 2020.

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