ENOQUIAN premieres new track


Enoquian – Argentinian black metal band from General Roca (Rio Negro), formed in mid-2015. In early 2016 released 2 promo tracks. Officially make their debut on NO DIVINE FEST in the summer of 2016. Then ENOQUIAN entered the El Otro Lado studio and recorded their first album called “LLAMAS DE GLORIA PRIMERA”. In December of the same year, the band shared the stage with bands Master, Devastation, Ezkisofrenia and others. The group continues to play live at different concerts in their city and does not stop, because they are already working on the second album. For fans of Behexen, Dissection, Mayhem and other traditional Black Metal bands.

01. Poderes Perdurables
02. Llamas De Gloria Primera
03. Extremo Erróneo
04. Esclavizando Al Maestro
05. Herencia Terrena
06. Destructores Del Ser
07. Control Trapezoidal
08. Equilibrio
Length – 39:10

EVIL FORCES ”Pest, Plagues and Storms”

”Pest, Plagues and Storms”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

With a name like this you cannot expect anything but a total metal assault. I know that it is too much to wish for a good old speed metal band but I really hope that there is some tempo to this. But this is not a Teutonic speed metal attack. Instead it is a Mexican black metal blast. I have had some really cool metal experiences with Mexican metal bands. This is chaotic black metal. Perhaps not my fave kind but as with everything there are bits n pieces that I like. And listening to this I realize that it ain’t that bad. While not being the speed metal I had hoped for there is enough speed here to keep that side of me happy. In the end this turned to out to be another cool Mexican metal experience. Anders Ekdahl

FREIHEIT ” Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть”

” Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

Freedom is a rare commodity in today’s world. Even though we are soon entering 2018. But thankfully we can all experience freedom through music. Even if you live in almost totalitarian societies. When this started playing I had a hard time to really place them on the scale of metal. The production is crude and raw like it was recorded in a rehearsal room. But as I listen to this I find myself liking it. There is a charm to FREIHEIT’s black metal (I’ve decided that that that is what they play) that makes this a really cool trip. You don’t have to blast away like there is no tomorrow to be brutal. That is clear after having heard this album. Anders Ekdahl

GALACTIC COWBOYS ”Long Way Back To The Moon”

”Long Way Back To The Moon”
(Music Theories Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one band that I have been aware of for a long time but never ever checked out. For various reasons. But now that I have been sent this new album there are no excuses not to check it out. So for the first time I’ll be able to say that I too have heard GALATIC COWBOYS. Not having heard GALACTIC COWBOYS before is no problem. I’ll just treat this as the first encounter it is. I do have some thoughts about what to expect and I can say that none of them matched the first song I heard on this album. The opening track is a heavy one. But in the midst of all this heaviness I found myself thinking Cheap Trick, Beatles and melodies. I don’t know what I was expecting but nothing like this I can say. This is a very nice surprise. This is heavy yet melodic. And with a drive and strong songs this is highly entertaining. Anders Ekdahl


(Faravid Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot say why I have not checked out Raubtier. Something tells me that I would actually like them a lot but for some reasons I haven’t felt like checking them out. But now that the main character from that band is releasing his solo album I will be there. I will not even try to compare Pär hulkoff’s solo trip with the main band Raubtier simply because I’d look like a fool trying. But this I can say, this is epic in the way Amon Amarth are epic, no other comparisons made. In a way this makes me think of the Swedish singer Roger Pontare gone metal. It has that epic feel to it that Pontare had in the try outs for the Eurovision song contest. I don’t know why I am as surprised as I am that this is so metal. In a way this reminds me of Sabaton’s metal. They too have that epic feel to their metal. Music doesn’t have to be intricate to be good and this is really good. Anders Ekdahl

LUCIFER’S DUNGEON ”The Dark Army Raises”

”The Dark Army Raises”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 90s I fell for a French band by the name of Akhenaton. The music was a mixture of ambient and black metal and it was the first time that I had heard anything like it. Now some odd 20 years later I still remember this album and I haven’t given up hope on hearing something similar. Not that I think this album by LUCIFER’S DUNGEON will be the album that matches that Akhenaton album. But this is cool in all its own glory. Black metal played in a 90s kinda style and with a slight atmospheric touch. This is some pretty cool stuff. The kind of black metal that I almost can’t get enough of. A very nice new acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl

Обрій (OBRIJ) ” Олтар Утопії (Altar of Utopia)”

Обрій (OBRIJ)
” Олтар Утопії (Altar of Utopia)”

Battle Helm Rating

This is a release that I was asked to review. I find it really cool that bands send me stuff asking me to review because that means that I am doing something right with my reviews even though at times it doesn’t feel that way. Groove metal is not something that I am that well schooled in. But whenever I do get in touch with it I more often than not like what I hear. For a very long time I had issues with metal that was slow but not doom but with age I have come to like the slower, heavier metal that isn’t doom. But in the case of OBRIJ there is a doom element to their metal. Which begs the question what to call this. The vocals are anything but doom and the music is quite aggressive but it is still doomy as hell. Whatever. I do know that I like this. Anders Ekdahl