ETERNAL REST “Prophetic”

There used to be a time when dying freaked me out. When I was about 11 years old I came to terms with my own mortality. I realized that death is inevitable and that there was nothing I could do about it to stop it from happening. Whatever happens to me after I’m dead is of no worry to me. Eternal damnation or eternal rest is not something I think too much about. This is death metal in an old school kind of way. It sounds like the last 20 years of Swedish death metal mixed together with 20 odd years of other old school death metal. You get a pretty good idea of what ETERNAL REST sounds like from that. There is very little new to this sound yet somehow it works. It just goes to show that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is by all means a really cool death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

HYBRID “Angst”

I don’t get people that buy hybrid cars only to use the petrol part of the car. What’s the use? Do they feel good about themselves for buying a supposedly environmentally friendly car? Not that the band HYBRID has anything to do with being environmentally friendly, or perhaps they do. What do I know? There is very little about their sound that says that they are friendly minded. This is a harsh and hostile as it can get when you deal with a cold exterior. Listening to this is like being lost on the frozen tundra of the North Pole. Everywhere you look all you can see is ice and snow. There is a very claustrophobic feel this album. You feel trapped with no exit to find. It’s like watching a horror flick. You know that you’ll get scared but you can’t stop watching. With this album you know that you’re dream bad dreams about cold, desolate environments but you can’t stop listening. Anders Ekdahl

JUST BEFORE DAWN “Precis innan gryningen”

“Precis Innan Gryningen”
Another Swedish band. Yippee. There seem to be no end to the stream of Swedish bands that keep feeding the pond that is metal. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. It is close to impossible to keep up to date with all Swedish bands if you want to have some sort of idea of what bands there is from other countries. This is mid paced death metal much like Bolt Thrower. You get dragged into a tempo that you don’t really want to be a part of. Once there you are not allowed to leave and as it progress you find yourself getting into it more and more, to the point where you can’t help but to like what you hear. This is the kind of album that starts off in a kinda less than amicable way but as time flies grows on you until you realize that you can’t be without it. Anders Ekdahl

NAHAR “The Strange Inconvenience”

“The Strange Inconvenience”
This French band is on their third album (second for Avantgarde) yet I have not heard of them before being sent this album. That just goes to show that no matter how much I’d like to there is no physical possibility to keep track of all bands in the world. I guess that this too could be labeled post black metal as it isn’t your straight forward black metal. It does retain the elements that make black metal black metal but it also has another dimension to it. If your attention span is shorter than the length of your nose you should stay away from this album. This one takes time to get to know. You don’t just put it on and then do the dishes or cook your dinner to it. You need to sit down with it and really get to know it to fully appreciate it. I got a soft spot for this kid of melancholic doomy black metal. Anders Ekdahl

NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT “Documentaries Of Dementia”

“Documentaries Of Dementia”
If this bands sing about the birds and the bees I’ll buy a hat and I’ll eat it without ketchup. This just got to be some of the gorier variant of death metal that is around. Just from the band’s name you can tell that this will ooze pus. If you are easily offended you should stay away from this as it truly follows in the footsteps of the great Cannibal Corpse’s writing style. The Gorier the better seem to be NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT’s motto. There are no taboos left to dissect. Everything goes and nothing is sacred or holy. And while perhaps not as hard’n’heavy as Cannibal Corpse this is still evil enough to appeal to all death metal fanatics with a penchant for blood’n’guts. Anders Ekdahl


(Avant Garde)
I will willingly admit that I find joy in listening to ambient music. There is a soothing aspect to it that I at times can find a need for. But ambient black metal or post black metal ambient I’m not so sure about. But I’ll give it a chance. Who knows, I might find this album to be a band aid for my bleeding soul. This is the kind of black metal trip that wants to be mind altering. For the best reception you should listen to this with headphones on. That way you can take it all in and get lost in the universe that PTP creates. I have nothing against taking that trip. I could do with getting my fantasy stimulated. I actually found this to be some of the better off the grid black metal that I’ve heard in a long time. There is an air of freedom to this album. Let your mind wander and you body will follow. Anders Ekdahl

RED TREE RELIGION “Sparking Night Lust”

”Sparking Night Lust”
RED TREE RELIGION, Blue Script Revelation. I guess that a band name could be any combination of words. If it looks good why not use it. If it has meaning to you the better but if not you could always make up a story about the name. This Greek band are a blank to me. I’m not a one-track minded metalhead. I can appreciate other styles of music but I never really got the whole funk metal/rock thing we saw when Dan Reed Network, Living Colour and the likes were big in the 90s. I could only take a song or two of it. Funk in its purest form is cool but funk metal, no thanks. Why RED TREE RELIGION wants to play a style similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers funkier tunes are a mystery to me. But having said that I gotta admit that I find myself nodding my head to their tunes. There is something slightly infectious to their music that is hard to dismiss. This I could very well see myself listening to when I drive to work. There is something positive and life affirming to this EP that puts a smile on my face. Anders Ekdahl


I often curse myself for not being more interested in hardcore. But I haven’t really found time to get into it. I’ve tried on numerous occasion to explore it further but each time something else has come between and taken my time away from hardcore. But on occasions like this I get to examine an album full of HC. But not this time. This is deathcore if I’ve ever heard it. You get the best from both worlds on this album. The break beats often found in HC and the brutality and raw power from death metal. You gotta be open minded when you listen to this otherwise it will go you by as an annoying mass of noise. If you don’t like the idea of hardcore and death metal meeting you will have a hard time getting into this album. I on the other hand have no problem getting my groove on to this album. Anders Ekdahl


This Polish act is being described as experimental black metal. I get the general idea of being labeled experimental. I just don’t know what’s wrong with being labeled just black metal. I have no idea what the whole post/experimental thing is all about. Most of the time it is just an empty phrase used to cover up a bands weak attempt at being different. THAW might be different in sound to most other black metal acts in that they are slow, almost to the point of being drone-ish. This isn’t happy music in any meaning of the word. If you are already down and out of luck you really should stay the hell away from this album. It doesn’t get much more depressing than this. But that is also the charm with this album. This is a bleak and depressing as it gets. From here the only way is up. I simply love this kind of melancholia. It is not totally black but instead a grey-ish black. Anders Ekdahl

THE VEIN “Scouring The Wreckage Of Time”

“Scouring The Wreckage Of Time”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
It is nice to see that the doom metal scene is still alive and healthy. I have a special place for doom in my heart. I used to paint everything black. I used to see the world through a pair of dystrophic glasses. And one of the things that could get me in a good mood was an album full of melancholic metal. I still love really gloomy doom metal even though I don’t paint the world in as dark a shade as I used to. THE VEIN are as heavy as it gets. This is to me what funeral doom is really about to me. Slow, heavy and letting you know the burden of being buried six feet under. There is no future, tomorrow doesn’t exist, yesterday was a burden unloaded and life as you knew it is no more. Everything is black or white. All colours in between have been eradicated. Anders Ekdahl