The Great Kat – Beethoven’s Moonlight Mosh

The Great Kat – Beethoven’s Moonlight Mosh. One of Beethoven’s most popular compositions for the piano, the famous piano sonata, “Moonlight Sonata” Opus 27, No. 2, was composed in 1801 and dedicated to Beethoven’s student, the Countess Giulietta Guicciardi. Originally titled “Sonata quasi una Fantasia” (Sonata almost like a fantasy), the romantic masterpiece was posthumously renamed “Moonlight Sonata” by a German music critic in 1832, who thought the work reminded him of a glistening moonlight shining on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Beethoven’s reflective “Moonlight Sonata” will never be the same, with The Great Kat transcribing, editing, and arranging  Beethoven’s famously peaceful piano sonata, then shredding it on 6 guitars, featuring The Great Kat’s trademark blistering guitar whammy bars, shred screams, lightning speed runs, and crunchy metal guitar moshing, with bass and piano accompaniment. It is the ultimate heavy metal collaboration between Beethoven and The Great Kat! The Great Kat is the only guitar/violin double virtuoso shredding Beethoven’s masterpieces at high speeds and bringing his genius music to a whole new generation with metal. The Great Kat, “Reincarnation of Beethoven”, continues her celebration of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday year with this powerful new recording.

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