VIRCOLAC – So I Hang From A Wretched Tree

After 5 years of roaming city streets like a pack of rabid dogs, VIRCOLAC have released their debut full-length album titled “Masque” on Sepulchral Voice Records in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the US. Following on from 2016’s “The Cursed Travails of the Demeter” EP, “Masque” celebrates a bolder edge mixing more visceral and vicious aural assaults with with a foreboding and obtrusive atmosphere throughout the 36 minutes of the recording. Now the Irish Death Metal machine premieres a new song!

The band comments: „So I Hang From A Wretched Tree“ is a song about defiance even after you are gone. Based upon the real life events experienced by the ancestors of a mutual friend of the band during the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland, which saw them massacred between two trees still standing on his property, the song is imbued with rebellious Irish spirit.

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