DEATH OF A NATION – Don’t Speak For Me

Death of a Nation is a reaction to the world we live in. It is musical journalism. It’s a collection of individuals for whom punk music and ethics has served as the guiding light for their actions and moral compass. It is the cumulative sum of their anger as well as their compassion. As musicians, sound is their canvas, songs their voice. Angst meeting melancholy, rage meeting reflection. Founded by members of Defeater and Verse, Death of a Nation will speak in the way they know how, condemning senseless hate, and promoting compassionate acceptance.  Continue reading

Godsticks – Faced with Rage

Fresh from their European tour with The Pineapple Thief at the start of 2017, Godsticks entered the studio to finish work on their new studio album –  Faced With Rage. The Cardiff based 4 piece, having already been hailed by the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine as “one of the UK’s most idiosyncratic rock bands”, with their new album have delivered on their promise to be just as heavy as their self-released 2015 album Emergence but this time with a darker feel and more industrial sound.  Continue reading

Steve Hill – Dangerous

Steve Hill, the one-man band blues rock machine, will release his new album “Solo Recordings: Volume 3” on No Label Records in the UK on Friday 6th October 2017.  To support the release, Steve will support Wishbone Ash on their 27-date October UK tour.  Continue reading

Lewis and the Strange Magics – You’ll Be Free Forever

Spanish Heavy-Psych-Rockers LEWIS & THE STRANGE MAGICS are back with their second full-length! “Evade Your Soul” will be released on 20th October 2017 via Soulseller Records on CD, vinyl and in digital formats. With this new album the band offers a heavier and more psychedelic sound, highlighting melodic songs with fuzzy riffs, crazy keys, spiritual lyrics and a lot of groove. A video for the song “You’ll Be Free Forever” is available at this location.

Puppet Kings – Otherside

Hard-hitting, groove-filled three-piece Puppet Kings matriculate from the
vibrant cornucopia of Brighton’s ever-expanding music scene. The rock ‘n’
roll newcomers hurl out gigantic rock, soaked with adrenaline fuelled
riffery and huge choruses. The band unveil their new EP, Very Cool & Groovy,
through all platforms on Friday 1st September. However, before then, the
rock crew have just dropped the video for Other Side. Continue reading

AMERICAN ”Violate And Control”

”Violate And Control”
(Sentient Ruin)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not the greatest fan of powerviolence. To be honest I have no idea what it really is and if I’ve ever heard anything from that genre. But I do know that I like a bit of noise mixed in with my metal. You might think what you like about this band’s moniker but it is the music that I am here to judge, not the name. Listen to this is for me like listening to modern day Mayhem. I hear what they are playing but I do not always understand it. I can honestly say that I am lost in the purpose of this. perhaps I need to be I a right kind of mind frame to fully enjoy this. A track like “Amarous and Subdued” I can enjoy but then there are parts of this album that just passes me by unnoticed. My overall impression is that I like it but it needs to grow on me for me to fully understand it. Anders Ekdahl

ATREXIAL ”Souverain”

(Godz ov War Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I usually don’t mix politics with music but given the shitty world we live in with all the motherfucking terrorists threatening our way of life and given the recent tragic events in the world (Charlottesville, Paris, London, Berlin etc.) I am glad that there is music for me to ventilate my anger at the fucked up individuals that inhabits out beautiful planet. And Barcelona’s ATREXIAL are a fine example of a ventilator. Perhaps not the most brutal death metal you’ll ever hear but a fine slab of death it is nevertheless. There is a blackish cloak hanging over the music that makes me think latter day Behemoth and Marduk. And like these acts still are brutal as fuck today ATREXIAL is one heavy piece of blackened death metal. In a way they remind me of a heavier Deicide. Or Morbid Angel. Still a cool album though. Anders Ekdahl

BRANCH ARTERIAL ”Beyond The Border”

”Beyond The Border”

Battle Helm Rating

I’ve never been to Australia. All I know about the country is from what I have seen on the telly. And as much as I despise Neighbours as much do I like my metal from Australia. Over the last 30 years I have had some amazing musical experiences from down under. Starting with Mortal Sin and still spilling over into 2017 and beyond. BRANCH ARTERIAL might not be my latest fave Aussie band but there is potential in this their debut album. When I listen to this I hear stuff like Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Linkin Park and System of a Down. A very Americanized sound in other words. And as I am not the greatest fan of this kind of metal I struggle with getting to grips with this. It is not bad but it is not really blowing my mind off either. Give me some time with it and I might feel more comfortable with it but it will never be my top five fave style of metal. Anders Ekdahl