Batten down the hatches! The Swedish pirate crew strikes again with the second single from their upcoming album, Hostis Humani Generis – and this time, it’s either sail or die! Accompanied by a (quite literally) bloody atmospheric lyric video, “Elephants’ Dance” depicts struggles of the free-spirited sailors, trapped between their brutal independence and the authorities, imprisoning them in the endless maze of laws and decrees.

Led through a blood-stained map, the viewer, like the pirates themselves, faces the same challenges that await the crew in “Elephants’ Dance”. As death threatens them from both sides of this ongoing conflict, the wild and free “children of the sea” choose the side people of Nassau, their long-time safe haven on Bahamas, over the power of the Crown. Throwing all the rules overboard and breaking free from steady land, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS find their way in the storm, setting course for the next adventure.

Crude, unmistakably folky, and honest to the bone – “Elephants’ Dance” is not only a worthy representative of the upcoming album, but the next pirate anthem of the group itself!

We are born of the salt, we are children of the sea
We don’t bend our knees to no king or country

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS on “Elephants’ Dance”: “According to an old African saying, when the elephants dance – it’s the grass that gets trampled. British sailors bled for Queen Anne during the war of the Spanish Succession, was dismissed by King George after the treaty of Utrecht, only to be drafted as cannon fodder again during the War of the Quadruple Alliance.

With “Elephants’ Dance” we tell the story of those sailors who had enough and went on the account in the self-proclaimed pirate colony of Nassau. There, Governor Woodes Rogers landed in 1718 with an offer and an ultimatum: Lay down your arms and become a law obiding British citizen again, and all your crimes will be pardoned. Refuse, and you shall be hunted down and stand trial for piracy.”

The savage beast from the north, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS, returns with their enthralling fourth album, Hostis Humani Generis, out February 7, 2020 via Napalm Records. The new full-length is the most authentic of pirate manifests – with more than enough audacious atmosphere, sing-along hymns, folk tunes and foul rambling to secure the band’s unique position in the genre. These Swedish marauders of the sea take you through the ups and downs of pirate life!

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