THE DRIFT – cover reveal and new track stream

Seer is the 3rd album and final piece of the locally acclaimed Deluge trilogy from South African sludge
heavy weights The Drift.
“It takes years, and it all came down a difficult road. But no matter, because through our experiences in
the South African underground music scene we’ve all learnt one bloody thing. As long as you are
prepared to put it all in and expect nothing in return – then you may just get somewhere, knowing full
well that could be nowhere.”

Or simply, five pals got together and jammed…
The Drift, comprised of seasoned old salts from various corners of the South African scene, performed
with Lamb of God during their South African tour in January 2014, as well as playing with international

Artist: The Drift
Title: Seer
Format: Digital / CD
Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Genre: Sludge / Metal

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