In Search Of Solace – Survive

Minnesota metal band IN SEARCH OF SOLACE has released a brand-new single called ‘Survive’ today. The track is featured on the band’s upcoming album, ‘Enslaved To Tragedy’, that’s due out fromSharpTone Records on August 30th. Pre-order the record now at

Commenting on the single, vocalist Jonny LaDuke says, “We are proud to present ‘Survive’ our third and final single off of our album ‘Enslaved To Tragedy’ set to release August 30th. This song illustrates the journey of the reclusive mind dealing with the irrational thoughts of being an outcast of society, as well as the struggle of battling through one’s false perceptions to survive in a world of chaotic misfortunes.”

After forming in 2014, IN SEARCH OF SOLACE released a series of records, including the independent ‘Consciousness’ EP [2014], ‘From Me / / From Within’ [2015] and ‘Regression|Progression’ [2017]. International touring followed with opening slots for OF VIRTUE and more as well as packed support gigs at hometown haunts, including the legendary First Avenue. Returning from the road, the musicians dove into writing and recording what would become ‘Enslaved to Tragedy’.

For the first time, the four-piece enlisted the talents of a producer, recruiting Ryan Leitru [FOR TODAY,NOTHING LEFT] behind the board. Over the course of two weeks for nearly ten hours a day, they recorded the album. The producer elevated their approach as the guys “had never received that level of input from an outside ear before.”

The result of the laborious process is nothing short of stunning. Throughout the 9 songs on ‘Enslaved to Tragedy’, IN SEARCH OF SOLACE breath fresh life into the metal scene with dynamic and skilful music that’s both aggressive in sound and lyrically consequential. The band holds nothing back as the songs rip, shred and tear through the walls of conventional metallic hardcore with a sonic assault that will leave scene fans’ mouths agape.

ANNISOKAY – Good Stories

Today metalcore powerhouse ANNISOKAY released their brand-new music video for ‘Good Stories’ off their newest album “Arms”! The band teamed up with Pavel Trebukhin (TRE FILM) who already shot some of the most beautiful, touching and aesthetic videos within the scene for bands like IMMINENCE, ALAZKA, NOVELISTS, THE OKLAHOMA KID or STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

ANNISOKAY states: “Which song is your favorite song from our album “Arms”? The most given answer, when we asked this question to our fans, was ‘Good Stories’! As this song also means a lot to us too and as it is one of our favorites to play live, we decided to give this song a really sick video.

‘Good Stories’ is about lies and untrue stories. It’s about the moment where you start believing something, that you made up in your own mind, as long as you just keep living it. We play roles in our lives all the time, but sometimes it’s a role you don’t want to be pushed in. In the video of good stories, we tried to visualize this by setting up a film set, and Dave and me (Christoph) becoming actors. So the music video is actually a film within a film. The whole shooting escalates into a dramatic ending, where even the main actor doesn’t know what’s real or fiction.”

ANNISOKAY have laid their musical foundation with a driving rhythmic and melodic backbone that brings to life both soulful singing and aggressive shouting. They’ve toured several times throughout Europe and the UK and even Eastern Europe. The band has played several headlining-shows in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and already established a massive following and an ever-growing fan base. Highlights include sold-out support-shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Heart of Jordan – Deaf Ears

Extreme metal band HEART OF JORDAN have just released a video for their song “Deaf Ears” via Metal Injection. The song is taken from their critically acclaimed self-titled album which was released last year.

The band commented “The song personifies addiction as “the creature” that “lives inside of your mind”, and how that creature can persuade an addict to stay addicted and isolate themselves from those who want to help.

The video was shot at a prominent local venue in our hometown of Lansing MI, The Loft. Proprietor, Jerome White, has been a long time supporter of the local scene and treats the bands very well.

The shots in red were filmed in the Loft cargo elevator. They were inspired by the M. Night Shyamalan film, Devil.

Order the band’s album here:

SILVERTHORNE – ‘Tear The Sky Wide Open’

Featuring the soaring powerhouse vocals of Englishman Pete Shoulder and drummer Brian Tichy, who has played with everyone from Whitesnake, Ozzy, Slash, Billy Idol, Foreigner and many more legendary artists, along with bassist Daniel Spree, Silverthorne have delivered a monstrous debut single in the shape of Tear The Sky Wide Open.

Stream/buy the track here:

With its ominous riff, huge chorus, driving bass, weighty drums and a groove that evokes the vast expanse of the Southern California canyons from where the band was born, Tear The Sky Wide Open has already got fans salivating. The teaser video for the track received over 20,000 views in its first 24 hours of release across the bands social media platforms. That figure doubled the second day. An amazing result for a brand new act!

With influences ranging from deep blues to hard rock, and acoustic folk to metal, when asked to describe their sound, Silverthorne replied, “With our studio located in the sprawling canyons on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the canyons and surroundings have an effect on the music we make.That atmosphere gives us space and solitude to focus on creating music with openness and freedom. No rules, no distractions, no limits!” Silverthorne also says of its sound; “You may hear elements that are not unlike being at a Led Zeppelin concert with Cream and Free opening, while Soundgarden and QOTSA hang at the bar.”

Tear The Sky Wide Open is just a taste of the soulful and earthy rock songs to be found on Silverthorne’s forthcoming debut EP. Music that tips its hat to the classic rock bands of yesteryear as well as looking firmly to the future.