Tulkas – Beginning Of The End

Querétaro thrashers TULKAS unleash their brand new and furious EP, “The Beginning Of The End”, today via Germany’s up and coming Metal institution, Noble Demon. Stirring up the scene since 2010 and being known for an ecstatic sound packed with relentless speedy tempos, on their brand new output TULKAS deliver five technical and dynamic Thrash Metal anthems of memorable, rousing and infinitely energetic material. In celebration of their brand new release, TULKAS unleashed a killer new music video for the EP’s title track, “Beginning Of The End”, streaming here. The band states: “The Beginning of the End is the musical peak for Tulkas on this EP. The perfect combination between fast and aggressive technical Thrash Metal riffs mixed with an almost prog-like style in the solos that make this song a whole new and fun experience for Thrash Metal lovers.”

On their brand new EP, “The Beginning Of The End”, TULKAS renewed their classic sound and turned into the new wave of Thrash Metal, with more aggressive, fast and technical compositions, and will please fans of acts like Warbringer, Havok, Municipal Waste or Death Angel. Or to say it with the words of Musipedia Of Metal: “If you’re looking for the best track, throw a dart, because each song is a bona-fide masterpiece. Tulkas have managed to pack more energy into a short EP than most bands put out in their whole careers.”

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