CHILDRENN ”International Exit”

”International Exit”
(Mighty Music)

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I am not gonna say that I have always been a great fan of Danish music but ever since I got into metal in 1982 I have had some great musical moments with Danish bands. I am not sure that CHILDRENN will be my next great Danish music endeavour. To be honest I have no idea what to expect from this band. There is a voice telling me that this could be anything between heaven and hell. And listening to this album I am divided. There is a part of me that really like what I hear. Then there is a part of me that wonders “what the hell is going on”. If I expected anything it was a melodic hard rock album but this is much more “experimental” than that. Perhaps not my new fave album but it is an interesting one to say the least. Anders Ekdahl


”Castle Of Ice”
(Arkeyn Steel Records)

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I don’t think I ever stumbled upon DESCENDING FATE back in my fanzine reading days. And if I did I do not remember them at all. This CD collects the band’s three demos from 93, 94 and 96. Musically this is heavy/power metal in the early Queensryche school. It is very 90s sounding. But somehow it still works today. There is a quality to this that I like. I might not have been the biggest fan in the 90s if I had come across them then but today I like what I hear. This is a great document of a band that did not make it big. Anders Ekdahl


”Death Supremacy”
(Hammerheart Records)

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Västevik in Småland, Sweden is best known for its Visfestival. But that might change now with another new black metal band following in the footsteps of Blodsrit. This is black metal in the vein of Marduk. The full force kind. I can’t remember the last time I heard an album like this. It is not all about speed. This is a really well structured album. A lot of thought has gone into writing the songs. Or so it seems. That this is a debut album might surprise some because it is very competent. I do miss out on an all out speed black metal album but this is not too bad. I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl


”Evade Your Soul”
(Soulseller Records)

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I am not complaining but I find it funny how labels that started out as basically extreme metal labels now branch out and release album by for example bluesy hardrock acts. Not that it matters to me as I like most of this stuff that that they release. LEWIS AND THE STRANGE MAGICS s a Spanish heavy psyched out rock band. And that they are listening to this album. But it still grooves in a way that makes it hard to resist. If you like acts like Blues Pills you might like this too. There is a vibe to this that is so funky that you will dance on the spot. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

MALLEN “This Dream”

“This Dream”

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I have been aware of the name MALLEN for some time now but I think this is the first time that I actually get to hear any recorded music. I would describe this as modern metal. Modern in that it mixes different genres into one. But if I were to put my finger on what this sounds the most like I would fail miserably. It is nothing I haven’t heard before yet it feels fresh enough to impress me. I would like to say that this reminds me of a harder edged Halestorm or Flyleaf but I am not sure I do MALLEN any favours by doing so. What I do know is that I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl


“Second Sight”
(Dissonance Productions)

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After having heard them on the British Steel compilation it is now time to tackle NEURONSPOILER’s debut album. This is classic heavy metal. To say that it follows in the footsteps of NWOBHM would be to stretch the truth a bit too far. Sure, there are hints at that era but there are also more modern touches to this. And that is what makes this so impressive. They have managed to write and record a heavy metal album that sounds fresh with sound old school or involving a bunch of modern stuff. This is a really strong album. Anders Ekdahl


(Massacre Records)

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This is Aussie band NIGHT LEGION’s debut album. They play a style of power metal that sounds so familiar to my ears yet I cannot find any bands to compare them too. Style wise I would put them along side Halford (the solo stuff) but that is only half the truth. The other half would be early Queensryche. This is melodic but with that edge that drives it forward, Just like Queensryche had on the EP “Queen Of The Ryche” and “The Warning” album. To say that this appeals to me is to say the least. This is my kind of metal. Anders Ekdahl

NIGHT VIPER “Exterminator”

(Listenable Records)

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I have a 7” by this band in my collection. I like that one a lot. So I was really looking forward to hearing this new album, the follow up to 2015’s self titled album. This is pure heavy metal. There is an attitude to this that I like. It is nothing fancy, just gritty heavy metal done the old school way. And even though it is a nod to the past it still sound as vital and contemporary as it possibly could. This is not an album that will instantly provide you with sing along tracks. It takes a bit to get into it completely but once you are in you are hooked. This is a bloody great album. Anders Ekdahl

SUM OF R “Orga”

(Czar Of Revelations)

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This one just dropped in on me but given that track record of the label’s previous releases I took on this with open ears and a mind open to anything. I am simple in my music taste. If it moves me I am happy and satisfied. But there is an adventurous side to me too that like it when it gets a bit experimental. And that is where SUM OF R fits in. This is not your typical metal album that goes from A to B. This is like the Twin Peaks of music. You don’t really know what it is you hear but you cannot stop listening. There is an intriguing side to this that makes me want to hear how it ends. Anders Ekdahl