Tristwood – A Blackcrowned Majesty

Tristwood, a band known for their unique style mix of black and death metal, grind- and postcore, industrial and synthwave, released their worldwide controversial and highly acclaimed album “Blackcrowned Majesty” this year. Now the first video of the band to the title track of the same name, which was produced by Nattawan Worachat ( in summer 2020, follows as a bonus. Metal must remain provocative. “In our opinion, art or metal is and remains something of value only if it provokes or challenges,” reports Neru, guitarist and one of the band’s two producers. The exclusive writing of a dystopian tale about an all-destroying dark ruler named Ar’ath and her adversary Rauthra is the element that makes Tristwood stand out even more from other bands. “Yes, our sound and the story are definitely a challenge. But that’s the way Tristwood is. We don’t submit to trends,” Neru concludes.

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