AXECUTER “An Night Of Axecution”

”A Night Of Axecution”
(Mindscrape Music)

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Back in 2013 (boy, has it been that long?) I interviewed AXECUTER and reviewed their debut album “Metal Is Invincible”. Before that I reviewed their demo “Bangers Prevail” from 2011. So I and AXECUTER go back some years now. I cannot say I have been the greatest friend to the band because I have missed out on the releases since the debut album. But now I get the chance to hear this live album. I usually don’t like live albums, but this does not sound like your typical live album. it is more like an album recorded live. If you are not familiar with this Brazilian band you should know that this is a true heavy metal band in that good old speed metal school of things. If you like bands like Exciter you should love this. I know I do. This might not be the most original but it is one of the most true metal acts around today. This is the devil sign all the way from start to finish. Anders Ekdahl



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What do you get “by blending classic thrash and death with newer waves of metal and industrial”. You apparently get South African CHAOS DOCTRINE. Hailing from Johannesburg this band bring forth a mix that should suit all those of us into Sepultura/ Ministry/ Dimmu Borgir/ Behemoth and Slayer. As I like all those bands this should be right up my alley. After an intro it all burst into life. I can hear the Slayer in this. To be honest I expected this to explode after the intro and not start like something off the “Season In The Abyss” album. But once my initial disappointment settled and I gotten into the groove I realize that this is brutal in all its own. I also hear the industrial tones in this album. I might be strange this way, but I would have liked for more of everything, for the band to have taken it even a step more extreme. But that is me. This is still brutal stuff. If you like your thrash industrialized and Slayer-ified you should check this one out as it is a hell of an album. Anders Ekdahl

DEMISE “De la Manipulación a la Ignorancia”

” De la Manipulación a la Ignorancia”
(Brutal Records)

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I didn’t know that there were that many DEMISE in the world. It took me a while to find the right one when I was looking for the cover to this one. This Venezuelan band play a brand of death metal that is brutal and extreme. This is in other words extreme death metal. The kind that the US bands has made a brand of. I for one love this kind of death metal. who can resist bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Immolation, Monstrosity and you name them? The more extreme the better. There are no greater surprises on this one. No clean vocals or melodic parts. Just pure fucking brutal death metal. And that is the way it should be done. No fucking experimenting. Keep it clean and simple. And most of all keep up the good work. Because this is pure fucking brilliant stuff. Anders Ekdahl

GYRE “Shared Visions”

”Shared Visions”

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This is one album I just downloaded for review by chance. I seemed like it could be a cool album. And I gotta say that even though it might not be the stuff I listen to on a daily basis this New Jersey trio has made an album that I fully enjoy, and could very well listen to on a daily basis. I don’t know how to describe this in a proper manner. So I will call it eclectic metal. I get the feeling that there are influences from a wide specter of styles. Think a System of a Down mixed with some progressive thrash mixed with melodic hardrock mixed with modern metal mixed with you name it and you are not even close to understanding this band’s visions, even though it is “Shared Visions”. But in all this chaos out comes an album that is good. And that I like a lot. Anders Ekdahl

LURK “Fringe”

(Transcending Obscurity Records)

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From what I can gather this is a rerelease of an 2016 album by Finnish atmospheric black death sludge doom metal lords LURK. I am fascinated by how many band there are in Finland and how few I know of. And how many different styles they all play. LURK are heavy in that dragging the cross up Golgatha way. This moves in tiny, yet heavy steps. Don’t go expecting to be happy from listening to this. This is pure misery and angst all the way to the top. But it is done so bloody well that I cannot but sit here and grin like a fool. This has a groove that is irresistible. Once you start listening you cannot stop. Anders Ekdahl