THEN COMES SILENCE – “We Lose The Night”

Taken from the forthcoming album “Machine”, to be released March 13 via Oblivion/SPV (EU) and Metropolis Records (US). Alex Svenson (voc, bass): ” I was a hardheaded pessimist around the time we released both ‘NYCTOPHILIAN’ and ‘BLOOD’. Distinctly misandristic and fed-up on the patriarchal structures. I started writing on WE LOSE THE NIGHT. I was sorry for all my sisters. I still am. But… the times we are living in have made me an optimist, funnily enough. Let the idiots and narrow-minded leaders burn everything to the ground. After they destroyed it, the shift will come and men learn how to be better beings. I think the brighter attitude gives the song that power gothic sound. ”

Death is a faithful muse. It‘s certain, reliable, absolute – in short: it‘s everything all the other muses are not. Creativity and inspiration are fickle friends, lost between sweaty sheets or at the bottom of too many bottles. In the face of death, however, the gods of inspiration are in top form all of a sudden, rushing onward with all guns blazing, torching every synapse they can find. Swedish post punk goth rockers THEN COMES SILENCE are very well aware of that never ebbing source. It may be the last threshold, the ultimate border between this life and whatever comes next. For gothic connoisseurs THEN COMES SILENCE, it‘s a powerful force goading them on and on.

Back in 2017, this obsession with all things fatal lead to „Blood“, a massively morbid, darkly throbbing indulgence uniting the best of apocalyptic post punk and foggy goth rock. A deadly, strangely intoxicating cocktail, released by global player Nuclear Blast. “All that was remarkable”, founder Alex Svenson recalls. “When we signed with Nuclear Blast we suddenly got a lot more to do as a band. You think it’s going to be less complicated with a bigger label, but it’s not.” In other words: The career boost came at a price. THEN COMES SILENCE evaluated their situation carefully, lost some members, gained two remarkable additions to their ranks, namely Mattias Ruejas Jonson and a gentleman aptly called Hugo Zombie. Trapped on a one way road, they dissected their own catalog, spawning a full four records since their self-titled debut in 2012, re-assembled their sound, rehearsed their butts off, played live as much as never before. “We re-booted the band”, Alex describes it. “The new line-up of THEN COMES SILENCE took the shape of a rock band, more than ever before.”

Their huge new album “Machine” is a reflection of that: More rock, more death, more unhealthy obsessions with all things dark and sinister.

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