Swedish prog metal trio Vokonis launch ”Null & Void”. A stand-alone single, and the continuity of the band‘s latest, fourth studio album ”Odyssey”. Dynamic and experimental, the single further explores the depths of Vokonis‘ sound. The single features Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars, Opeth) on organ.

Simon Ohlsson, vocalist and guitarist of Vokonis, comments: “Null & Void is a track we unfortunately had to leave out from ‘Odyssey’ due to the constraints of the LP-format. When we had to select which tracks that made it onto the album we all agreed on that it’s one of our favorite songs from the album sessions. We liked it so much we decided to make it a stand-alone release to continue the lore of ‘Odyssey’. It continues with storytelling and the experimentation with dynamics. The ending of the song is one of our favorite moments where Per Wiberg really let loose with the organs. It’s going to be a real staple in our live-set for years to come.”

”Null & Void” is out on all streaming platforms September 10, 2021. The single is released on The Sign Records.

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