The Great Kat – Chef Great Kat’s 4-Course Mashup

The Great Kat’s “CHEF GREAT KAT’S 4-COURSE MASHUP”! Chef Great Kat entertains you with an insane 4-course video mashup of the Shred Goddess cooking the favorite meals of famous composers & shredding their music: Beethoven, Mozart, Paganini & Rimsky-Korsakov in 7 minutes! The 4 delectable food courses include 1st Course: Caviar, 2nd Course: Ravioli, 3rd Course: Macaroni and Cheese & 4th Course: Apple Strudel. Hilarious Chef Great Kat whips up her tasty dishes, shreds the composers’ genius music on guitar & violin, throws bowls and tastes her delicious bites. Get ready for an entertaining & genius foodie experience! Bon Appétit!!

1st Course-Appetizer: CAVIAR
“Chef Great Kat Cooks Russian Caviar & Blini with Rimsky-Korsakov” features The Great Kat as the hot Russian KatBot “Android” tempting you in Russian to taste Chef Great Kat’s Russian Caviar & Blini. Chef Great Kat cooks Russian Caviar & Blini and shreds guitar & violin at hyperspeed on Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous “The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee”!

2nd Course-Main Dish: RAVIOLI
“Chef Great Kat Cooks Paganini’s Ravioli” stars Chef Great Kat, the only guitar/violin double virtuoso since Paganini, cooking Paganini’s Favorite Comfort Food – Ravioli and shredding Paganini’s Caprice #24 on both guitar & violin. Chef Great Kat tastes this delicious pasta recipe at Paganini’s Casino! FANTASTICO!

3rd Course-Cheese: MACARONI AND CHEESE
“Chef Great Kat Cooks Beethoven’s Macaroni And Cheese”. The reincarnation of Beethoven, The Great Kat, cooks Beethoven’s yummy comfort food “Macaroni & Cheese”, screams about the genius of Beethoven & shreds Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” at Beethoven’s Cafe, while Beethoven looks on approvingly. The Great Kat is world famous for being the only guitar/violin double virtuoso shredding Beethoven’s masterpieces at high speeds and bringing his genius music to a whole new generation with metal. WUNDERBAR!

4th Course-Dessert: APPLE STRUDEL
“Chef Great Kat Bakes German Apple Strudel With Mozart”. Chef Great Kat invites her Sous-Chefs Hans, Klaus & Gunther to join in as Chef Great Kat bakes a delicious apple strudel, praises Amadeus & shreds Mozart’s “The Marriage Of Figaro Overture” on guitar/violin during the tasting!

Bon Appétit!!

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