The Great Kat – Beethoven’s Egmont Overture for Guitar, Actor and Symphony Orchestra

The famous Count and Dutch warrior who protested in 1568 against the Inquisition. He was arrested and charged with religious heresy. Egmont was sentenced to death, but although given the opportunity to flee by supporters, he refused to escape. Before his execution, instead of showing fear or anger, Egmont approached the execution block with unflinching dignity, and became a revered martyr.  Beethoven added the powerful “Egmont Overture” and incidental music to Goethe’s “Egmont” play; creating one of the most indelible genius works in history. The Great Kat takes Egmont another step further, by shredding Beethoven’s music on GUITAR & VIOLIN, and narrating Egmont’s final words with ominous screams on the original text from Goethe, in GERMAN!

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