OCTOBER TIDE – I, The Polluter

Sweden’s melodic death/doom metal masters OCTOBER TIDE, feat. ex-Katatonia guitarists Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, premiere the first single from their upcoming, sixth studio album, “In Splendor Below”. The album is set to be released on May 17th worldwide via Agonia Records, while the new track titled “I, The Polluter” is available for listening

With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden,OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene. “In Splendor Below” is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. It packs some of the most authentic and unique compositions from the capable hands of founding member and long-time Katatonia guitarist, Fredrik Norrman, his brother and guitarist Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia), vocalist Alexander Högbom(Demonical), bassist Johan Jönsegård (Letters From The Colony) and drummer Jonas Sköld (Letters From The Colony / Thenighttimeproject). While Fredrikprefers for the music to speak for itself, he finds the new album “a bit more aggressive, a bit more death metal, and with an overall colder feeling than previous records”.

“In Splendor Below” album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Breach, Craft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and OCTOBER TIDE. Tomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork.

The band is planning a tour in support of the new album in November and December of 2019. In the meantime, they’ll perform at In The Grip Of Winter Festival (NL), Exit Festival (SRB) and MetalDays Festival (SI). More dates are on the way.

Formed in 1995 by Katatonia members, Jonas Renkse (Bloodbath) and Fred Norrman, OCTOBER TIDE spawned two, now-cult releases, “Rain Without End”(1997) and “Grey Dawn” (1999), before going on hiatus for over eleven years. In 2009 Norrman parted ways with Katatonia, and resurrected OCTOBER TIDE, consolidating the band’s reemergence with a new album titled “A Thin Shell”, feat. Tobias Netzell of In Mourning on vocals. Since then, the band evolved through two more studio albums, “Tunnel Of No Light” (2013) and “Winged Waltz”(2016), both of which featured exceptional guitar work, on top of OCTOBER TIDE’s emotional touch on death metal.

Upcoming shows:
09.03.2019: Rotterdam @ In The Grip Of Winter fest 2019, NL
05.07.2019: Explosive Stage @ Exit Festival, SRB
21.07.2019: Tolmin @ Metaldays Festival, SI

Moran Magal – Under Your Bed

Bands that started off in metal and shape-shifted a bit towards singer-songwriter, indie or folkish rock later are plenty today. But what would happen if a gifted, dedicated and poetic singer-songwriter and indie pianist turned her head towards metal? The answer is here: MORAN MAGAL is happening right now, and an ambitious feat of an album will see the light very soon.

Now before this thoughtful Israeli woman got positioned to go out all guns blazing, she went on an intense spiritual journey into the realm of metal, constantly testing her own artistic fidelity as her own transformation progresses and more and more of her romantic streak becomes a beautiful gift for the seething, archaic elemental force that is (dark) metal. Her 2016 travel log Shades Of Metal (Private Collection) shows all that, as Moran’s continuous drive towards artistic exploration, her backpack full of skills and the deep respect for the rock and metal heroes of her own music collection all made this selection of mesmerizing interpretations stand out as a treasure island in the ancient sea of cover albums: unfortunately hidden, mysterious and very rewarding once discovered.

And with great journeys there’s always great company to be found – particularly for the open-minded: No wonder fellow countryman Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) and Moran crossed paths and paused for a moment to have a closer look at Orphaned Land’s From Broken Vessels, resulting in a more than successful attempt to reimagine this already brilliant song. Kobi’s fans reacted with nothing but love and blessing for the magic duet on Youtube. Moran’s interpretation of Black Sabbath’s Solitude featuring dearly missed, iconic metal singer Warrel Dane (Sanctuary, Nevermore), came to life as a tribute to the most influential dark band of all times and can best be described as a warm, haunting memorial for a great man.

Today, Moran Magal lives in Berlin and can already proudly look back at many performances as composer, singer and pianist on great recordings both their own and for like-minded artists (Stimmgewalt, Nina Jiers, Orphaned Land) as well as a plethora of successful shows on acclaimed festivals across Europe, such asCarte Blanche Festival 2018 (BE), WGT Leipzig (GER), FemMe (NL), and as Opening act for Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema), just to name a few.

For 2019, she and her band are looking forward to having a blast at Trolls & Légendes festival (BE) and to presenting their brand new album — Under Your Bed — in early summer.

Under Your Bed is a perfect culmination of aforementioned journey and progression that benefits greatly from Moran’s infallible sense for the perfect song, a big heart beating the drum for a warm, welcoming soul and a curious, open mind. Be prepared for a musical kaleidoscope that’s hallmarked by a dark, powerful singer-songwriter drive with a slight edge of pumping gothic/doom metal when the extra pummeling oomph is appropriate for the song. From haunting, melancholic adagio to engaging, boppy stomp — Moran herself carefully directed the instrumental arrangements during recording and production to keep her enticing vision intact.

Meandering between Marcos Feminella’s and Ishay Sommer’s strong, punchy drum/bass section — which is often lead by her own powerful piano bass notes — and a wonderfully concerted, vibrantly shimmering dialog between Frederico Truzzi’s chequered guitar magic, Shir-Ran Yinon’s yearning violin patterns and her own, highly dynamic piano play and superb vocal range, Moran takes the listener’s hand and pulls them into a vivid world created to get hooked on in a snap.

In order to bridge the gap until romantic natures can finally dig in and enjoy Under Your Bed, Moran and her talented lot have prepared a music video for its title track. It’s not exactly an easy song and here is why, in Moran Magal’s very own words: “This song is about the classic childhoods fears that almost every child has, like a monster hiding under your bed, of dolls that wake up in the middle of the night and want to kill you (my personal childhood fear), but when you grow up, you understand that sadly sometimes the monsters are real people and have no horns or red eyes. This song I wrote is about a case of a father that murdered his daughter and lied to the press for a few days that he couldn’t find her. It was a horrible story and unfortunately such things happen all around the world. This song is against child abuse.”

GOLD – “Taken By Storm”

Dutch avant-garde dark rock ensemble, GOLD, have released the video for their track Taken By Storm – which will hit streaming platforms from tomorrow. The track is taken from their upcoming album, titled Why Aren’t You Laughing? which will be released on April 5 via Artoffact Records.

Of the video guitarist, Thomas Sciarone, comments: “Black metal has been one of the few constants in my music consumption since it hit me first in 1993. If you’d have the chance to dissect some of the GOLD songs and listen to the guitar layers, you’d hear that there’s a lot of black metal in the core.Taken By Storm is probably the first song we wrote, that actually really makes that black metal connection also in the rhythm section. This gives the song a tumultuous and turbulent climax, fitting with the lyrical theme.”

And of the song itself, vocalist, Milena Eva says: “Besides writing, playing live is probably the best thing about being in this band. We really love to go on tour and experience the show together with our fans. And it’s been too long, we really can’t wait to go out there again. In this video we try to capture our live performance. I’ve been working on a new stage outfit with Devastator, a Rotterdam based design duo. I’m wearing one of their creations in this video. Thanks to visual artist Bart Kalkman’s mad skills the video for Taken By Storm really brings the GOLD performance into your living room.”

This video also reveals GOLD’s new bass player Leyla Overdulve, who’s recently taken over Tim Meijer’s position, and who will make her live debut with the band at Roadburn Festival.

Vocalist, Milena Eva is adept at detailing deeply personal experiences which are presented in a universal way; her feelings of vulnerability, confusion, indignation, curiosity, and hope provide a springboard for resonance. Whilst much of the album’s poetic lyricism is rooted in the darker side of society and experience, a glimmer of daylight has always permeated GOLD’s sonic output.

The sound of Why Aren’t You Laughing? marries hypnotic gothic vibes with layers of blackened guitars, overlaid with atmospheric, often dream-like vocals. The multi-faceted album is complex in its construction, but by enlisting producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Grave Pleasures), each element is given ample room to breathe – and indeed shine.

As well as presenting Why Aren’t You Laughing? at the 2019 edition of Roadburn Festival, GOLD will tour Europe and play Hellfest this summer. Full dates are as follows:

12.04.2019 – NL – Tilburg @ Roadburn Festival
25.04.2019 – DE – Berlin @ Urban Spree
26.04.2019 – PL – Warszawa @ Chmury
27.04.2019 – PL – Kraków @ Kwadrat
28.04.2019 – AT – Wien @ Arena
29.04.2019 – SI – Ljubljana @ Gromka
30.04.2019 – AT – Linz @ KAPU
01.05.2019 – DE – Jena @ Kassablanca
02.05.2019 – DE – Köln @ MTC
03.05.2019 – FR – Lille @ La Brulle Café
04.05.2019 – BE – Zottegem @ Maboel/Klsjr
10.05.2019 – DE – Giessen @ Post Valley Festival
11.05.2019 – NL – Utrecht @ Doomstad/EKKO
17.05.2019 – DE – Lohr @ Umsonst Und Drinnen
23.06.2019 – FR – Clisson @ Hellfest

THE DAMNED THINGS – About The Song “Cells”

THE DAMNED THINGS announced their long-awaited return recently with the release of their new single,’Cells’, off their forthcoming album High Crimes due April 26 via Nuclear Blast Records. In the second album trailer released today, guitarist Joe Trohman discusses the band’s new single ‘Cells’ and the idea behind the music video. Check out what he has to say, here

Pre-order High Crimes in both digital and physical formats from this location:nuclearblast.com/thedamnedthings-highcrimes

High Crimes was produced by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STONE SOUR, AMON AMARTH) and is the follow up to 2010’s hugely successful debut album, Ironiclast.

Nine years ago, Scott Ian – guitarist and co-founder of legendary thrash metal outfit, ANTHRAX – took a meeting with Joe Trohman (also a guitarist, and a co-founder, of the band FALL OUT BOY). He andScott hit it off and started making songs together. With the help of drummer Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy) and the irreverent vocals of Keith Buckley (EVERY TIME I DIE), THE DAMNED THINGS were formed. The band has gone through changes since its inception and now features Dan Andriano of ALKALINE TRIO on bass.

Inglorious – “Glory Days”

Inglorious are thrilled to announce the brand new video “Glory Days”, set for release on Tuesday 19th March. You can watch video premiere on Planet Rock

About “Glory Days” frontman Nathan James says: “This song is so special to me and on our recent tour I loved singing it every night. I wrote the lyrics in about 10 minutes and knew it was the most honest I had been as a songwriter. It’s about the end of my last relationship and the fact that sometimes you know someone is right for you and you believe they are your soul mate…but for whatever reason it just cannot be. The guys in the band recorded the song in about 4 takes and it was lovely to see them all in a line, sat down playing acoustics through the studio glass.

The vocal was hard to record and it was just myself, the engineer and our record label A and R rep. On the 3rd and final take I broke down towards the end and was in floods of tears, and despite the shakiness in my voice we felt it had to be kept in. This video was recorded at The Social in London. Where the relationship in question came to and end. It was very hard for me to record the video but I really wanted to do it. “Ride to Nowhere” is out now and this song and album are what I am most proud of so far as a songwriter. I have never let myself be this vulnerable before and I hope you enjoy it.”

“Glory Days” is the band’s third video taken from the critically acclaimed third studio album “Ride to Nowhere”, released earlier this year and peaking at number 57 in the UK national album charts. “Ride To Nowhere” is a much darker, more reflective album than their previous releases, the new songs further hone the Inglorious sound – the pulsating rhythms, driving guitars and infectious vocal melodies.

After welcoming three experienced musicians to the band: Danny Dela Cruz, Dan Stevens and Vinnie Colla, Inglorious brought “Ride To Nowhere” and the new line-up on the road in January and February 2019. The extremely successful UK headline tour, which included iconic London Shepherd’s Bush Empire, confirmed once Inglorious as one of the most exciting and vital British rock acts to emerge in years.

“Ride To Nowhere” is now available through all fine retailers in the UK, specifically including HMV, which was in administration when the album was originally released.

FULL OF HELL – Burning Myrrh

Extreme harsh-grinding quartet FULL OF HELL make their Relapse debut with their most explosive album to date, Weeping Choir, coming May 17th. Dynamic, pissed, and wholly urgent, the highly anticipated Weeping Choir is a definitive statement of intent by one of the underground’s most dynamic and virulent entities.

Watch the official video for Weeping Choir’s opening track “Burning Myrrh”, directed by Cody Stauder HERE.

Weeping Choir is due out May 17th on CD/LP/CS/Digital. Physical packages are available for pre-order via Relapse.com . Digital Downloads / Streaming Services are available .

FULL OF HELL will the headline the Weeping Caustic Torment North American tour with labelmates PRIMITIVE MAN & GENOCIDE PACT starting May 24 at Maryland Deathfest. All confirmed tour dates are available below. Following that tour, FULL OF HELL return to Europe for a co-headlining trek with The Body beginning July 4 at the legendary Roskilde Festival. Full of Hell & The Body will perform a collaborative set list on various dates throughout the tour.

FULL OF HELL Tour Dates:

Weeping Caustic Torment Tour Dates:

May 24 Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest *
May 25 Columbus, OH @ Spacebar
May 26 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
May 27 Kansas City, KS @ Riot Room
May 28 Denver, CO @ Syntax Physic Opera
May 29 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
May 30 Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse
May 31 Oakland, CA @ Metro
Jun 01 Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram
Jun 02 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
Jun 03 Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Jun 04 Albuquerque, NM @ Sister
Jun 05 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th St
Jun 06 Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea
Jun 07 Austin, TX @ Austin Terror Fest
Jun 08 Little Rock, AR @ MOTM Fest
Jun 09 Nashville, TN @ The End
Jun 10 Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary
Jun 11 Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
Jun 12 Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz
Jun 13 Boston, MA @ Middle East
Jun 14 New York, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar

* No Genocide Pact

— European Tour July 4-20, Select Dates w/ The Body —

Jul 04 Roskilde, DK @ Roskilde Festival +
Jul 05 Kassel, DE @ Goldgrube
Jul 06 Leipzig, DE @ Conne Island
Jul 07 Warsaw, PL @ Poglos *
Jul 08 Prague, CZ @ Modra Vopice
Jul 09 Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
Jul 10 Munich, DE @ Backstage
Jul 11 Paris, FR @ Gibus
Jul 12 London, UK @ The Dome +
Jul 13 Dour, BE @ Dour Festival +
Jul 15 Nijmegen, NL @ Valkhof Festival
Jul 16 Berlin, DE @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Jul 18 Helsinki, FI @ Kuudes Linja *
Jul 19 Tampere, FI @ Vastavirta-Klubi *
Jul 20 Lahti, FI @ Torvi *

* Full of Hell Only
+ Collaboration Setlist

Sep 06-08 Sao Paulo, BR @ Setembro Negro FestivalOn Weeping Choir, FULL OF HELL have once again culled the extreme elements from hardcore, metal, and power electronics to redefine darkness and sheer brutality. Distorted guitars, and ominous, disparate electronics grind and gnash against rapid-fire drumming, as FULL OF HELL take themes of religion, loss, hatred, and set them ablaze. Recorded by the critically acclaimed Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio,Weeping Choir sees FULL OF HELL fully unleashed. Abrasive, confrontational, none equal!

FULL OF HELL are featured as the cover artists for Decibel Magazine’s April 2019issue. The band will release a limited Decibel Flexi exclusive track “Thundering Hammers”, remixed by JK Broadrick, in the near future.

Neal Morse – “Get Behind Me Satan” feat. Ted Leonard

‘Jesus Christ The Exorcist’ is a monumental project in the already impressive discography of the
American singer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and progressive rock composer Neal Morse.
A decade in the making, this Prog Rock Musical was written and produced by Morse and features
an all-star cast of vocalists and musicians. The double album set contains two hours of music that
encompasses the entire musical spectrum that Morse is known for. Lyrically, of course, it tells the
Story of Stories.

Discussing the first single from the album, ‘Get Behind Me Satan’, Morse says: ”I don’t know why it
came to me in quite this way, but definitely the influences on this song are Black Sabbath and Deep
Purple primarily. I even asked Rich Mouser when he was mixing the song to listen to ‘Paranoid’
because I thought that vocal effect would be cool on Ted’s [Leonard] voice.”

Asked what fans can expect sound-wise, he explains: “It is completely diverse. There are touching
ballads, rousing ensemble pieces, classical elements and dramatic Broadway musical type songs as
well. It is really meant to be listened and experienced all the way through as you would a play or an
opera. I hope that people will experience it in that way because I think that’s where they will really
find the power in it. These songs and pieces of music were all written specifically for this project.
I wrote the first draft in 2008 and 2009, I believe. Then, last year in preparation for a performance at
MorseFest I rewrote the whole musical again. I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome and I am
thrilled that it is coming out on Frontiers this June.”

With a cast of amazing vocalists and musicians such as Ted Leonard, Eric Gillette, Nick D’Virgilio,
Randy George, Bill Hubauer, Matt Smith, Jake Livgren and more, this progressive rock extravaganza
is a landmark event that will leave its mark on every listener. He who has ears to hear…let him hear!

One of the leading figures in the world of Progressive Rock, Neal Morse is a prolific driving force and
his desire to move people via his music burns brighter than ever before. Born in California in 1960, he
played in many bands during his youth, learning and mastering several instruments along the way. In
1995, he wrote and recorded ‘The Light’ with his then new band, Spock’s Beard. It was an album
strongly grounded in the then unfashionable Prog genre, but the record and especially its title track
became modern classics, bringing global recognition to Morse and the band. Over the next seven
years they released six critically acclaimed studio recordings and multiple live recordings, establishing
a passionate fan base in the Prog community.

In 2001, Morse shocked his followers with the news that he was stepping away from secular music with
no indication of where he was heading. Boldly declaring his Christian faith, risking fan rejection and
financial failure, he was effectively starting all over again. However, as the live DVD that promoted his
first solo album (’Testimony’) triumphantly documented, his next tour was full of magical moments and
was a deeply life affirming experience. Morse returned to the studio with drummer Mike Portnoy and
bassist Randy George to record 2004’s ‘One’, a vast rewarding conceptual album that reached new
heights. The trio were joined by Bill Hubauer (keys) and Eric Gillette (guitar) as permanent members of
the Neal Morse Band in 2015 for ‘The Grand Experiment’ album, a collective effort that has since
yielded ‘Similitude Of A Dream’ and the recently released ‘The Great Adventure’.

Jesus Christ The Exorcist’ had its live world premiere in 2018 and was performed by an all-star cast
featuring Neal Morse (keys, guitar), Paul Bielatowicz (lead guitar), Bill Hubauer (keys), Randy George
(bass) and Eric Gillette (drums). Featured vocalists included Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard, Enchant),
Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train, Spock’s Beard), Jake Livgren (Protokaw), Matt Smith (Theocracy) and
Wil Morse. John Schlitt (Petra) and Rick Florian (White Heart) were also added to the performance.

Frontiers looks forward to partnering with Neal on his continuing musical explorations and extending
his Progressive Rock legacy via this latest creative vision.

Alpha Wolf – Sub-Zero

Los Angeles, CA – Fault in and of itself is a blameless word; it’s the weight we decide to put into the direction it’s thrown that defines who we are. Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf have spent the past few years growing, learning, understanding, and accepting, and through that growth has come realisation, as guitarist Sabian Lynch explains. “Fault is our way of opening up, and doing our best to show that it’s okay to mess up, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay make mistakes, as long as we can find ways to grow from it. We always want to be honest with our songwriting and these songs showcase a realisation within ourselves, thus creating the best music we’ve ever been a part of.”

Today the five piece look to raise the bar they have set for themselves again with their new single “Sub-Zero,” the announcement of the forthcoming EP Fault, and their inking a deal with Sharptone Records will help show the band to the world. Alpha Wolf’s Fault EP will be available on CD, Vinyl, & Digital on April 19th

The band is proud to announce Sharptone Records is welcoming the Alpha Dogs into their esteemed roster which includes such artists as Emmure, Crystal Lake, and Australia’s own Polaris. “We can’t wait to work alongside the team at Sharptone, helping to take Alpha Wolf to the world stage.” Guitarist Scott Simpsonelates with a sense of humbling disbelief. “Being on the same roster as some of the bands that got us into heavy music in the beginning is extremely humbling and something we have worked towards since the inception of the band. We’ve shown Australia what we can do and it’s time we showed the rest of the world”

Next month will see Alpha Wolf head to Europe for the first time to play alongside new label mates Emmureas well as Fit For A King, Obey The Brave, and Rise Of The Northstar, but this is just a taste of what is to come. When asked what Europeans can expect from the upcoming run of shows, Simpson is as straightforward as possible. “We’re going to focus on what we’ve always done well, playing live and putting out crushingly heavy music. We have formed a team of great people around the world that believe in our vision and want to see us succeed. We have a lot to prove and even more to give, it’s going to be a busy year for all things Alpha Wolf.”

Alpha Wolf Tour Dates:
04/05 Paris, France @ Gibus (no Rise Of The Northstar)
04/06 Leeds, UK @ Key Club
04/07 Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
04/08 Nottingham, UK @ Rescue Rooms
04/09 Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
04/10 London, UK @ O2 Islington Academy
04/11 Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
04/12 Zurich, Switzerland @ Impericon Festival
04/13 Oberhausen, Germany @ Impericon Festival
04/14 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Richter Gladsaxe
04/16 Warsaw, Poland @ Proxima
04/17 Munchen, Germany @ Backstage
04/18 Prague, Czech Republic @ Futurum
04/19 Vienna, Austria @ Impericon Festival
04/20 Leipzig, Germany @ Impericon Festival
04/21 Hannover, Germany @ Faust
04/23 Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle
04/24 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Tivoli
04/25 Stuttgart, Germany @ Wizemann
04/26 Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezerock (no Rise Of The Northstar)\

Destrage – “Horsepower” / new album title?

After 1 week of letting fans vote on their new album name, Italy’s Destrage has announced the true title of their fifth full-length: The Chosen One – which will be released May 24th via Metal Blade Records. The trailers for the fake album names can be viewed below:

For a preview of the album, a video for the title track can be seen now at: metalblade.com/Destrage – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
–light yellow vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–pink / blue marbled vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–multi-color splatter vinyl / includes CD (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–light pink marbled vinyl / includes CD (US exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–violet marbled vinyl / includes CD (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)

As with all of their previous efforts, Destrage make it impossible to pigeonhole their sound, with numerous labels applicable to the record but no single one able to tell the whole story. Moreover, from start to finish, The Chosen One seethes with an energy that is undeniable. “I strongly believe in the power of the people, and energy came from those who worked on this album, from the band, the producers, through to the mixing and mastering engineer. There was a lot of energy in the whole project, and that’s the most important thing to me,” vocalist Paolo Colavolpe enthuses.

The record also sees the band once more experimenting, taking risks and exploring territory they have not previously entered into, demonstrating a fearlessness when it came to chasing ideas – and almost half the songs are in a completely different guitar tuning. A pair of unique tracks also bookend the record, the title track and “The Gifted One”, their relationship obvious as they came together in the writing stage.

Explains guitarist Matteo Di Gioia: “The song ‘The Chosen One’ is brief, has no repetitions and an unresolved structure. The unexplored, unrepeated sections of that unwrap with more patience on ‘The Gifted One’, which also has an uncommon structure, but in the opposite sense. Here we have a long, pacing, reflexive closing song that shares many elements with the opener but feels completely different.”

Further adding to the heady mix is the incorporation of extra instrumentation, among these a baritone saxophone and something the band nicknamed MEGATRON, which is essentially “a badass synthesizer playing guitar riffs together with the human guitarists. Like the saxophone, it’s set to disappear and fuse with the guitars to achieve a slightly unreal sound, and we knew we didn’t want these extra sounds to emerge and be obvious. Instead, we really looked for the listener to experience the ‘What the fuck is that sound?’ effect.”

A smattering of guest musicians also contributed to the album, with “master of evil” Luca Mai of ZU providing a wild saxophone solo on “Mr Bugman” and dubbing the main riff of “At The Cost Of Pleasure”. Jazz musician Fabio Visocchi added keyboards to “At The Cost Of Pleasure” and “The Gifted One”, while Fabrizio “Izio” Pagni produced the electronics and handled the programming. Produced by Matteo “ciube” tabacco and Destrage at Raptor studios, plus mixed and mastered by Josh Wilbur, the recording process proved to be both rewarding and thrilling for the band, who were unable to physically be in LA with Wilbur, but were involved every step of the way.

Admitting to being a little intimidated at the thought of working with such a “hot producer” initially, the collaboration was nothing but fruitful: the first mix great, the second better, but they persisted, with the eighth run making it onto the record to everyone’s satisfaction. “We were talking every day on the phone, sending messages back and forth and Josh said to us, ‘Hey! I don’t have a deadline. We mix this until it’s fucking great. My goal is having everybody jumping up and down to this record!’ And he kept his word.”

ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN – Recording and Mixing “Harbinger”

Canadian metal upstarts ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN, will release their new full-length album and Nuclear Blast debut on March 29th. Harbinger was produced and mixed by Jason Suecof (Devildriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, All That Remains, Trivium) and mastered by Alan Douches (Darkest Hour, Every Time I Die, Suicide Silence). Today, the band discusses what the writing and recording process was like for Harbinger.

Bassist Kevin Student commented: “Working with Jason was awesome because he like us wanted to make the best album possible. We both became really invested in capturing the style that I wanted to portray and have it be angry and aggressive just bring something unique to the table.”

“‘Witness’ is about trying to survive when everything around you is falling apart,” commented vocalist Jamison Friesen. “It’s told through a fictional post apocalyptic setting, inspired by the Mad Max films. The protagonist finds he’s a hero in times where there doesn’t seem to be a point in trying.”

Pre-order Harbinger today both physically and digitally from www.nuclearblast.com/aoa-harbinger

ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN started as a band with a mission to play music without compromise and carve their way through the music scene on their own terms. Coming from a small city in Northern Canada, this was a necessary strategy, since the band didn’t come up in a big city scene with regular promoters, venues and attendees.

After touring in support of two self-released albums, Endless Nights and Shadows, the band began plotting their next release. On a whim they decided to send some of the new demos to one of their heroes, Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios, to see if he would be interested in recording them. To the band’s absolute surprise, Jason liked what he heard, and found time between some of the heavy-hitters that he had been working on to record their material. This was an opportunity the band couldn’t pass up, and immediately started planning the trip of flying over 3,000 miles, from one end of the continent of North America to the other, to record the best songs the band had ever written.

Fast forward to after two successful recording sessions produced by Jason Suecof and mastered by Mark Lewis, the band was able to attract the attention of A&R legend Monte Conner. Conner was impressed with what he heard and quickly struck a deal with the band. With such a rapid ascent thus far, there’s no telling what great things lurk inARRIVAL OF AUTUMN’s not too distant future.