Critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist STEVE MOORE (ZOMBI) presents the score to the 2019 feature film Bliss. From pulsing, panic-inducing freneticism of tracks such as “The Bite” to calm and contemplative melodies and guitar leads endearing the listener to the film’s lead character, Bliss sees STEVE MOORE at his most dynamic, intense, and nuanced.

Steve Moore Comments: “It was a challenging film to work on in that it’s so dynamic – the soft moments need to be truly tender and endear the main character to the audience, while the intense moments had to be borderline panic-attack inducing. The temp score had a lot of Khanate and other drone metal stuff, which worked really well so I incorporated a lot of droning, detuned guitar for texture. Once I started though the director and producer wanted guitar on every track. But I was open to anything – they’d say “I think we should try a bass solo on this cue,” and all I could think was why the hell not.”

Bliss (OMPS) is due out January 17, 2020 on CD/LP/Digital. Physical packages are available for pre-order via . Digital Downloads / Streaming Services are available .

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