VARDAN premieres new track

MORIBUND RECORDS announces official release date for VARDAN’s “Nostalgia- Archives of Failure Parts I-III”.

November 24th, 2017 MORIBUND RECORDS will issue the first half of VARDAN’s sextology, a 6 part epoch of new and unreleased materials titled “Nostalgia- Archives of Failure”. Italy’s DSBM star, the one-man VARDAN offers cold and depressive Black Metal filled with acoustics, inhuman vocals, contra bass, and droning overtones.

Chronologically the 25th to 27th albums in VARDAN’s vast discography, Nostalgia Parts 1 – 3 are more than just 3 new records; they are the vision of one of Metal’s most unique and prolific artists. “Nostalgia- Archives of Failure” floods listeners with the endless passion VARDAN emotes through somber and melancholic waves of atmospheric Black Metal.

Epic in volume, scope and sound, these 3 releases are instant, reflective DSBM classics! Track-listings for VARDAN’s Nostalgia- Archives of Failure Parts I – III are as follows:

Track Listings:
Part 1 CD
1. Intro (3:48)
2. Nostalgia p.1 I (9:08)
3. Nostalgia p.1 II (11:08)
4. Nostalgia p.1 III (9:14)
5. Nostalgia p.1 IV (7:38)
Part 2 CD
1. Nostalgia p.2 V (23:06)
2. Nostalgia p.2 VI (21:54)
Part 3 CD
1. Nostalgia p.3 VII (17:37)
2. Nostalgia p.3 VIII (19:34)

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