State of Millenia – ‘Sorry at the Start’

Emerging quintet STATE OF MILLENIA have just set loose a stunning new single
and video for the track, Sorry At the Start, which is lifted from their spanking

debut album, Feel Alive, out Friday3rd April.

Siblings, Reece and Dylan Boulton (respectively, guitarist and bassist) have
had shared musical tastes since their early teens. When Reece met fellow
guitarist Danny at a local skate park, and then the brothers befriended
vocalist Jordan Capon at College, the early seeds of the band began to form,
leaving them to officially solidify in 2016 (drummer Jules Marrison later
joined the ranks in 2019). Soon after their formation, STATE OF MILLINIA
delivered their debut EP, Freakshow, which generated a dedicated fan base
and also enabled the crew to play a slew of prominent shows. The EP happily
lapped up nationwide airplay and encouraging online coverage.

In 2019, the band went to Avenue Studios to work on their debut album, Feel
Alive. Guitarist Danny Russel remarks about the creation of the record: “The
process of writing this album was very organic. One of us would approach the
band with an idea and we’d write around it.  We recorded with Dan Kerr at
Avenue Studios. He’s a super-efficient, organised producer which makes him a
pleasure to work with.”

STATE OF MILLENIA have a killer album in their hands, which has already
received the support of Alex Baker from Kerrang Radio. The record boasts
twelve slabs of infectious modern heavy rock that take from Loathe, A Day To
Remember and Neck Deep. Their new album, Feel Alive, will prove STATE OF
MILLENIA a prominent figure in the UK scene for many years to come.

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