Operator was released 14th of June, but now the fourpiece from Austria release also the video! Let’s go fucking crazy! Ozzy Osbourne was yesterday. Live life. Keep control. Avoid mistakes, just do not attract attention. Face it: We are Biedermeier! Our instagram accounts can`t hide it.

Oh, how practical that there is music. Because latest since Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell, all music lovers in the world know that it is against the fever of the boredom is just a recipe: More cowbell! Said – done, thought THE WEIGHT and open OPERATOR, the first single release of their new album in spring 2020, a studio albums with an irresistible drum groove and just one very prominently placed cowbell. It may be that the cowbell is therefore used for the because the four boys come from rural Austria.

The track sounds more like New York than like Almhütte and you can be happy about that.  OPERATOR is the most danceable song of the quartet to date.

Does THE WEIGHT squint too much at the mainstream here? Thank God, the snotty nature of the production dispels all suspicions. And Jussel’s vocals are more geared to Jagger than to DJ Ötzi. Maybe THE WEIGHT really put their finger in an open wound of our time: We have forgotten to be crazy. In this sense: Let’s go fuckin’ crazy! Thank you, Ozzy.

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