Reaper’s Revenge – Phlegmatrix

The five-piece with crushing riffs and exquisite old-school vocals strikes back and announces the release of their third longplayer Versus on October 8th 2021, the first single Phlegmatrix is now available.

After the release of their debut in 2014, Reaper’s Revenge have gotten nothing but praising words from the German metal scene, making their song Dawn of A New Day a straight-up underground hit. The band has been touring all over Germany ever since, including gigs at Stormcrusher Open Air, Hell’s Kitchen Fest as well as a gig at the internationally acclaimed Wacken Metal Battle.

The sophomore album Virtual Impulse was released in 2018 after another intense songwriting phase, which resulted in a worthy successor as the LP once again wowed fans and press alike, all while being produced by the band members themselves. Due to keeping the DIY-mentality on the map, the band managed to simultaneously stay true to their roots as well as enhance their virtuosity and musical identity, taking it to the next level.

With the upcoming longplayer Versus up their sleeves, Reaper’s Revenge are set to heat up the metal scene with an energetic combination of power and thrash metal as they prove with their first single Phlegmatrix, uniting their strongest forces to create exactly that heavy metal track that we all want to bang our heads to. The band enlisted two friends, Benedikt Bockisch and Sebastian Bockisch of digitalstandArt, to create a video that captures the band’s self-made creative spirit – a method similar to the pioneering approach the guys took in their master thesis some years back. Hand crafted figures and objects were photoscanned and brought to life by animation, creating a stop-motion-like effect that the videographers tied in with the band’s live performance using just a little over 300 meters of duct tape.

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