THE HOLLYWOOD STARS – ‘Make It To The Party (Live)’

Hot on the heels of their recent singles ‘King Of The Night Time World (Live)’ and Escape (Live)’, L.A. rock icons THE HOLLYWOOD STARS are back with another live single and video through Golden Robot Records. ‘Make It To The Party (Live)’ is out now on all digital streaming platforms!

‘Make It To The Party’: what began as a song about a rocker wanting his girlfriend to meet him at a party against the wishes of her disapproving mother, has evolved into an anthem of the world opening up again after the hardship of 2020. THE HOLLYWOOD STARS want to see the world “make it to the party” once again!

Lead guitarist Ruben De Fuentes’ message to the world is simple: ‘’Hi kids, I have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s the ending of this pandemic! No longer will we sit idly and have our freedom taken away. It is time to reopen our beautiful planet and if you want to have fun. ‘Make it to the party’!’’

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