WYTCH HAZEL – “Spirit and Fire”

Soaring British hard rock sect, Wytch Hazel, releases its shimmering new album, ‘III: Pentecost’, today via independent underground label Bad Omen Records (Satan’s Satyrs, Spell). Produced by ex-Purson multi-instrumentalist Ed Turner and mixed by Gentleman’s Pistols main-man James Atkinson, the quadruple-tracked record imbues a rich, anthemic late night drivetime vibe, passionately embracing the most high-end, smash-hit classic rock and heavy metal circa its late 1970’s heyday. ‘III: Pentecost’ succeeds the band’s 2018 sophomore release, ‘II: Sojourn’, and 2016 debut, ‘Prelude’, glorified by Under the Radar as “an invocation of rock and roll at its purest and, more specifically, of all that made the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late ’70s so special”.

In celebration of the new record’s release, Wytch Hazel unleashes a music video for the new song “Spirit and Fire”. Created by Wild Stag Studios from Brighton (Angel Witch, Rick Wakeman), the “Spirit and Fire” video features Wytch Hazel performing in a Lancashire, England church on the Irish Sea while a chivalrous knight and his horse, “King”, from the Herefordshire Plantaginate Society prepare for battle in and around a location known as King Arthur’s Cave. “We watched a lot of John Borman’s movie ‘Excalibur’ while we were fleshing the ideas out for this one,” says the band.

III: Pentecost’ has met to shining acclaim in the time leading up to the LP’s release, being called “a work of timeless brilliance” by Last Rites, while Metal Injection astutely claimed, “Wytch Hazel is arguably one of the best heavy metal bands out there right now and everyone should be listening to them”; the latter as part of the premiere of the song “Archangel”, an ode to the metal band Ghost. Stream Wytch Hazel’s “Archangel” at this location

Within moments of pressing play on ‘III: Pentecost’, there are gorgeous self-professed touches of Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, AC/DC and early Scorpions. “With the soloing I was trying to go for Michael Schenker,” notes Hendra. As a child, Hendra, the band’s founding member and guiding light, played drums in brass bands and orchestras, studied classical piano and sang in the school chamber choir, but at 16 the direction of his life changed forever, after a revelation we can all relate to: “Iron Maiden was the main reason I started playing electric guitar,” he reveals. “I remember borrowing ‘The Number Of The Beast’ off a friend and was just blown away – heavy metal was an obsession from that point on!”

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