Warmrain – ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’

WARMRAIN return after a unexpectedly lengthy hiatus with a their debut album ’Back Above The Clouds‘ on Rain Records on June 7, 2019 (with vinyl version to follow later in the year). Described by songwriter Leon J Russell as “The documentation of one person‘s journey back to themselves, triggered by the catalyst of heart-breaking loss…”  and based on a true story.

’Back Above The Clouds‘ was preceded by an EP out now. The lead track “Here Comes The Rain Again” a sublime interpretation of Eurythmics‘ song, appears in edited form. Watch the stunning 4K video, shot at Dorchester Abbey

Conceived and written by Leon J Russell, BACK ABOVE THE CLOUDS is based on a true story, “adapted,” according to Russell, “to appeal to everyone. As human beings, we all share in the universal experience of heart-breaking loss, and during the after-effects we have to discover coping mechanisms that will give us the strength to rebuild ourselves and our lives.”

The concept was brought to life by guitarist Matthew Lerwill and bassist Simon Bradshaw, with Russell handling vocals, guitar and drums, and tells how the person who lived through this story kept a series of journals, documenting the thoughts and feelings they were experiencing. BACK ABOVE THE CLOUDS is made up solely of extracts from these journals.

Because of the universal nature of such a story, there are plans to widen its horizons so that it is not only told through words and music, but also through videos, photographs, illustrations and infographics via social media platforms. “There isn‘t a single person who doesn‘t know what it feels like to experience loss,” explains Russell, “and I see this as a healing aid, if you like, something people can engage with and not feel alone.”


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