Los Angeles, CA – One of the most well-known figures in all of the industrial metal world, Sin Quirin, guitarist and songwriter for the legendary Ministry since 2007 as well as a member of Revolting Cocks, American Head Charge, and a slew of others, is proud to announce his most potent project yet – the venomous 3 Headed Snake! The band, which consists of Quirin alongside former Ministry drummer Derek S. Abrams, guitarist Diego “Ashes” Ibarra of DevilDriver, vocalist Johnny Ray and bass guitarist D.V. Karloff, previously released an excellent 3 song EP Wisdom Screams and blew audiences away at live appearances including the 2019 Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

And now the group has unleashed its newest single, “Tyrants,” a blistering slab of industrial metal mayhem that amps up the energy with a supersonic riff from Quirin’s lightning-fast fingers. The song is accompanied by a compelling and gorgeously shot video that evokes the post-apocalyptic doom of our pandemic ravaged society, and the bold creative acts that have been deployed to fight tyranny of the mind and soul! As Quirin states, “The song is about tyrants from all walks of life that spring up to take control of people. Specifically in this song, it’s about utilizing a crisis to take control of a situation. Like predators lying in wait for the right situation to come up and ruin people’s lives. The video was shot in a desolate setting in the desert to capture the feel and nature of the song.”

Stream the single:

Stream the Wisdom Screams EP:

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