The Waymaker – Kingdom Of Heaven

The record label Melodic Passion releases the 3rd single and video “Kingdom of Heaven” from the new metal sensation The Waymaker –a new band consisting of Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Audiovision, ex. Divinefire), Jani Stefanovic (Solution 45, Zhakiah, ex. Divinefire) and Katja Stefanovic.

Today, Melodic Passion proudly presents the 3rd single and video by The Waymaker – a new melodic metal trio from Finland and Sweden, consisting of long-time band mates Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Audiovision) & Jani Stefanovic (Solution 45, Zhakiah, Miseration) – both from Divinefire, and Jani‘s wife – Katja Stefanovic (solo artist, ex. Random Eyes).

The band describes their music as melodic metal for the future, and today The Waymaker releases the 3rd single and video Kingdom of Heaven from the forthcoming, self-titled album.

– Feedback has been tremendous for the two previous singles/videos. Especially the Stryper tribute song “Soldiers Under Command”. I am very proud that Michael Sweet – the founder, vocalist & guitarist of Stryper – and members of Stryper were thrilled by our version of Soldiers Under Command, and told people and shared this to thousands of Stryper-fans on social media around the world. God bless Stryper! says Christian and contiues:

– With the new single/video – Kingdom of Heaven – I am so happy to work with Jani & Katja. Her voice is like hearing an angel sing. I believe this song will touch many metal fans around the world with a very powerful production. Christian concludes.

The self-titled album due to be released September 25th, will have guest appearances by musicians like Narnia‘s CJ Grimmark (guitar) and Alfred Fridhagen (drums).

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