THE CROOKS – ‘Better Days’

One of the UK’s hottest indie rock acts, Chesterfield’s THE CROOKS are set to release another stunning, yet this time deeply emotional single ‘Better Days’ on September 10th via Golden Robot Records. ‘Better Days’ tells a story that’s deep and indulgent. Recurring heartbreak. A soul trapped inside a mind, just dying to say the words that change the future for the better. Never giving up on the past. Doubting yourself when the tides against you is only human. Accepting it and fighting for a better day shows the strength that’s in us all. The Crooks, consisting of Jacko, Chris, Duncan, Conor, and Tom, formed in 2019. They released a plethora of tunes, and grew an ever increasing army of loyal fans. 2021 saw their track ‘In Time’ join ‘She Walks Alone’ and ‘Nevermind’ at over 100,000 Spotify streams.

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