The anthemic new single by Nashville based quintet Flight Attendant sees them upping the ante on their first release of 2020. Having issued just two songs since debuting with the slo-mo post-punk groove of ‘Slow June’ in August 2018, ‘Man Of Chaos’ pulsates with a robust, hypnotic energy that blends alternative and heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop with provocative lyrics that may or may not be a direct reference to their current President. The song was produced by Grammy winner Charles Yingling and serves as a fitting teaser for further new songs to come.

Lead singer Karalyne Winegarner states: “‘Man Of Chaos’ shines a light on that dark and creeping chaotic energy slowly seeping through the cracks of social turbulence,” adding that “it is about waking up to a certain side of yourself. Chaos is a catalyst for change, and I hope that our expression of it via this song can help to somehow tip the scale towards that unapologetic change so many are long overdue.”

An inventive promo clip for ‘Man Of Chaos’ was created during quarantine by the band members shooting videos of themselves on their phones, with the footage then edited by viola player Nikki Christie.

Displaying influences in their repertoire that include The Cure, Foals, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey and Vivaldi, Flight Attendant have already established themselves as a local fans favourite via a series of ecstatic live performances and see themselves as ready for the national stage and beyond as soon as their debut album hits the stores and lockdown is lifted. “Nashville has proved to be a great inspirational incubator. It has a certain air of influence and style that has really weeded itself into our band,” adds Winegarner.

The group are currently creating their debut album with Yingling, which is scheduled for release in late 2020 by Moraine Music Group in association with Membran. Flight Attendant is ready for takeoff.

ATENA – Oljebarn i Helligvann

Atena are out with their new single “Oljebarn I Helligvann” today! Listen to the single on all streaming services.

Atena are one of the most innovative and unique metal bands from Norway, proving there’s more than black metal that roams in the country with their rare genre-mix. With a deep inspiration from hip hop, classical composers, and love for heavy music, the band entwines these elements together with lyrics from the dark and often hidden side of society and humanity.

Atena are exceptional at songwriting, and “Oljebarn i Helligvann” proves their talent for thinking outside the box, making their very own brand of metal. The new single is the second track the band has written with Norwegian lyrics, and it suits perfectly with this track as it talks about the dirt behind the façade of rich Norwegians. “Oljebarn” is a Norwegian term, directly translating to “The Children of Oil” – the generation growing up today, benefitting from the welfare of today’s Norway as a result of the oil industry.

The band has commented: “The song is about Norwegian culture and the enormous Oil Rigs in the North sea that pumps life into the country. Money can’t fix everything, but it for sure helps cover/dull problems. It’s by no means a critique towards the Government, merely an observation of how massive and “evil-looking” the Oil rigs in the North sea look like while waves are pounding in on them as they pump black fluid into the fatherland.”

Their dark and experimental metal core has given Atena a unique stand in the Norwegian metal scene. Metal Hammer UK wrote that “Atena’s willingness to push boundaries needs to be applauded” while one of Norway’s biggest newspapers Dagbladet praised them for being “something semi-exotic in the Norwegian metal flora.”. The band has built a solid and engaging fanbase over the years, and with over 1 million streams and over 30.000 monthly listeners in Spotify alone, they are one of the most streamed metalcore bands from Norway!

Festival appearances include Summer Breeze, Inferno, Mass Destruction and by:Larm. Over the years, Atena have toured and shared stages with bands like Atreyu, Amaranthe, Dead By April, Emmure, 1349, Borknagar & Mayhem.

Broadside – Heavenly

Richmond, VA – June 26, 2020 – Rock band Broadside is thrilled to share another single from their forthcoming album, Into The Raging Sea. Fans can watch the captivating new music video, “Heavenly,” here: https://shrptn.co/heavenly. Into The Raging Sea is set to be released on July 24th via SharpTone Records, and features the previously released “Foolish Believer” and “The Raging Sea.” Preorders are available now at http://shrptn.co/broadside.

“’Heavenly’ is just a cute song,” shares vocalist Ollie Baxxter. “Sonically, it’s rooted in our old sound…the one that got us to the place where we are today. It’s a love song and an ode to our first single ‘Coffee Talk.’ Underneath the ‘big picture’ I try and paint into my lyrics, I’m still just a romantic to the core.”

Oliver Baxxter grew up in a trailer park, sharing a room with his mother, stepfather, and brother. When he was 11, his stepdad died, leaving him fatherless for a second time. Even when the family moved into a better home, in Richmond, Virginia, Ollie felt worthless. Fast forward to young adulthood when his band, BROADSIDE, crested on a wave of two well-received pop-punk albums and tours across America and Europe, only to come crashing down with lineup changes and behind-the-scenes frustrations. That familiar feeling of isolation returned. And it lit a fire.

The end result is a brand-new BROADSIDE record crafted with his three best friends. Into the Raging Sea is 13 energized songs of rebirth and renewal. It’s a standout alternative pop record through and through, one with fresh rewards on repeated listens. Produced by Seth Henderson (State Champs, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends), Into the Raging Sea emphasizes the strengths of the band’s early sound, while demonstrating creative fearlessness and ambition. Despite being one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2020 in Alternative Press, BROADSIDE’s third record was crafted in a spirit free of preconceived notions or expectations. It’s authentic, pure, and to the point.

Into the Raging Sea is likely to surprise the music consuming public just as much as it pleasantly surprised Ollie and his bandmates: guitarist Domenic Reid, bassist Patrick Diaz, and drummer Jeff Nichols. The songs are massive, full of Baxxter’s combination of hopeless romanticism and personal melancholy. Like the best of Robert Smith and Morrissey, BROADSIDE will whip a catchy chorus into a frenzy, while sneaking in the catharsis of total misery or anger in the lyrics.

Songs like “Foolish Believer,” the romantic “Breathe You In,” angry epic “The Raging Sea,” are punchy and diverse, memorable but not pandering. The overall theme is one of perseverance, continued growth, and inevitable renewal. Ollie isn’t ashamed to have grown up poor; he’ll self-deprecatingly mention his “daddy issues”; and he’s a longtime champion of the broken. But BROADSIDE stands for overcoming those things.

“From the very beginning, my attitude was: I don’t have shit to look forward to and everything behind me is trash, so I’m going to make myself the hero of my own story,” he explains. “I’ve always known struggle. As I get older, it’s more mental than physical, but it’s always there.” “I’m going to keep this thing going,” he concludes. “And right now, I’m on a high.”

Broadside will release their new album Into The Raging Sea on July 24th via SharpTone Records. Starting tomorrow, pre-orders will be available at: https://www.impericon.com/uk/broadside.html.

Ekko Park featuring Grant Nicholas ( aka Feeder ) – ‘All Eyes On Me’

Ekko Park, one of New Zealand’s finest rock exports will release their new album, Horizon on August 21 via Dinner For Wolves. Ekko Park delivers its unique edge to rock n roll with an honesty & energy that has seen them develop a passionate following in their home country and has taken them to Europe where they continue to enjoy huge success on commercial rock radio.

The first single from the album All Eyes On Me is out today and features guest vocalist Grant Nicholas of Welsh indie rock giants Feeder.

Vocalist, Joe Walsh says of the track; “ ‘All Eyes On Me’ was a reaction to me sitting in an airport bar and watching the very same news story being played out on four very different networks ….four different tv screens….four different truths….and every eye in the bar transfixed….I felt like an extra in Black Mirror or a living breathing Orwell novel….”

Ekko Park released their debut album Tomorrow Tomorrow Today in 2013 and it received a nomination for Best Rock Album at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards.  Their second album Know Hope was released in 2015 and debuted at #13 on the NZ Album Chart. Probable Cause from the album went to #1 on the Official Italian Rock Radio Airplay Chart while Validation peaked at #3. The band continue to receive substantial and continual support from over 200 radio stations across Europe exposing them to over 100 million listeners!

They’ve played sold-out tours of NZ, headlined tours of the UK, Ireland & Italy, supported major international touring acts including Seether, The Living End and Simple Plan as well as playing major New Zealand festivals including Rhythm & Vines and Homegrown.

In 2017 they released the single, Going Uptown and now in 2020 they are preparing to make a huge impact with Horizon.

Horizon was recorded at the legendary Roundhead Studios in Auckland with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Bullet for my Valentine), mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Biffy Clyro) and mastered by Ryan Smith (AC/DC , Greta Van Fleet). Horizon is the first Ekko Park album to feature new guitarist Alex Hargreaves and bassist Bryan Bell. They join long term members Joe Walsh on vocals and guitar and Nick Douch on drums. Horizon will be released on August 21

Ages – Burn Them

Today the melodic black metallers Ages return with the single ‘Burn Them’ from their new album ‘Uncrown’ set to be released on August 21, 2020 on Black Lodge Records. Formed during the harsh Swedish winter of 2011, Ages released their critically acclaimed debut “The Malefic Miasma” in 2015. Biding their time to craft something really unique, the five year long wait is finally over and their sophomore effort “Uncrown” sees the light of day. Composed and created solely in the band‘s own studio, “Uncrown” is a meticulously crafted album. With outstanding melodies, atmosphere and every bandmember‘s unique performance as well as outstanding artwork from renowned artist Chris Cold,  these nine epistles embrace the legacy of the 90‘s and bring the Swedish black metal-sound to a whole new level.

PRE-ORDER ‘Uncrown’ HERE: https://orcd.co/uncrown

MAD DOGS – Hard Fight

Kick ass Rock ‘n’ Roll music with a true love for Garage sounds, all wrapped up in a 70s’ atmosphere – Born and devoted to Rock since 2009, Italy’s very own MAD DOGS are known for their high energetic and powerful sound, swinging grooves and fuzzy guitar virtuosity. “We Are Ready To Testify”, the band’s highly anticipated third studio album, will see the light of day on October 16th via Go Down Records and today the band from San Severino Marche unleashed the first promising peek of what to expect from their upcoming full length record. Listen to “Hard Fight“, the brand new killer Rock ‘n’ Roll anthem by MAD DOGS, streaming here.

The band about the song: “Hard Fight” is pure rock’n’roll energy, an adrenaline rush to listen to at high volume! When we wrote this song we tried to mix a 70s sound, with a garage/proto punk attitude. The result is a powerful rhythmic section, spiced up with rough guitars, scratchy vocals and aggressive melodies. This unique piece saw the special participation of Nicola Bagnoli (Gli Avvoltoi) on the organ, while a pinch of soul was added by the backing vocals of Cristina Biondi and Francesca Zenobi. This song expresses all its incisiveness and strength thanks to the sharpness lyrics which are clearly an hymn against all adversities that life puts in front of you. “It’s a hard fight, When you think it’s so hard, Always look around, Life is so strong, But don’t be sad, A bit of doubt makes it all more true!”

“We Are Ready To Testify” is the third studio album of MAD DOGS and on this record the band unleashes a powerful sound remarking all its rock’n’roll attitude, the love for garage and high energy rock’n’roll but also leaving room for more refined ’70 ambience and sounds.10 songs, overwhelming riffs, adrenaline-filled ups and downs where echoes of The Hellacopters, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and Radio Birdman, meet with MC5, Miracle Workers and New Christ. Recorded at Teatro Delle Voci in Treviso, Italy, “We Are Ready To Testify” is the evidence that fighting for what you believe in and following your dreams is the main route to follow in order to be free.

“We Are Ready To Testify” will be coming out October 16th on Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order

Perfect Plan – “Better Walk Alone”

Swedish melodic rock quintet Perfect Plan have announced an early September release for their second album, ‘Time For A Miracle’, with vocalist Kent Hilli stating: “We are so excited about the record and can’t wait to release it to the world. We think this album really shows the band’s diversity, progress and development since our debut. It’s definitely a huge step forward for us in terms of production and songwriting and I think everyone involved has done a ‘personal best’. We were also blessed to work with guys like Mårten Eriksson, who mixed it, and Svante Forsbäck [Rammstein, Volbeat, etc] at Chartmakers, who mastered it. It’s a slightly heavier and bluesier album with really cool guitar riffs and Rolf’s guitar playing is out of this world. It is diverse and contains a range of songs from classic AOR to bluesy rockers, ballads and some harder stuff, all with strong melodies, hooks and arrangements. The title is also current as we are going through some hard times in the world as we speak.”

Of the introductory single, ‘Better Walk Alone’, Hilli continues: “The song is very personal to me as I wrote it during a bit of a down period in my life. It’s about coming to a dead end in a relationship and making the decision that the only way forward is to go separate ways. I think most of us can relate to it concerning any kind of relationship. It’s a great ‘rocker’ of a track and it was a lot of fun making the video. Our video producer [Marcus Stridsberg at Targa Production] is amazing and has truly captured what the song is all about.”

Sometimes the stars align and create a perfect balance of talent within a group. A band like Perfect Plan is the perfect (pun intended) example of this: a superb singer, a well-oiled group of experienced players and great songwriting talent with a knack for unforgettable melodies and driving rhythms. Add to that the right single released at the right time and Perfect Plan’s instant emergence as rising stars on the melodic rock scene was no surprise. The song in question was the awesome ‘In And Out Of Love’, which kickstarted the promotion of their 2018 debut album ‘All Rise’.

The band now return with what is a major step forward across the board. Opting for a slightly heavier and more in your face sound, Perfect Plan have matured and created an outstanding balance of melody and energy, with references to the sound of classic predecessors (Foreigner, Survivor, The Storm, Giant) and Scandinavian AOR with a recognisable and personal feel. They are now ready to capitalise on the acclaim afforded to their debut album and become one of the leading melodic rock bands around.


Spanish metallers Thyrant release their new single titled “Dunes of Desolation” today! “Dunes of Desolation” is the second single off Thyrant’s upcoming sophomore album titled “Katabasis”, due July 17th.

Katabasis is an 8-track killer follow up on their critically acclaimed debut “What We Left Behind”.  Thyrant were described as “the real deal” by Belfast Metalheads United, while their debut was described as “a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus” by Devil Gate Media (UK). Rock Tribune (BE) wrote that “Thyrant is heading for a bright future”, and damn sure they are! A new well-aimed punch of metal is ready for release, taking Thyrant to the next level.

“Katabasis” (Greek for ‘descend’) reflects the feeling of being lost and then found – There is a warm feeling of relief, stability, and composure, that comes after descending the dark, conceptual path of this 8-song album. It’s an album full of honesty, self-discovery, and relief. “THIS is Thyrant!”

Thyrant – Katabasis coming July 17th. Album pre-order: https://shop.indierecordings.no/collections/thyrant.

FROM HELL – “The Witch” – from the album ‘Rats & Ravens’

FROM HELL has returned in 2020 with a new album called RATS & RAVENS, album both dark and sinister. A new music video for the single “THE WITCH” premiered online from the album RATS & RAVENS available now in stores and online! The video is now available to you at www.scourgerecords.com.

Mid 13th Century…somewhere in eastern Europe “A father disturbs an evil in the east. A witch comes to steal his son and the children of the village to make them her own. She sacrifices them and reanimates the dead with the blessings from the god of vermin. With rats, she brings them back to life and calls them Lilium.”

RATS & RAVENS has been receiving a great response from fans and media, with Bravewords calling the album “A thoroughly ‘hellish’ offering” and “a 55 minute descent into madness,” and writes that “From Hell has composed a filthy horror metal album, don’t be afraid to enter the fires of damnation!” The Headbanging Moose says, “This is how heavy music should always sound. Heavy, dark, intricate and above all that, absolutely evil.” That Drummer Guy writes, “This ten-track album showcases this band’s great guitar work, driving drum beats, thumping bass lines and powerful vocals,” and Soil Chronicles says, “Rats and Ravens is full of arrangements and atmospheres that make the listener uncomfortable: if the goal was to give us the impression of watching a scary horror film, it is successful!”

RATS & RAVENS features Aleister Sinn on vocals and guitar, Wes Anderson on drums, Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass and Steve Smyth on lead guitar. As the band rehearsed the songs with Sinn, the richness of what Wes, Steve, and Stephen brought to the material from their varied backgrounds of musical experience added a depth to each song that was later realized in the final recordings.

FROM HELL recorded the album with Greg Wilkinson (High on Fire, Necrot, Autopsy) at Earhammer Studio in Oakland, CA. Sinn says, “When we returned from tour in Russia 2017, we recorded two new songs with Greg and we really liked working with Greg and what we heard. He records bands in a more natural way than many metal engineers and producers and doesn’t rely on sound replacement, but captures great tones to start with and the final mixes of our album came out very natural sounding, heavy and produced, but not over-produced. I personally am pleased.” Mastering was handled by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Annhilator, Cynic) at MaorAppelbaum Mastering in Los Angeles.

RATS & RAVENS is the follow up to the first FROM HELL album Ascent From Hell, which is as heavy as it is epic. The album tells a horror story about a corpse that wakes up in Hell only to find he must go back to earth, recover his soul that still lives inside another body and drag it back to Hell. Ascent From Hell featured metal icons Paul Bostaph, Steve Smyth, and Damien Sisson.

George Anderson (aka Aleister Sinn) has played guitar and vocals for the SF Bay area bands Down Factor and Grandma, a tribute to King Diamond. Wes Anderson has played drums for Les Claypool, Idiot Flesh, Blind Illusion, Young Lions (Noah of Neurosis), SOSA, and Kehoe Nation. Steve Smyth has played guitar for Testament, Nevermore, Dragonlord, Forbidden, Vicious Rumors and One Machine. Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass has played for Vicious Rumors, Diablo Dukes, Journey Unauthorized and has played or recorded with Brad Gillis, Mick Mestec, Eric Peterson, Will Carroll, Phil Bennett, Sticks Hooper, Eric Barnett and Salar Nader.

Pterodactyl Problems – “The Sabbath Medley”

Toronto rockers Pterodactyl Problems have just unveiled a video for their stunning “Sabbath Medley”. The song features a unique take on 4 classic early Black Sabbath tracks and proves just how versatile the band really is. The Sabbath Medley will also be available on all streaming platforms in the next few days.