Roterfeld are not only rocking the long-awaited fans with their new single “Bring Your Own Star To Life”, but also millions of smartphones. The video “Bring Your Own Star To Life” is the single preview to the new album “Hamlet At Sunset” (out: 4. May 2018) and was chosen by the social media app “” for the worldwide smartphone release 2018.

From smashing guitars in the opener “No Friend of Mine” and the distinctive synths of “Bring Your Own Star to Life” via virtuosic orchestral arrangements to even an eye-winking flirt with pop music, Roterfeld are juggling with musical styles and present themselves more multifaceted than ever before.

“Similar to Hamlet, the album has a complex, multilayered personality that is not easy to explore”, Aaron reveals about the album title that is also a tribute to William Shakespeare, whose 400th death anniversary fell into the time the album came into existence. “I find it boring to rattle off a whole album in one style.” So his rock theater offers unexpected and extraordinary elements to discover, electronic references meet driving guitar riffs, grand emotions come upon lustily celebrated dark rock. The almost ten-minute orchestral epic “Father and Son” evokes the musical impressions and narrations of classical composers and almost casually makes a political point. With the futuristic “Bring Your Own Star to Life”, the album also includes the pre-released single, which is rocking smartphones on its worldly mission as the hymn of social media app Carried by the charismatic singer’s unique voice and despite all their complexity, the ten tracks come together in one catchy oeuvre.

Rock musician, adventurer, CEO – just like his songs, bandleader Aaron Roterfeld’s life story is a class of its own. “For his songs, only the best is good enough for the man with the penetrating eyes and the Bowie attitude”, the music press has marveled on the release of his debut album. A more than lucky coincidence has provided Roterfeld the opportunity to impress the world-famous Berman Brothers (Cher, Coldplay, Hanson) with his demos, who promptly produced a few songs for the newcomer. Other top producers jumped on the bandwagon, Finland’s hitmaker Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Apocalyptica) and 70s/80s Frank Bornemann (Eloy, Guano Apes, Helloween) produced further tracks.

Aaron Roterfeld is not the type of person who settles for half-measures. The ROTERFELD frontman took the time of a whole seven years to let the successor to his hit album “Blood Diamond Romance” ripen. Now the Austrian rockers are finally back with “Hamlet at Sunset”, playing themselves into their very own, genre-crossing league. (Album Release Date: 4. May 2018)

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