The Shaking Sensations – In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts

Copenhagen-based instrumental 5-piece The Shaking Sensations who return with ‘How Are We To Fight The Blight? on 4th October through Pelagic Records have revealed the 3rd single from the album. ‘In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’  is a mind crushing, 8 minute long, mastodon of a track that both showcases the bands heavier sides, as well as classic post-rock crescendos

The track slowly unfolds around a simple guitar figure being repeated, while gloomy drones of tremolo, overdriven bass and synthesizers are gradually introduced. When the drums kick in after a few minutes, the vessel in which the listener will travel through the rest of song has finally emerged. An ever-present sense of a band constantly hovering around an ominously close climax takes over – a climax that is postponed to the very last second. With ‘In Dead Silence, Hang Your Ghosts’, The Shaking Sensations both emphasize their obvious inspiration from the heavier and darker post-metal scene with acts such as Cult of Luna and Isis, but still maintain those sparkling and vibrant textures of modern and classic post-rock, ie. Explosions In The Sky, Mono and This Will Destroy You.

‘How Are We To Fight The Blight?’ is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 album ‘Start Stop Worrying’ and sees the band returning from a 6 year hiatus.

The tracking of the album took place in Copenhagen at two different studios. Main tracks were recorded ‘live’ in a room that could accommodate two fully mic’ed drumkits and their individual characteristics, reverb and sound – in the same room, at the same time. Anders Haaning, an up- and coming Copenhagen-based producer with a background in indie-pop/garage-rock, has co-produced the album, which was then mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna. The lightness and more ‘positive’ feel of Anders’ production needed a counterpart and some focus on the heavier and more uncompromising elements in The Shaking Sensations’ sound.

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