The Great Kat – Beethoven’s Egmont Overture for Guitar, Actor and Symphony Orchestra

The Great Kat’s 1568 period piece music video begins with Egmont’s famous last words, screamed in German before he is beheaded: “I die for freedom. Fall joyfully, as I give you an example!” Based on real-life events that occurred during the Eighty Years’ War in the Netherlands in 1568, Egmont, a Count and Dutch warrior protests against the Inquisition. At the request of the King of Spain, the despotic Duke of Alba meets Egmont at dinner, whereupon Egmont is immediately arrested and charged with religious heresy, a crime punishable by death. Egmont is dragged away to a dungeon where he is cruelly tortured and ridiculed. As Egmont approaches his execution, instead of showing fear or anger, he walks to the execution block with unflinching dignity. After his death, Egmont becomes a revered martyr and an example of the triumph of freedom. The music video concludes back in the future in the 1800’s, where the geniuses Beethoven and Goethe meet at the local Beer Hall to plan their historic collaboration on “Egmont”. At the Beer Hall, Beethoven begins composing his music with Goethe’s famous text, which he recites to Beethoven. The video concludes with the hot shred Fräulein, The Great Kat, entertaining and inspiring the geniuses with her shredding guitar, violin, and even a sparkling piccolo, playing Beethoven’s own music!  The Great Kat’s shred theatrics makes this a music video destined to go down in history. The Great Kat, Juilliard grad violin virtuoso and “Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time” (Guitar One Magazine), is the only guitar/violin double virtuoso shredding Beethoven’s masterpieces at high speeds and bringing his genius music to a whole new generation with metal. The Great Kat, “Reincarnation of Beethoven”, continues her celebration of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday year with this revolutionary new music video.

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