CARONTE “Ascension”

(Lo-Fi Creatures)
I have in the past complained about instrumental metal. To which I find myself liking bands that aren’t that full of vocals all the time. I really like the instrumental interludes that bands like Dream Theater (prog metal) or Dawn (black metal) have in their music, where the vocals take the backseat and the instrumentalists get to show off. CARONTE might be a completely different beast to the two previous mentioned metal bands but this lot too have those parts in their music where the vocals take a back seat. I’m a huge fan of doom metal and this is some pretty cool stuff. Think Cathedral mixed with Candlemass and you get a pretty good idea where this lot is on the map. Anders Ekdahl


I thought that I had already reviewed this band but when I searched the site I couldn’t find any review. Strange but I guess my brain could play a trick on me thinking that I like this band already. I hope that my brain is right and that this Danish band will be super duper good. I like bands like Suffocation that go for the throat almost all the time. The relentless attack to your jugular. CORPUS MORTALE might seem more restrained but this is death metal the brutal way. Keep the kids at a safe distance or they will be slaughtered by the sheer force this album produce. There is something to the raw for-the-throat death metal that I find almost cathartic. More of this stuff and I’ll be a happy and a complacent dude. Anders Ekdahl

CRIMSON BLUE “Innocence”

By some strange coincidence I get sent review stuff from Russian bands by way of a Israeli pr firm. Not that I complain. Metal is universal and I really don’t care where I get sent stuff from. What really matters is if it is any good. CRIMSON BLUE as a name doesn’t give away too much. This could be plain heavy metal, death metal or any other form for metal. I’m not even sure where they come from. I’m not sure if I’d label this goth metal but there are those kind of vibes to it. Perhaps a tad Norwegian like Tristania or Sins Of Thy Beloved. There is that weird twist to this that you find in those two Norwegian band’s music. This isn’t your straight forward goth. Perhaps a tad Atrox too just for good measure. I found myself liking this quite a bit. I need to know more about the band. Anders Ekdahl

DEATH AGONY “Carcinogenic Memories”

“Carcinogenic Memories”
Another slash of French death metal. What have I done to deserve this honour. The ones I’ve heard lately have all been to my liking so it is with great trepidation that I take on this one too. I love me some really good death metal. That feel of being blown away by the sheer power of the down tuned guitar is like heaven to me. This is so guttural and rotten that I can’t but like it. Death metal that sounds like it’s stuck in the deepest mud puddle is my weakness. This is the kind of stuff that I grew up to. The stuff you had on rehearsal tapes that you had traded for with friends from all over the world. This is what death metal was all about when I got into the heavier end of the stuff in the 90s. This is the stuff that I could listen to until the day I die. Anders Ekdahl

DIABULA RASA “Ars Medioheavy”

“Ars Medioheavy”
I honestly don’t know the difference between folk, pagan or heathen metal. Not that I really matters in the long run. I like all metal that is good. DIABULA RASA is supposedly an Italian folk metal band that is highly anticipated. And this started on a high note. From the fist note I found myself being intrigued by the music. And it continued that way. If this is what folk metal is all about then I’m hooked for life. This is some of the most uplifting stuff that I’ve heard in a long time. I almost feel like stripping off all my clothes and dance naked around an open fire praising mother earth. This is one release that I will treasure for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

HATERIAL “Twisted Verses”

“Twisted Verses”
If my memory doesn’t serve me wrong this is another Finnish act. There seem to be countless of these all over the frozen wasteland that is the Finnish country side. And I don’t mind. I don’t feel threatened by the number of Finnish bands out there. I just feel a sense of pride that the Nordic countries produces so many great acts and that the World’s eyes are turned to our nick of the wood. This is thrash metal on the more aggressive and extreme side. The kind of stuff that is more towards hardcore than pure heavy metal. I love the aggression that pours out of every crack and blister on this album. Throw in some more modern, almost metalcore touches and this album stands out as a great contender to all the trendy stuff that is out there. Anders Ekdahl

INFECTED FLESH “Contatenation Of Severe infections ”

“Contatenation Of Severe infections ”
Spanish death metal is something that I come upon every once in a while and have so since the 90s. I’m no expert on the subject but the stuff that I’ve heard has for most of the part been good. There have been some lesser worthy bands but hey, you find these bands everywhere. INFECTED FLESH seem like an exciting act to me. This is death metal from the book of Cannibal Corpse. This is death metal that have all to than CC for. This is death metal that has turned up the gore-o-meter to twelve. If you are easily offended or have a weak stomach you are well advised to stay clear of this album. If you like your death metal as gory as possible then by all means dive head first into the pus infested album that this is. Anders Ekdahl

IVALYS “Lumen”

At times I feel that some labels are being a bit too one track minded. It is like they find one type of band and just keep going in that direction. I know that Wormholedeath have other kind of acts in their catalogue but they do seem to have an awful lot of female fronted bands. Not that I mind or. I simply love it. I for one am for more women in metal, as in any other walk of life. I also can’t seem to get enough of the kind of metal that IVALYS play; the kind of goth metal that isn’t really just one or the other thing. There is an edge to this that isn’t neatly arranged. I get a feeling of prog metal being crossed with goth metal to make IVALYS stand out enough for them to not drown in the vast sea that is metal. Another one to add the list of good metal albums. Anders Ekdahl

KING BONG “Space Shanties”

“Space Shanties”
I’m sorry but I can’t take this band name seriously; KING BONG!!! Hopefully the music will be of a different kind than the name suggests. I can’t state it enough; I love discovering new bands. That to me is the whole point of being into metal (music). Why stick with the same old tired socks? Instrumental stoner might on paper seem like a win or lose situation. I guess if anything instrumental should work it should be stoner. Without the vocals you can explore the transcendental side of the music even further. I don’t do drugs. I don’t even drink excessive amounts of beer or liquor. I don’t really need that stuff to trip. I can do that just as well with the help of some pretty cool music. And this album helps me take a trip to a different place. Anders Ekdahl


“To The Death”
(GreyHaze Records)
I love Brazilian metal. I love the fact that for most part of the time they don’t give a fuck about trends and other people’s opinions. I love the fact that it feels so far removed from fake and glued on smiles and that it is all about the metal. At least it was in the 80s when I got into it. This is to me a trip back to a time when you didn’t really think too much about whether it was this or that. You just rejoiced in the fact that it was extreme. Call this death, thrash or whatever. The fact remains that this is some pretty cool stuff. I get a 90s death metal feel when I listen to this album. So much that I feel and urge to go look for album from that decade just to get another fix of great extreme metal. Anders Ekdahl