SLAMDINISTAS release new single and lyric video ‘Brand New Day’, out now on Die Laughing Records. SLAMDINISTAS slam us again! Their third single ‘Brand New Day’ rocks the radio with maximum impact! Debuting on Rodney on the Rock (Sirius XM) and LA’s Livation KXLU (both worldwide radio stations), ‘Brand New Day’ is burning up the airwaves! The single is out now on all digital platforms through Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records. Slams are in-your-face with a raw, rock and roll signature and a gritty street cred that needs no translation – this is maximum rock and roll! Gabriel Johns delivers excellent vocals with guitar gods Mike Gavigan and Loren Molinare at his side. Brian Irving and Paul Ill provides hypnotic and downright glorious drums and bass. SLAMDINISTAS slam! SLAMDINISTAS deliver! ‘Brand New Day’ – rock and roll is alive and kicking!

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