Lindy-Fay Hella – Seafarer

This autumn, LINDY-FAY HELLA will release her debut solo album, “Seafarer”, via Ván Records! Until now, best known for her contributions to WARDRUNA, Lindy-Fay Hella has forged a new, deeply personal path that she invites you to follow her down. Whilst undoubtedly there are some slivers of DNA that link her to her Wardruna compatriots, make no mistake, “Seafarer” is crafted entirely in the vision of its creator.

Sterling Serpent – Eternity

STERLING SERPENT formed in 2015 in Seattle, Washington. The band features current and former members of King Dude, Bell Witch, Serpentent and Terminal Fuzz Terror. This EP marks their first recording – to be released on 12″ (lim. 500) und MCD (lim. 300).

CORELEONI – Queen Of Hearts

CORELEONI release their new album ‘CoreLeoni II’ on 27th September on AFM Records. CORELEONI release their new single ‘Queen Of Hearts’ on 16th August and you can check out the new video here

The man behind CoreLeoni, and Gotthard founding guitarist, Leo Leoniis one of the truest and most passionate Rock musicians of the last decades. He named his band CoreLeoni after his passion for big, timeless Classic Rock and for pure music nostalgia, and has added a modern sound. Along with Gotthard songs from the early days, the new album contains two brand new tracks and a cover of John Lee Hookers ‘Boom Boom Boom’.

CoreLeoni is a high class band ensemble consisting of close friends and long-term colleagues of Leo Leoni, also pioneers during that period and have made a lot of memories with him. Together with Rainbow-singer and Lords Of The Black founding member and ex-singer Ronnie Romero, Hena Habegger (drums, Gotthard), Jgor Gianola (guitar, ex-Gotthard/U.D.O./Jorn Lande) as well as Mila Merker (bass, Soulline) Leoni shows that Classic Rock doesn’t need to be old fashioned.

Leoni had the idea to found CoreLeoni when Gotthard were celebrating their 25th anniversary. “When we play shows, we nowadays have to leave out a lof of the old songs as there are so many new ones that have to find their place in the setlist“, Leo explains. “But especially a lot of the old songs really mean a lot to me and will always be a big part of me. That’s why I decided to record them again and bring them back into the current times, sound-wise.“

CoreLeoni proved how well it all worked during a tour last year. Press and fans were equally enthusiastic about it and amongst the musicians it quickly became obvious: CoreLeoni needed to be continued.

The Tessin musician is amongst the best international Rock guitarists and part of the most successful Swiss band Gotthard. Every studio album after the debut reached number 1 in the national charts and all albums have been received several platinum awards. Gotthard are also holding a rare diamond award for selling more than 1 million records in Switzerland.
Guitarist Jgor Gianola has been part of Gotthard during the early days as well before he decided to move on to U.D.O. Also drummer Hena Habegger is a founding member of Gotthard.

Singer Ronnie Romero was born in Chile and was the singer of rock band Lords Of The Black but since 2016 he became part of Rainbow, legendary Richie Blackmore’s band. With this big step in his career, he fulfilled a long-term dream and several months ago he was touring big stadiums with Rainbow and can look back to several admirable festival shows such as Monsters Of Rock. Bass player Mila Merker was born in Swiss Bellinzona and is a long term friend of Leo and Jgor. His own band is called Soulline  well-known for playing a technical challenging form of Melodic Death Metal.

MOTORJESUS – Speedway Sanctuary

Motorjesus aren’t slowing down when it’s about playing live – starting in November they will support the Swedish Hard Rock Heavyweight Champions Mustasch on their “Killing it for Life”-Tour. Tickets available here:

Mustasch – Killing it for Life – Tour Mustasch + Motorjesus & Dynamite

13.11. – Bremen (DE), Aladin Music Hall
14.11. – Hamburg(DE), Bahnhof Pauli
15.11. – Leipzig(DE), Hellraiser
16.11. – Annaberg-Buchholz(DE), Alte Brauerei
17.11. – Budapest (HU), Dürer Kerts
19.11. – Krakau (PL), Klub Zascianek
20.11. – Berlin(DE), MUF
21.11. – Rostock(DE), Mau Club
22.11. – Reichenbach(DE), Die Halle
23.11. – Hückelhoven(DE), Guardians of Metal
25.11. – München(DE), Backstage
26.11. – Pratteln (CH), Z7
27.11. – Mainz(DE), Schon Schön
28.11. – Bochum(DE), Rockpalast
29.11. – Enschede (NL), Metropool
30.11. – Roselare (BE), De Verlichte Geest
01.12. – Hannover(DE), Bei Chez Heinz

DIE GRÜNE WELLE – Dämonen feat. Axel Kurth

You remember our newest signing, right? – It’s always easier to let the music speak for itself, that’s why we’re already releasing the second single »Dämonen« (engl. Demons) taken from the upcoming album »Wirf dein Leben weg«!

»To be honest – getting Axel Kurth from WIZO to sing one of the verses has been a childhood dream of ours. That’s also why Dämonen is one of our favorite tracks on the new album.« – Die Güne Welle

The new single (+ lyric video), like the album in general, is all about the ability to think and reflect on your personal status quo. Easier said than done in many cases, especially when it involves your own innner demons.

»Wirf dein Leben weg« will be released on November 1st, 2019 and pre-orders are available now:

HAWK EYES (feat. Richard O’Brien) – Smokes

Only three more weeks until the new album »Advice« by UK-based Hawk Eyes sees the light of day on September 6th. But since three weeks can be a pretty long time, we have a real treat for all of you today.

For »Smokes« the band has collaborated with renowned actor Richard O’Brien (whom you can hear as narrator). Visually the video is in the style of movies like Eraserhead, a slightly surreal and expressionist experience, perfectly embracing the song!

You can preorder »Advice« by clicking on the following link:

Ammotrack – Break It Out

After 5 years of silence, Ammotrack is back with the new single and video “Break it Out”.

The band has previously released 3 full-length albums, played at all Swedish rock festivals, executed several tours in Sweden and Europe with bands such as Hardcore Superstar, DAD and Mustasch. In 2014, Ammotrack celebrated 10 years as a band and participated in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest.

-We never really quit the band, at home in the rehearsal studio very good ideas were created. Getting to present our new single to the fans feels absolutely magical. We have definitely pushed ourselves and taken the band’s sound to a new level, says singer and frontman Mikael DeBruin.

The song “Break it out” is produced & mixed by Sebastian Forslund (Night Flight Orchestra), mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson (Soilwork, Gathering of kings, Thundermother)

Freedom Call – “M.E.T.A.L”

Freedom Call – “M.E.T.A.L” (Steamhammer / SPV)
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Celebrating their 20th anniversary comes the 10th album from heavenly power metallers Freedom Call! Formed by vocalist / guitarist Chris Bay (a self confessed ‘light person’) and Gamma Ray drummer Dan Zimmermann, who incidentally makes a special guest appearance on “M.E.T.A.L” performing as a double drummer alongside recording sticksman Kevin Kott (Masterplan) (!), Freedom Call’s unashamed message of positivity, love and hope inherent in its music and words will no doubt be as seen as something of a contradiction to the more common perceptions (no matter how unfounded) of metal. Indeed, the album’s title is tongue in cheek, not to the derision of fans or to the genre, but rather to acknowledge their own brand of anthemic melodic metal, which after so many years has built the band an impressive loyal following. So, as you might expect, the 11 tracks on “M.E.T.A.L” simply ooze light and joy, so much so that many of them are easily comparable to the songs on the band’s 1999 debut “Stairway To Fairyland”. Indeed, the cryptic lyrical and musical references to it on tracks like ‘111’ and ‘The Ace Of The Unicorn’ are no coincidence given Bay’s birth date being the same as the number of angels in western esotericism! Mysticism aside though, this is one helluva release whether or not you’re a fan of the band, with absolutely massive melodies that will hold you starstruck before the undeniable love in their grooves just melts your heart while simultaneously rocking you out with power – I mean, nobody said these guys were lightweights! Bay has equally recruited an exciting new band in guitarist Lars Rettkowitz and Italian bassist Francesco Ferraro, both of whom show their true measure by gelling splendidly with Freedom Call’s DNA to ensure that speed, moving atmospheres and boundless amounts of enthusiasm continue to stretch emotions – not to mention neck muscles! It’s all over tracks like ‘Spirit Of Daedalus’, with its fast dazzling guitar melodies, pumping keys and blurring double bass drums that lead up to an incredibly soaring singalong chorus backed by bountiful heavenly choirs and not forgetting a blinding neo classical solo – utter bliss. Then there’s ‘Sail Away’, by no means fast at all, but with its massive guitars and big choirs adding huge atmospherics into a very classy and catchy mix of rock, prog and metal, all to the flowing tender vocals of Bay, has an appeal all to itself showing the band are no one trick pony. Taking it right back to those early days though is the aptly titled ‘Days Of Glory’, fast-ish with the double drummer double bass beat although it’s once again the huge but tender melodies that as always capture the heart, uplifting and leading to a soaring harmony chorus that I’d dare anyone to deny.  Happy. Clappy. Even cheesy. But there’s no denying the continuing appeal of Freedom Call even after all these years!

Elvenking – “Reader Of The Runes – Divination”

Elvenking – “Reader Of The Runes – Divination” (AFM Records)
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Formed 22 years ago and now onto their 10th record, Elvenking are the best known of Italy’s folk metal bands, forged over countless tours with bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Edguy and Virgin Steele. But “Reader Of The Runes – Divination” is something else, indeed a first for the band as it’s a concept album and an ambitious one at that, with “…Divination” being only the beginning of the “Reader Of The Runes” saga that is set to unfold in continuing releases! While some would’ve welcomed this a lot sooner, I think the band have chosen wisely to do this at this point in their career, as the new material is both deep and mature, and incorporates plenty of epic aspects along with touches of symphony reflective of their experience, composing and musicianship talents to date. In this first chapter you will get to know the characters of the story through huge, heart grabbing melodies, sung through soulful vocals and backed by a powerful rhythm and all told true thanks to the massive sound befitting the stature of this monumental new chapter. Indeed, from the fast, ultra catchy folk guitar melodies backed by double bass drumming, ‘Heathen Divine’ is simply irresistible thanks to Damna’s tender tones and huge singalong chorus made all the more dramatic thanks to the big background vocals that totally succeed in transporting you on an adventurous journey into Elvenking’s new world. Slowing down but getting even deeper with an equally addictive main melody, ‘Under The Sign Of A Black Star’ is somewhat reminiscent of early In Flames thanks to the passionate and powerful twin guitars of founder Aydan and Rafahel throughout, and again backed by those hammering drums from Lancs adding plenty of fire to the suave ice work of the axemen – truly impressive! Balancing it up on the mid tempo ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’, the chest beating epic fury of Sabaton has definitely made its impression through its undeniably stirring singalong chorus, although its Damna’s soul that still keeps it in tune to the unique sound of this incredible band. Indeed, true to their name, Elvenking are even more majestic than ever before!

Visions Of Atlantis – “Wanderers”

Visions Of Atlantis – “Wanderers” (Napalm Records)

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Rising from the ashes with a new line up now cemented in the success of “The Deep & The Dark” in 2018 and its stupendous live follow up “The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights” this year, “Wanderers” is now set to continue that breathtaking spectacle on the 11 magic tracks here. With the vocal duet of mezzo soprano singer Clémentine Delauney and Italian male lead Michele Guaitoli firmly established through touring, their stellar performance is reflected throughout this 7th album in symphonic bliss graced by melodic majesty. If you’ve not heard Visions Of Atlantis before, then prepare for deeply passionate songs that reach out to your heart backed by metallic fire tempered suavely by the ice of flowing orchestrals – an awesome experience of drama and moving emotion that will not leave you untouched. With a visual concept realised through a stunning photoshoot along the North Atlantic coast, it’s easy to see where the inspiration came from for songs like ‘Heroes Of The Dawn’, where deep rock riffs collide with stirring celtic pipes as Delauney and Guaitoli launch their irresistible vocals to immediately draw you in and hold you captivated as the heavenly sounds tantalise your emotions time and again. Touching onto pirate filmscore on ‘The Siren & The Sailor’ complete with plucked strings and piano, founder Thomas Caser’s double bass drumming and the slick but thick dirty riffs of Christian Douscha soon reminds us (thankfully) that its Visions Of Atlantis we’re listening too and when the plentiful pipes of Delauney and Guaitoli take an even more soulful level, the affect is nothing short of hypnotic! Closing with the more metallic but no less moving ‘At The End Of The World’ with its strong modern rock beat and utterly alluring chorus laced by tantalising synths, it’s pretty clear that Visions Of Atlantis have not just pulled themselves out’ve the abyss, but are on a rocket ride to higher levels than ever before – in short, resistance is futile!