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Back in the 80s it was exotic with a band from the Soviet Union that sang in their native tongue. Still to this day it is as exotic to me to receive a record by a band that sings in a language that I have no knowledge of. Strangely enough that makes it a bit more exciting to dissect this record even though it musically won’t be that different from bans that sing in languages that I do understand. HESPERION play a progressive kind of power metal. What confuses me is that it sounds like it is a woman singing but I can’t seem to indentify her in the line-up. But that is the only confusing I have about this album. If you want a metal album that has a sound along the lines of
Progressive meets power then this is a good choice. Anders Ekdahl


“Prey For Us”
(Ultimate Massacre)

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I am sorry but I am not that old yet that I need incontinence diapers, even though I had to use them once after an operation, but that is another story. I don’t think this is close to being the greatest band name ever but you sure do take notice of it. But since they are signed to Ultimate Massacre I have really high hopes that this is going to be something that makes my toes curl. This reminds me of Morbid Angel. Not what I expected but a very nice surprise. I am a huge Morbid Angel fan. If you think that “Blessed Are The Sick” is one monster of a record then this will be for you too. This is heavier than a ton of bricks. It slithers like a snake on the hunt. Some massive stuff that really makes my toes curl. Anders Ekdahl

JD MILLER “World War X”

“World War X”

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I probably should know who JD MILLER are but I am sorry to say so. I have no bloody idea who they are and what they have done before. But that makes me even more curious. I don’t want to be the one that stands there not knowing who they are. And if the music is good then that is an added bonus for me. When I listen to this I get a feeling of old classic Swedish hardrock/metal the way Treat and Europe and to some extent 220 Volt did back in the days. Although with a modern edge. And since I am a huge fan of that old school Swedish hardrock/metal this sits very well with me. And even though I for a very long time thought JD MILLER was an American singer I should know this turned out to be a very pleasant acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl



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Back in August 2016 I published an interview with Swedish band PRIME CREATION. Now almost 9 months later I get to review their debut album. I gotta say that I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Hopefully my pent up expectations won’t be let down by some weak assed music. I liked the Swedish band Morifade. I have some of their records in my collection. But to say that I remember them that well to say that PRIME CREATION is Morifade with a new vocalist is to stretch the truth too far. But this is metal in that Swedish power genre we all know so very well. With strong melodies and a drive hard enough to hit nails PRIME CREATION delivers their metal with true conviction. You won’t be disappointed. Anders Ekdahl



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I know that this album has been out a while now but I haven’t gotten round to listen to it until now. THEATRES DES VAMPIRES is one of these bands that have come a long way since that very first album. They might have started out as one thing but now they are one of the best revered gothic metal bands in Europe. A very theatrical band to who image is just as important as the music. We need those kinds of bands in an ever so conformist music scene. Bands that stand out and aren’t afraid to do so. Why I haven’t paid attention to this album before I have no idea because this is the kind of gothic metal that I like so very much. This is the kind of stuff that gets my heart pumping and even adding a beat or two. To say that this is a Sisters Of Mercy gone metal is only partial the truth. But it is there that you find the vibe. The desolate, dark and almost bloodless feeling of despair. But in all that darkness there is a thin line of hope. This is an album way too good to miss out on. Anders Ekdahl

Between the Buried and Me – “Turn on the Darkness”

This Friday (April 28th), BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will release their new DVD/Blu-ray, ‘Coma Ecliptic: Live’, via Metal Blade Records, in association with Good Fight Entertainment. The concert, which features the band performing their latest album, ‘Coma Ecliptic’, in its entirety, was filmed live on location October 4th, 2016 at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA. For a preview of the release, a live video of ‘Turn on the Darkness’ can now be viewed here. Continue reading

Cirith Ungol – “King of the Dead (Live)”

In conjunction with CIRITH UNGOL’s first ever live show on European soil at Keep It True festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, Metal Blade will release the Ultimate edition of UNGOL’s ‘King Of The Dead’ album on the weekend of the fest on April, 28th! You can now check out a live version of the title track here. This version has been recorded live during the band’s comeback show at the Frost & Fire Fest last October in Ventura, CA! Continue reading


It’s their jubilee year! 35 years of TANKARD! And, of course, a suitable soundtrack can’t be neglected for the occasion. The band’s 17th studio album, One Foot In The Grave will be released on June 2nd, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have revealed the third trailer in which they discuss the songwriting process and the lyrics of the new album. Continue reading


Sweden’s doom darlings AVATARIUM will deliver their third studio album Hurricanes And Halos on May 26th. Today, the band reveals another trailer in which you can take a look behind the recordings at Gröndahl Studios, whilst singer Jennie-Ann Smith and guitarist Marcus Jidell discuss the new approach to this more diverse, progressive sounding record – from heavy doom riffs to soft melodies like in ‘Road To Jerusalem’. Continue reading