The Great Kat – Mozart’s the Marriage of Figaro Overture

The Great Kat is the Legendary Guitar/Violin Shredder, world-famous Juilliard graduate Classical Violin Virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist/Winner of “Artists International Competition”, “TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” (Guitar One Magazine)/ “FAMOUS JUILLIARD SCHOOL ALUMNI” (Ranker)/“50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS” (Guitar Player Magazine)/Reincarnation of Beethoven and the ONLY Guitar-Violin Double Virtuoso since Niccolo Paganini, UPDATING Classical Music for the FUTURE with VIRTUOSITY, SPEED, POWER & OUTRAGEOUS PERSONA!

New Mozart’s “The Marriage Of Figaro Overture” CD Single from The Great Kat!Amadeus gets The Great Kat’s blistering shred treatment, featuring Classical Violins, Shred Guitars, Metal band and Symphony Orchestra!


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