The Ocean – “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” – Vlog 2: Studio & Tour

After returning from the harsh cold of Iceland, The Ocean Collective returned to the comforts of their hometown Berlin to continue their recording process for the upcoming Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic. We get another peek behind-the-scenes video which premiered here today

The video delves into the dichotomized mind of guitarist Robin Staps showcasing the bands inner workings and the importance of the string and brass sections that make this new album powerful and unlike previous material. Cellist Dalai Cellai makes an appearance on the new record and shares her thoughts on the importance of string instruments, and how they help balance the dynamics when set against vigorous guitars and bold vocals.

Ebbs and flows of proggy melodies, crushing guitars, swelling strings and powerful vocals match the heavy lyrical themes The Ocean Collective has made its signature. ‘Phanerozoic I’ is now available for pre-order, along with meticulously designed merch bundles, something for which they’ve become known, and will be released November 2 via Metal Blade Records (CD / digital) and the band’s own Pelagic Records (vinyl). Check out the first two singles from the album and pre-order now via Metal Blade Records:

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