Screamer – Out Of The Dark

Metal Underground has just premiered Screamers brand new video ‘Out of the Dark’ taken from the band fourth album ‘Highway of Heroes’. The video is produced by Max Ljungberg. Expect Fire, Heavy Metal and a 80´s feeling.

Screamer started their European tour on the 1st of November in Hamburg.  See them here:

New viode05.11.19 DE – Leipzig, Mørtelwerk
06.11.19 CZ – Prague, Club007
07.11.19 AT – Wien, Escape
08.11.19 AT – Linz, Kapu
09.11.19 AT – Dornbirn, Schlachthaus
10.11.19 DE – Göppingen, Zille
11.11.19 BE – Bree, Ragnarock
12.11.19 DE – Saarbrücken, Studio 30
14.11.19 DE – Münster, Rare Guitar
15.11.19 DE – Mannheim, MS Connection
16.11.19 DE – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt

23.11.19 SE – Gislaved, Crash Course Club
29.11.19 SE – Göteborg, The Abyss
30.11.19 SE – Örebro, Watt
more live dates to be announced….

Screamer never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that work equally well in the war pit in front of the stage as when blasting through your stereo. In Screamer’s music, you can hear the classic foundations laid down by the hard-rocking heroes of old. With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of ‘Maiden or ‘Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, Screamer has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time.

Highway of Heroes is the fourth studio album from the Swedish heavy metal band. Produced by Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet. Recorded by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studio. Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio. Mastered by Patrik W. Engel in Temple Of Disharmony. The album holds nine tracks plus a CD/Vinyl exclusive intro. Screamer is set to tour Europe in November following the release of the Highway of Heroes album.

The Inspector Cluzo Unplugged – GLOBALISATION BLUES

Gascon duo, The Inspector Cluzo, follow a whirlwind 2019 with details of their first headline UK tour for 2020. The pair will play headline shows to follow the release of new album, ‘Brothers In Ideals’, an acoustically based re-imagining of their 2018 breakthrough album release, ‘We, The People Of The Soil’.

‘Brothers In Ideals’ was inspired by a 2016 acoustic session for ARTE-DEEZER in the house of Artur Rimbaud; a session that proved so popular that the band were continually asked by fans whether a different set up to their traditional, and hard rocking, drums and guitar attack, could be recorded. Initially thought of by Cluzo as an experiment, the results of four days, with long term producer Vance Powell in his Nashville studios and friends on strings and keys, were so impressive that, as singer Laurent explains:

“We were not planning to release it …but it is our own label and we do what we want. We never have a career plan..we just follow our artistic desire”.

In keeping with their reputation as one the most prolific touring bands in the world (The Inspector Cluzo have played over 1000 shows in 65 countries to date), the band completed sold out USA support tours with Clutch and Eels in 2019 alongside a host of festival appearances across the globe (including Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil) and a maiden US headline tour.

The 2020 UK tour will see Cluzo in their traditional guise, Laurent on vocals and guitar, Matthieu on drums and follows a hugely successful UK jaunt as main support to Clutch in December of 2018 and a packed out crowd for their Download festival set in June 2019.

To get an early taster of ‘Brothers In Ideals’ go to see and hear ‘Globalisation Blues’, filmed at Sputnik Sound, Nashville during the sessions for ‘Brothers In Ideals’

To catch The Inspector Cluzo live in the UK, check out the dates below. The UK tour follows a French  headline tour in early 2020.

February 2020
Wednesday 19th                GLASGOW King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
Thursday 20th                       BRISTOL The Exchange
Friday 21st                              BIRMINGHAM Actress & Bishop
Saturday 22nd                      MANCHESTER Soup Kitchen
Tuesday 25th                         LONDON Camden Assembly

Tickets are onsale now at

Small Town Saviours – Cry

Hi-octane rock ‘n’ rollers  SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS continue their upward
trajectory with the release of their intoxicating brand new single, Cry –
out now through all platforms.

Formed earlier this year, with most members rising from the ashes of The
Black Bullets, SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS express an infectious blend of contagious
Rock ‘n’ Roll and melodic punk. Taking influence from the likes of The
Ramones, Guns N Roses, Kiss, Green Day, and The Wildhearts, the lively
quartet are destined to spark vibrancy into the current UK scene.

Since their inception, SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS have quickly established a
powerful live set and the foursome are now poised to unleash their
engrossing sound to the nation. With an influx of live shows on the way and
with the release of the band’s new single, Cry, which showcases the
foursome’s deft songwriting ability, the rest of the year and 2020 are going
to be a hell of a ride for the SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS.


(Loud Rage Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Apart from being an Entombed album title there used to be Swedish band by the name of LEFT HAND PATH. This is not them. This is a Romanian band. a progressive extreme metal band from Cluj-Napoca. . A place that I have not heard of before in metal terms. I have no idea what the scene is like there. As I wasn’t familiar with this band before I had nop idea what to expect musically. And the metal I heard did to some extent intrigue me. There is a modern metal feel to this that I kinda like. Not being too familiar with the whole modern metal scene I can only go on my gut feeling and it is telling me that this is decent enough for me to like it. Anders Ekdahl

MERCY’S DIRGE “Live, Raw and Relentless”

“Live, Raw and Relentless”
(Loud Rage Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta hand it to the band. They have found a really cool name. I know that I have said it a thousand times, and I will say it another thousand times, that you should not judge a band by its band name but when that is almost all you got to go with a band name becomes so much more important. This is supposedly the very first Romanian black metal band. not being too in the know of the Romanian metal scene I have no prior knowledge about this band. Listening to this rerelease I get vibes from old school stuff like early Bathory mixed with Norwegian 90s black metal. And being the total nerd for this kinda stuff that I am I thoroughly enjoy what I hear. Too bad that I missed out on it the first time around but glad that it came my way now. Anders Ekdahl


(Loud Rage Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This is ORDINUL NEGRU’s fourth album originally released back in 2008 that gets a rerelease now. I have managed to miss out on all the one-man band’s releases so this is a great opportunity for me to get to know the music. To my ears this sounds not too bad. It has that melancholic atmospheric black metal sound that I like. At first I was about to dismiss this as bad but the more I listened the more I liked it. This is really, really cool. I will continue to explore the other releases from this project. Anders Ekdahl

ORDINUL NEGRU “Nostalgia of the Fullmoon”

“Nostalgia of the Fullmoon”
(Loud Rage Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I haven’t heard the original release back in 2011. This is the sixth release from what was a one man band back then. Atmospheric black metal I am promised. I am looking forward to hear this one. This album offers more of the cool atmospheric black metal I heard on the 4th release. This one is a bit more aggressive but somehow I like what I hear. This is yet another cool record from this one-man band. it makes me regret never having heard it in the first place. Anders Ekdahl

TABLEAU MORT ”Veil Of Stigma: Book I mark Of Delusion”

”Veil Of Stigma: Book I mark Of Delusion”
(Loud Rage Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Influenced by Romanian orthodox Christianity this album by London based troupe TABLEAU MORT travels on a path of black metal that is not straight from A to B. I am really looking forward to the journey this one will take me on. I honestly don’t know if I should place this in the atmospheric or symphonic folder. Perhaps I should place it with one foot in each. No matter where it belongs it is one piece of grand black metal. It is epic and it at times feels bigger than life. This is the stuff that I can listen to with headphones on and just wander away on a mind’s journey. Anders Ekdahl


(Metal Scrap Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I really liked the first PEDOPHILE PRIEST album. so when this new one appeared I was thrilled to hear what they have accomplished this time around. This Polish entity play death metal but not in the usual Polish fashion like Hate or Decapitated. This is in a way kinda like what Behemoth are trying to do presently. When I listen to this is get a “Blessed Are The Sick” vibe to it. It is heavy in the same way that that Morbid Angel album was heavy. This is good stuff if you like your death metal on the heavier side. Another good album from this band. Anders Ekdahl

EDELLOM “Sirens”

(Another Side Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Apparently there is a vibrant metal scene in Israel. Not that I know too much of it as it seems to be rather hidden gem. But as I am a very curious George I dig deeper and deeper into the well that is metal to find new gems. And this one is a gem. Gothic death/doom that transports me back to the glorious days of Theatre Of Tragedy and their masterpiece “Velvet Darkness They Fear”. Nothing can beat that album but this one sure does try, and it succeeds at least in getting my attention. A really cool album. Anders Ekdahl