GREY WOLF “The Beginning”

“The Beginning”
(Arthorium Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one massive piece of epic metal. I totally love this kind of metal and one of my all-time fave bands is Doomsword, an Italian epic metal band. I am not familiar with this Brazilian band but upon hearing this compilation I know that I have missed out on one really cool band. This is an album filled with demo versions and unreleased versions. And since these are all new to me I totally embrace it with open arms. This is for all of us that think that Manowar is a really cool band. I am really, really glad that the label sent me this as it has quickly grown into a favorite. This is one album that will spin frequently in my house. Anders Ekdahl

GRIND ZERO “Concealed In the Shadow”

“Concealed In The Shadow”
(Punishment 18)

Battle Helm Rating

Upon hearing the very first note of this album I thought it was going to be a grindcore album, when in fact it is a very grinding death metal album. This is brutal death metal. For fans of the US styled death metal. This is heavy, there is no denying it. But it is also somewhat easily accessible. I find myself sitting in my sofa digging along to this. There is a groove in all the murkiness of this. This is like a mix of Incantation and Cannibal Corpse with a slight tad of Death. An amalgamation of US death metal mixed together by an Italian band. A really cool slab of brutal death metal. Anders Ekdahl

H E X “S/T”

(Hummus Records)

Battle Helm Rating

For some reason unknown to me I had expectations on this one. Not because I am familiar with the musicians on this album, or that I have heard snippets of it before. There was just a gut feeling telling me that this was gong to cool. And cool it is. I don’t really know how to describe it other than it is a bulldozing musical monster. I guess now would be a good time to the use the post rock/metal tag if ever. Because that is what I feel when I listen to this. This is what post is to me. Something taken one step further. If you like repetitive, slightly psychedelic post metal this is for you. I might not be the hippest post metal dude but this I do like. There is a feel and vibe to this that makes me think old scary movies. And since I love old scary movies I like this too. Anders Ekdahl


“Trauma Gallery”
(Punishment 18)

Battle Helm Rating

Finnish thrash metal is not the most common thing that I have come upon lately. But when it is as good as this is I’ll take it any day of the week. The first band that came to me when I listen to this is Forbidden. One of the greatest thrash metal band to ever have existed. And even though I did set the bar high for HOME STYLE SURGERY they do match it pretty well. That they don’t reach the height of Forbidden is forgiven, because not many bands do. This is high energy thrash with a melodic sense, without loosing the edge. This is basically classic Bay Area thrash done the Finnish style. A really good album and perhaps this week’s highlight. Anders Ekdahl

KINETIK “Critical Fallout”

“Critical Fallout”
(Punishment 18)

Battle Helm Rating

This Italian thrash metal band has a style of thrash that is best being described as Anthrax-ian. You will know it when you hear it. I am not saying that Anthrax after “Spreading The Disease” sucks. They did find their style with their third album “Among The Living” (1987). As much as I love Anthrax I am more of a pre-“Among The Living” friend. But KINETIK do their thing very well. I have no problem liking this. It is after all thrash metal that brings out a lotta good memories for me. There are other bands other than Anthrax that pops up when I listen to this. All in all this is a really good thrash metal album that I will play when I drive. It gives me that much positive energy. Anders Ekdahl

MATTERHORN “Crass Cleaning”

“Crass Cleaning”

Battle Helm Rating

Not so long ago I reviewed an album by Australian Matterhorn. Now it is time for a Swiss one with the same name. Listening to this brings back memories of the first time I heard a Messiah demo back in the 80s. Back then it was exciting to hear a band from Switzerland. Today it isn’t that exotic. Listening to this is sit here wondering what it is that this band is trying to say with their music. What their intentions are. I get a strange feeling when I listen to this. Musically it is some sort of old school thrash metal that sounds like some sort of crude Celtic Frost homage. And I am not saying that with irony in my voice. It is crude. It is just that there is a one Celtic Frost and that can never be duplicated. All attempts are futile. But this is still a cool record. If you take for what it is, an old school thrash metal attack. Anders Ekdahl

MøL “Jord”

(Holy Roar Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is MØL’s debut album after two Eps. This Danish band play a brand of black metal that mixes post with atmospheric with blackgaze. I would like to add the attitude of punk to that. This is both atmospheric as well as aggressive. You don’t get that somber feeling you get from listening to atmospheric/blackgaze. There is a nervous edge that comes from the post part of their sound. Not having heard any of the Eps prior to this I am genuinely surprised at how good this is. It does not sound like your typical black metal album yet it maintains all the ingredients that make a great black metal album great. A really strong debut. Anders Ekdahl

SADISTIK FOREST “Mordid Majesties”

“Morbid Majesties”
(Transcending Obscurity Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is old school death metal. The first flash of lightning I got when this started was Swedish death metal from the 90s. There are parts of this that are influenced by that. But then I got another flash. This one was vaguer. But I do think that I can hear some US death metal too, from the east coast if I am not mistaken. But no matter what flashes before my ears this is one hell of a massive piece of death metal. Dark, dirty and most importantly bad ass as hell. This is not for the faint hearted of you lot. This takes some guts to listen to. Anders Ekdahl


“Private Hell”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I haven’t heard of before but upon hearing this new album I gotta say that they impressed me. Not having any expectations, I did not know what to expect from it but the music on this album is really good. This is some sort of mash-up of death metal, metalcore and heavy metal. a combo that on paper might not look too cool but on record work well. But then that is always the case with well written music. No matter what influences they mix they manage to make it sound good. And this sounds good. So good that I think I will end the review here and just concentrate on listening to this over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

STORTREGN “Emptiness Fills The Void”

“Emptiness Fills The Void”
(Non Serviam Records)
I have no idea where this Swiss band picked their name from but in Swedish störtregn is not something you want to be caught in. It is something that happens after the thunder and lightning. You get pretty wet being caught in it. This is the band’s fourth album but the first I get to hear. Musically this is an amalgamation of styles. You get both death metal as well as black metal mixed with more traditional heavy metal. Being on their fourth album this lot are pretty good at what they do. This album is a stonker from the word get go. You get that impressive feeling from the start and it doesn’t let go of you until it ends. This one I like. Anders Ekdahl