DEADLANDS “Evilution”

I know that the title of one of my favourite songs by Metal Church is called “Wasteland” but when I saw this US band’s name I couldn’t help thinking about Metal Church. I have a soft spot for American power metal played by bands like Savatage or Vicious Rumours. I really hope that this will be up there with those bands in terms of sheer power. This is the kind of power metal that I expect from an American band. That there too is a feeling of thrash to this album just adds to the goody bag. It is so cool to see that there are still bands like this popping up on the US soil. It promises good things for the future. So if you like your power metal with a bit of thrash then you’d better rush out to check this one out. Anders Ekdahl

EDVIAN “2012”

(Metal Scrap)
OK, so the world did not go under as predicted by the Mayans. We live through it all and came out unharmed on the other side. That we’ve made it so far is no guarantee that we will make it all the way. Perhaps EDVIAN can give us the answer to our own demise with their album “2012”. If you don’t know if by know I’ll tell you that I’m a huge film buff. Got the diploma to prove it too. I have no problems sitting through an Ingmar Bergman film but I might enjoy a really cool US action film just as much. This album by EDVICIN made me think “The Mummy” (and not the Boris Karloff one) in the intro. There is an evil lurking feel to this album. Just as you thought you’d figured it out in comes a really heavy and evil sound. This is basically a progressive heavy metal album but as I said there is more than meets the ear. And that fact alone makes this a really cool album highly recommended if you like stuff like Stratovarius or Sonata Artica. Anders Ekdahl

EN NIHIL “The Approaching Dark”

“The Approaching Dark”
For some reason I find industrial music intriguing. I can’t explain what it is about industrial music that entices me but there is something to primal and raw that I find exciting. American EN NIHIL is a band whose name I’ve seen floating around but never got round to checking out. Until now that is. Described as death industrial I look forward to be invited into the universe that is their music. If you ever wondered what the apocalypse would sound like put to music this is the kind of stuff you should listen to. While not even close to music in the conventional terms this is some really haunting sounds. Listen to it with headphones on late at night and you’ll need to seek professional help when you wake up. This is really disturbing and bloody beautiful. In the 90s I used to get sent much more of this kind of stuff and I do miss it. This was a really cool introduction to EN NIHIL. Anders Ekdahl


“Saivon Lapsi”
This is one Finnish band that I’ve neglected for a very long time. I think we last made our acquaintance back in the late 90s. Much water has passed under our respective bridges but now our streams meet again. Don’t know what a meeting it will be but I’m still looking forward to it. I have to admit that I don’t remember them too well from back in the days. I have a faint memory of liking that album I heard back then but so much water has passed under the bridge and the fact that I haven’t paid attention to them that well makes this meeting seem like our first. But I do get a melodic death metal with a touch of goth/symphonic feel to it. And I do like this (too). Can’t say anything about the progress but if you like your metal a bit on the death/symphonic/goth side then this will be your bag of goodies. Anders Ekdahl

FIENDS AT FEAST “Towards The Baphomet’s Throne”

“Towards The Baphomet’s Throne”
It is not necessary to have any expectations on a band to fully enjoy the outcome. I have no idea where this band are from or what to expect. But with an open mind and two ears finely tuned in I’ll take this on with confidence. What is it with all these intros? Get on with it will you. I don’t know if it is age that has made me more patience but there used to be a time when I almost couldn’t stand bands that play mid tempo. Nowadays I have more understanding of mid tempo and can actually like it. FIENDS AT FEAST are not the most blast per minute kind of band. Instead they seem to go for the heavier approach. It kinda makes me think of Morbid Angel without even sounding like MA. It is just that they got that groove that MA too have (had?). I like this not so full on death metal that FAF play. Anders Ekdahl

KRYPTS “Unending Degradation”

“Unending Degradation”
(Dark Descent)
Dark Descent seems to have a special eye to the Finnish extreme metal scene. Band after band of Finnish origin keeps popping up on that label and for most of the time it is damn good bands too. KRYPTS are supposedly kult. Can’t say anything about that simply because I don’t remember them or if I’ve heard their metal before. I have no minority complex. Neither do I have a grandeur complex. That is why I can rejoice in the fact that the Nordic bands are so bloody much better than any other bands in the whole damn world. Don’t agree? Prove me wrong then. KRYPTS might have a history like a I said but I totally missed out on that or my memory slips my mind. This is in any case death metal in that very old school that was so cool (and still is) back in the late 80s/early 90s. Need I say that this is blood brilliant? Didn’t think so. Anders Ekdahl

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE “Behold The Almighty Doctrine”

“Behold Almighty Doctrine”
(Unique Leader)
This can’t be anything but death metal. With that in mind I’ll gladly take this on. My doctor has ordered me to at least divulge one death metal act a week and if possible even more than that. So I really hope that LECHEROUS NOCTURNE is what the doctor prescribed. I like the fact that labels like Unique Leader or Sevared still keep the banner of extreme death metal flying high. Not all can be Walmart accessible. We need stuff that sticks out like a really sore thumb. This is the kind of death metal that should be played on a really cool sound system and not through some computer speakers to do this justice. This is death metal for all those of us who like Incantation but can’t wait for them to release a new album. Anders Ekdahl

LUNA AD NOCTUM “Hypnotic Inferno”

“Hypnotic Inferno”
Today it is enough to just say Polish extreme metal and you know that you’ll be in for a really awesome ride. I have no doubts whatsoever that LUNA AD NOCTUM will blow my socks off. I have the fullest confidence in their capability to be another really awesome Polish metal act. For some reason I can hear all sorts of reference points when I listen to this album yet I can’t put any names to those points. That bugs the hell out of me. What I do know is that this is black metal on the more “bigger than life” side of things. There is a symphonic feel to it that could be a Dimmu Borgir reference but there is also a more groovy side of things that could be a Satyricon reference. Then you get a full on blast that might even make you thing Behemoth style death metal. That I like this I don’t doubt. There is a charm to it that makes it hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl


“Requiem For Us All”
I might be strange but there are certain labels that I try to follow slavishly. I buy whatever they release even if I don’t know what it is that I buy. And then there are labels that I’m very cautious of. Pavement haven’t exactly supplied me with a massive catalogue of great metal albums. But perhaps MODERN AGE SLAVERY will be the act that tips the scale. I’m not going to compare this to Malevolent Creation simply because they too used to be on Pavement but this is death metal in that school. Raw and going for the throat kind of death metal that gets your blood pumping like there is no tomorrow. The kind of death metal that leaves nobody behind, dead or alive. The kind that you really gotta love if you want to call yourself a deathhead. Anders Ekdahl


Another act that I have no idea what to expect from. You could read the press release but describing music with words is an awkward business. We all come with our on luggage and from that we build our expectations. When I see this band’s name I get visions of everything from doom to death metal. And I want to call this death metal too but as I listen to it I’m not so sure that that’s the whole truth behind this album. I also get a 70s groove thing feel when I listen to this. If you could imagine Monster Magnet joining forces with My Dying Bride and then go on a rampant rump through the metal spectra then you might get a picture of what this album could be like. As I’ve stopped making sense of what a band sounds like and just go for the gut feeling I’ve come to the conclusion that I like this. Anders Ekdahl