Piston are a British five-piece rock ‘n’ roll band made up of four members from the Midlands greased with a vocal roar from the south; which, when put together and fired up, produce a no-nonsense sound not to be reckoned with.  Their debut album was originally released in September 2019 to across-the-board rave reviews. In 2020, they supported The Cult and Glenn Hughes on their UK tours.

Lead singer, Rob Angelico opens up about ‘Let Us Rise’ – “As humans we all have to progress, and we can deal with anything together. We need to show love right now more than ever. The only race that matters is humanity. Let’s rise, come together, and become one. I’m excited to play this live and thank you for all of your support – you are awesome!”

Adds Piston’s guitarist, Jack Edwards – “I’m super excited to release this song! We had it completely re-mixed and mastered to bring a new life into the track. It’s a different take to what is on the album – it’s almost like the evil twin! The world’s a crazy place right now… ‘Let Us Rise’ – let’s come together and overcome this pandemic.”

“2019 was an incredible year for Piston,” says guitarist Jack Edwards.“2021 is proving to be a busy year for us including tons of festival appearances and shows.”

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