The Great Kat – 666 Halloween Mashup

The Great Kat “666 Halloween Mashup” Music Video. 6 Minutes & 66 Seconds of ABSOLUTELY INSANE Great Kat Music Videos with devilish screams, HALLOWEEN HOWLING WOLVES, TERRIFYING FOOT STEPS, CUTTING SOUNDS, SHOTS IN THE NIGHT and DEMONIC GUITAR/VIOLIN  virtuosity by The Great Kat! Perfect for your spooky Halloween Party or frightening the trick-or-treaters, this over 7 Minute Mashup of Insane, scary, frightening screams and shreds from The Great Kat’s music videos “Torture Chamber”, “Blood”, “Goblins”, “Moonlight”, “Extreme” & more features The Great Kat’s Original Classical/Metal fusion music videos, plus Beethoven, Bach, Bazzini, Liszt. The finale is Niccolo “THE DEVIL’S SON” Paganini’s famous “Caprice #24”, which The Great Kat Demonically Shreds on BOTH Guitar AND Violin! Paganini was called “Witch’s Brat” for his demonic and amazing violin virtuosity!  Audiences thought Paganini made a pact with the devil to be able to perform supernatural displays of technique! Now The Great Kat takes over Paganini’s demon virtuoso title with “666 Halloween Mashup” Music Video.

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