The Wise Man’s Fear – new album

Indiana metal sextet and champions of fantasycore THE WISE MAN’S FEAR will reveal the next chapter of their epic journey with the release of their 3rd album, Valley of Kings, on May 29th on Sharptone Records. After tallying 5 million independent streams, the band brings its initial trilogy full circle in 2020 on Valley of Kings.

“It’s like Journey to the Center of the Earth meets The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with a tragic twist at the end,” explains Paul. “Our first three releases fold into each other. Castle in the Clouds took place in a sky landscape. Lost City was Atlantis-style with an ocean. Valley of Kings is underground. It’s a triad of earth, sky, and water. This record is more adventurous. We knew what fantasy elements we wanted to incorporate and how to incorporate them. The story really speaks through the music.”


Today, the group introduces the legend of Valley of Kings with the opener and first single “The Relics of Nihlux.” Rumbling detuned guitars give way to menacing growls. In the eye of the storm, hypnotic hooks take hold punctuated by symphonic shredding and seasick grooves.

“The lyrics describe this secret meeting between five of the greatest warriors to discuss the destruction of the relics that have been around since the evil monarch in the last album,” says drummer and lyricist Paul Lierman. “Basically, they do a blood pact and swear to fulfill this mission. The lyrics are also symbolic of the group’s composition. ‘Nihlux’ is Latin for ‘Nothing,’ which is light-less. These dark relics are light-less as well. The song positions the journey to follow.”

“After years of hard work and preparation, we are so very proud to present to you our new single “The Relics of Nihlux,” and to announce our signing with SharpTone Records. We cannot wait to share this new adventure with you all.” – THE WISE MAN’S FEAR

Spinning unforgettable lore through sweeping clean vocals, crushing hardcore bludgeoning, and dynamic metallic proficiency, the metallic guild—Paul Lierman [drums, lyrics], Joseph Sammuel [vocals], Codi Chambers [guitar], Tyler Eads [vocals], Nathan Kane [guitar, vocals], and Thomas Barham [bass]—built towards this moment on their 2015 independent debut Castle in the Clouds and its 2017 follow-up Lost City. Integrating immersive fantasy into a hybrid of metal, deathcore, and alternative, they carved out a singular niche.

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