ROME, the Luxembourgish folk noir outfit helmed by Jerome Reuter, are set to release new album “The Lone Furrow” on August 28th via Trisol Music Group. The album is set to feature guest appearances guest appearances from a range of heavy metal luminaries including BEHEMOTH’s Adam Nergal Darski, PRIMORDIAL’s Alan Averill, Laure Le Prunenec of RÏCÏNN and Joseph D. Rowland of US-doom band PALLBEARER, J.J. of Austria’s HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY.

Following on from the universal acclaim of their latest LP “Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro”, ROME releases one of the most impressive releases in its prolific career of 15 years. “The Lone Furrow” is the logical culmination of ROME’s previous endeavors, a brilliant and patient demolition of the despiritualized modern age, timeless in its critique of man’s greed and the deliberate desecration of beautiful things.

ROME is back to fearlessly settle accounts of the spirit, with that grave trademark voice, whose tone can be likened to a wise-man’s oracle, deepened by countless cigars and pools of stout, or, at times, a Stuka bomber nose-diving into dry gravel.

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