ABOLISHMENT OF FLESH ”The Inhuman Condition”

”The Inhuman Condition”
((Unholy Anarchy Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I really wish that labels like Unique Leader and Sevared has sent me stuff to review as I am really becoming starved of cool brutal death metal. Thankfully some do come my way like this from Unholy Anarchy Records. I was not familiar with this Amarillo, Texas band before. Not even when they were known as just ABOLISHMENT but had I been I know that I would have loved it. This is not the most brutal death metal I have heard but it is brutal enough to stand out from all the melodeath bands out there. This is blasting its way through my head like there is no tomorrow. And I just love it. Anders Ekdahl

ABYTHIC “Beneath Ancient Portals”

“Beneath Ancient Portals”
(Blood Harvest Records)

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I don’t know why but for some reason I came to think of Mythic and Derketa when this started playing. Perhaps because this is heavy as hell, at least in the first track and those two bands are that too. But it did pick up speed with the second track and then came the thoughts of old school death metal. There used to be a German band called Fleshcrawl that played a sort of Sweden influenced death metal (they still exist apparently). This German band makes me more think of a cross between Autopsy and Death. And mix that I really like. This is some cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

ASPHODELIA “Welcome Apocalypse”

“Welcome Apocalypse”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Another Italian band that play a sort of symphonic gothic metal. And I just melt. I am especially fond of this kind of Italian bands. Well, I like all kinds of Italian metal bands but this kind is especially interesting. This is not as grand as I thought it would be. Instead it is more restraint. More gothic than symphonic. But it is still highly interesting. If you like me have a fabless for this kind of metal you too are going to like it. Because when you listen to it you realize just how good this is. Anders Ekdahl

BLACK ROSE “A Light In The Dark”

“A Light In The Dark”
(Sliptrick Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a Swedish band that has been at it for a while yet I cannot for the sake of my life remember ever having heard them before. Having formed in 1990 and releasing their first album in 1993 they are veterans on the Swedish heavy metal scene. As I listen to this I realize that this is a band that I should be familiar with as the heavy metal they play is the kind that I would have liked even back in 1993. As I sit here and try to figure out what it is they remind me of I find myself nodding my head in approval. This is in a way typical Swedish melodic metal and it is good. Perhaps not as obvious as some other acts but you hear it is there. I would say that there is a slight AOR leaning too in the sound. Good stuff nonetheless. Anders Ekdahl



Battle Helm Rating

An instrumental Italian progressive rock/metal band might not sound like the world’s most exciting thing but I do like the challenge this offers. I have said it before and I will say it again; instrumental music is so much harder to review than vocal music. It is like all of a sudden all references are thrown out the window and I sit here totally naked and vulnerable to the world. All I got to go on is my gut instinct. And my gut instinct says this time that this is maybe a bit too jazzy for my liking. Oh boy, is it progressive? This might be a tad too progressive for me. But I can appreciate the musicianship on this and groove along to most parts of it but, boy do I miss that vocalist this time. Anders Ekdahl

CELTACHOR “Fiannaoích”


Battle Helm Rating

I was there for CELTACHOR’s second demo “In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers”. I even interviewed them back then but somehow, we got separated and I lost touch with them. So I have not heard any of the previous albums. But I did like what this Irish lot had going back then and I like what they have going now. This is black/folk/pagan metal. and being Irish they have a huge heritage to dog from when it comes to writing cool stories. I somehow did imagine this to be even grander than it is. in a way I thought that this was going to me Primordial massive. But it isn’t. It is good. No question about it. I just wish that it was more of everything. That it was Bathory massive. This is one of those albums that will need time to really creep under your skin. Anders Ekdahl


(Darkness Attack Records)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that I have any idea what the Philippine metal scene is like is to say that I can tell a birch from a pine. I have very little knowledge about that scene. So I cannot tell you that much about DEIPHAGO even though it is a name I have seen floating about in the underground. This split with AMPÜTATOR is like a blast from the past. I come to think of Canada’s Blasphemy when I listen to the DEIPHAGO side. This is primal and very basic. Almost to the point of noisy. But it is very honest. AMPÜTATOR have apparently split up way back in 2014 so I have no idea where these tracks are taken from. But I can say that AMPÜTATOR are too very basic and primal. And noisy. If that is you thing this is a split you should track down. This is not the stuff that is on top of my black metal list even though I have heard enough of it over the years. And can therefore appreciate it for what it is. if you like me, like early Bathory (Especially “The Return”) you are gonna appreciate this too. Anders Ekdahl