VREDEHAMMER – Winds of Dysphoria

Nothing will kick off your day better than Vredehammer’s brand-new single. Spooky darkwave / horror-synthies combine with elements of gritty black and death metal. The “Winds Of Dysphoria” offer heavy blast beats and aggressive guitar riffing, vitalizing your mind like an energy drink. Per Valla’s dark voice creates an atmosphere in the likes of Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir, while totally adding a frostbitten Nordic feeling to the great melodic instrumentals. “Winds Of Dysphoria” is the second single off the band’s highly anticipated new album “Viperous”, out on March 6th.

Per Valla confirms his intention: «This is one of the faster Vredehammer songs ever written, made with the purpose of destroying everything in its path and leaving no prisoners.»

Order Vredehammer’s upcoming album “VIPEROUS” here: http://bit.ly/306vbOV

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