Restive Nation – I’m Sorry

Irish progressive experimentalists RESTIVE NATION release their video for new single ‘I’m Sorry’, which is out now. Presave the single here:

Continuously pushing boundaries and cross-pollination genres with their own unique electronic/progressive interpretations, RESTIVE NATION continue to surprise with this brand new single.

‘I’m Sorry’ sees the band take a dark and melancholic journey into a hybrid of Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails with a side of Crosses /Tool floating in and out of a dream-like, post punk daydream. As an isolated new track [not featured on their recently released ‘Lucidum’ EP], ‘Im Sorry’ shows the band venturing into darker landscapes, exploring the inner-working of the human psyche, thanks to the chilling vocals of Dave Lee of Irish Heavy Progressive crew, Raum Kingdom.

The band commented on the track: “I’m Sorry is a track that was written by Dave Lee’s solo project Sombre Motion in 2012. Dave would go on to form the heavy as f**k Raum Kingdom in 2013. We collaborated with Dave before on our 2017 single ‘Murmur’ and while we were working together we came across his hauntingly beautiful track ‘I’m Sorry’. Upon hearing it we just had to have it as part of the Restive Nation repertoire. We asked Dave if we could adopt it into Restive Nation and he was more than happy to oblige”. About the lyrical content Dave said: “It’s about doing wrong so much that even when you’ve done right, you still have to eat the blame”. This song marks the end of an era for Restive Nation as it is their last musical collaboration with an outside artist for the foreseeable future.

Regarding the video (to be released on 16th) the band commented: “We thought it would be cool to give the track to Dublin-based independent film maker Tom Maher for his own artistic interpretation. Usually we’d be very explicit about what we want when it comes to themes, but we were keen to see how Tom would exhibit the track visually and we absolutely love this slow-burn tension piece; it’s completely different to anything we would have dreamt up and it’s a great representation of how well things can go once you let go and relinquish control.”

‘I’m Sorry’ is set for release on Friday October 16th and will be the final single/video from the band before a series of new material which is scheduled to be released in Jauary 2021.

Toledo Steel – Into The Unknown

“After a monumental year for us gigging all over Europe in 2019, it was time for us to take that momentum and energy into the studio to record our second album “Heading For The Fire”. This led to us combining the foundations of the band’s sound with some fresh elements and ideas to create a new and exciting record. Once again we recorded with our long term engineer Mike Taylor who knows how to get the best out of us, this time with our founding bassist Felix Dock back in the band. We were also excited to be working with Enforcer’s Olof Wikstrand for the first time who’s done a great job with the mix. 2020 has been a strange year to say the least but we’ve made the most of it and we can’t wait to hit the stage again full force with these new songs in the set!” “Heading For The Fire” will be released on February 12, 2021, via Dissonance Productions. The album can be pre-ordered here:

GRIDE “Hluboká temná modř”

“Hluboká temná modř”
(L’inphantile collective)

Battle Helm Rating

Grindcore is nothing I got hooked on. I have tried it in various shapes but nothing has really stuck with me. I’ve tried Napalm Death, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Nausea, Exit 13 and Nasum but nothing really seemed like my thing. I am not saying that GRIDE are bad. In fact they are bloody marvelous at what they do. And in small doses this is something that I can listen to. Like on a 7”. But a full CD of their recorded works. It is a nice introduction to the band and I am glad that I got to make their acquaintance. It would not have liked to be totally clueless. As a grindcore record this is perfect. You get everything you could imagine. And you get plenty of it too. Anders Ekdahl

PERFECITIZEN “Humanipulation”

(L’inphantile collective)

Battle Helm Rating

If you want to be totally blown away by a musical force you need to put this one on. I don’t normally go for this kinda chaos but I have to say that this totally surprised me. Chaotic grindcore played the most extreme way possible on a Sunday seem to be my kinda medicine. I cannot stop listening to this, how off it is from what I usually listen to. But as I said, there is something about this that intrigues me in ways I didn’t think possible. This one is one of my biggest liking surprises. And that says a lot about how much I have come to like this. Anders Ekdahl

AMMYT “New Perspectives”

“New Perspectives”

Battle Helm Rating

I know that there are people out there that don’t like Amon Amarth because they have become too big. Which to me is total bullshit. Amon Amarth are good whether or not they are successful. I am a huge fan. I have no idea if I’ll be as big a fan of AMMYT in the future but I do like what I hear on this album. This is not a pure melodic death metal album. I do hear traces of other things too, like trad heavy metal. But that just makes this one so much broader in sound. Not having any greater expectations on this, I gotta say that it left me with a feeling of joy. It made me happy. Perhaps an oxymoron when you listen to death metal. Anders Ekdahl

YARGOS “The Dancing Mermaid”

“The Dancing Mermaid”

Battle Helm Rating

I have totally missed out on the previous records by YARGOS. Which seem to be my operandi modus. So many acts and so little time to check them all out. This one totally knocked me from the very first note. This is goth metal and then some. From the first note I got swept into a world that is as beautiful as it is ugly. It is a real rollercoaster ride listening to this album. an album perfect to listen to with headphones on, or at full volume in the middle of the night. This one has easily turned into my latest fave album of 2020. So bloody good that it is almost criminal. Anders Ekdahl

ONCE UPON A DREAM “Cruciamenthum”

(Alcyone Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Here’s another one I am not all familiar with. What a shocker, right? Reading all the band names that gets dropped in association with this band I realize that there is a whole world of metal out there that I have totally missed out on. But then again I haven’t paid too much attention to modern metalcore. But hearing this 5 track EP I kinda realize that there might be something out there too for me in metalcore. Because I really like what I hear on this record. It is heavy an aggressive without being too chest pounding. This needs to be further investigated. Anders Ekdahl

SEWN MOUTH “The Narcissist”

“The Narcissist”
(Alcyone Records)

Battle Helm Rating

The jury is still out on what I think of the band name. This is a Greek metalcore, modern metal, atmospheric metal band. It all sound good on paper but what does it sound like in reality? I gotta say that despite what they supposedly play I like what I hear. It might seem like I am very anti metalcore but I am not. I just need to hear more of it and especially hear the right bands to fully get the grips of it. And SEWN MOUTH is to me a fine way to start my exploratory journey into metalcore/modern metal. This one is a keeper for me. Anders Ekdahl