Spookshow Inc – Virtual Insanity

SPOOKSHOW INC. have just revealed a stunning video for the track, Virtual
Insanity, which is plucked from I, out via their own label, Thunder of The
Distant Planet.

Norway based international group SPOOKSHOW INC., are a band who embroil
their musical and lyrical imagination in a tapestry of industrial, electro,
modern rock and metal; a union wrapped up in cinematic sound and suggestion.
Even that does not reveal the rich palette of the band’s sound inspired by
artists such as Rob Zombie, KMFDM, Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy, NIN, Prodigy,
Chemical Brothers, Pink Floyd, and Paradise Lost.

Continuing and completing their examination of a world locked in a shadowed
maelstrom of negativity, SPOOKSHOW INC. have now unleashed, Visions Of The
Blinded World pt I & II. This double album searches every raw edge and
ravenous corner of the darkest places with a sound that is bold and ravenous
and prime to embrace a rich array of styles and flavours.

SPOOKSHOW INC. have lifted Virtual Insanity from the record, as it deftly
depicts the band’s truly unique and dramatically provocative sound. With
footage cut from a series of live shows, the video ideally showcases the
crew’s engaging energetic and hypnotic vigour.

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