Iron Saviour – “The Landing”

Iron Saviour
“The Landing”
(AFM Records)

Formed back in the mid 90s by Helloween’s Kai Hansen and Blind Guardian’s Thomen Stauch together with multi instrumentalist producer / engineer Piet Sielck, the latter of whom still remains as the only original member, gallantly forging on with the concept of a sentient spaceship (the ‘Iron Saviour’) and it’s Atlantean quest. “The Landing” is the band’s 7th album and besides hoping that the poor vessel is near journey’s end, continues the tradition of fast melodic power metal as showcased by the brilliant ‘Starlight’. In many ways the sound remains true to Helloween or Gamma Ray, although on ‘Moment In Time’ the melodies are so overpoweringly passionate they could’ve been penned by Freedom Call, whilst on ‘Faster Than All’, the band give Riot a serious run for their money in the road racin’ sweepstakes of melodic speed metal! All in all an excellent album exemplifying the German melodic power metal genre at its best.

From The Depth – “Back To Life”

From The Depth
“Back To Life”
(Rising Records)

What an amazing little debut this! Formed only 3 years ago, this top notch Italian power metal have made big strides and I have no doubt will continue to do so given their excellent music. Playing very much along the lines of Children Of Bodom with heavy, catchy guitar and keyboard melodies on songs like ‘Our Music Our Souls’, ‘You Just Have To Fly’, and ‘Nothing To You’ I was immediately hooked in by their passion and performance – despite their name they offer the most uplifting feeling! Elsewhere like on instruments like ‘Lack Of Emotion’ they show the full range of their musical dexterity but frankly I think its just a waste given they could just put more of their bloody good songs in there instead LOL.

THE BECKONING “Demystifying The Oracle”

“Demystifying The Oracle”
There is nothing like being blown away by a new acquaintance on the first encounter. Finding new bands you’ve never heard of is the biggest blast with this job. I came upon Canadian The Beckoning courtesy of Facebook. I saw a message from the band posted on Facebook and I sent them a note and now I’m reviewing their record. Continue reading

CHASMA “Declarations Of The Grand Artificer”

“Declarations Of The Grand Artificer”
Monotony doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Even in the most monotonous beautiful music can be created. The repetitive meanderings of Chasma bring about an aura of misery and pain that in the right environment are as beautiful as the sun rising on a summer morning. I like this kind of black metal that is so basic in its simplicity that you cannot do anything but succumb to it. Continue reading