TAX THE HEAT – Episode Four

AX THE HEAT are gearing up for their new album Change Your Position to hit stores in just over 2 weeks, on 9th March 2018. Today the band have released the fourth ‘Medicine Sessions’ trailer, in which Jack and Alex discuss how recent political events such as Brexit influenced the writing of the new album’s title track. Watch here

CD & Black Vinyl (+ signed insert) from
CD, Black and Light Blue Vinyl (+ signed insert) from the Nuclear Blast UK store:

Pre-order the album digitally from iTunes to receive ‘Change Your Position’, ‘Money In The Bank’ and ‘All That Medicine’ as instant grat tracks:

“If an album is about capturing a band or artist at a certain point, ‘Change Your Position’ might have happened at the perfect time. As a band we toured, found our sound, found our place and took inspiration from a world in utter chaos. With ‘Change Your Position’ we pushed ourselves creatively as hard as we could and it took us further into ourselves than we expected – we hope it’s apparent to the listener.” – Alex Veale

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