Canadian hard rock force The Mighty One have just released their critically acclaimed album Torch Of Rock And Roll – and now that the torch is lit, the band around mastermind Tim Steinruck will of course continue to spread the light of the rock and roll fire.

The album’s title track tells the real life story of a boy who happened to fall in love with KISS, the dreams he had and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It’s also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognitial moment and the spark that lit his lifelong fire of purpose.

Torch Of Rock And Roll tells a very special, heartwarming and yet rocking story, a story that deserves an appropriate visualisation. That’s why the track is now released as a single – alongside a remarkable video. The anime-inspired animations in the elaborately produced clip are a rare and especially brightening sight within the hard rock genre.

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