STRIGOI – Chris and Greg discuss artwork and touring

Only 3 weeks left until STRIGOI unleash their debut album Abandon All Faith, upon the world via Nuclear Blast. To shorten the wait for the fans, the group has unveiled the third album trailer, in which founding members Greg and Chris speak about the new record’s artwork and their touring plans.  Pre-order Abandon All Faith now:

Pre-order digitally to receive ‘Nocturnal Vermin’ and ‘Phantoms’ instantly (via Amazon and iTunes only) or pre-save the album via Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music:

With an approach that was as nihilistic and crusty as it was cinematically grand, Paradise Lost’s Greg Mackintosh teamed up with former EXTREME NOISE TERROR and Vallenfyre bassist Chris Casket to record a truly bonecrushing beast of old-school death metal.

Named after the troubled spirits in Romanian mythology who could rise from the grave and assume an entirely different form, STRIGOI’s bassist Chris Casket was also tasked with writing the lyrics for the new project. Mackintosh gave him simple thematic guidelines: attack organized religion, sparingly discuss grief and dive into the countless horrible things that humanity continues to inflict upon itself.

The debut album will be available on jewelcase CD, black vinyl in gatefold and digitally

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