“Maggot EP”
This one I gotta listen to before I even start to have an opinion. Looking at the cover and reading the band name doesn’t resonate anything in me. So I have to give it a spin before I even start thinking about what to write about this release. I have no idea what it is like to live in Australia, away from the big cities, out in the bush. I assume it is a lonely life. YANOMAMO has that loner feel to their doom. The one were despair is your closest friend and destitute seem to be knocking at your door. This is bleak in all the meaning of the word. There is also a chaotic Fudge Tunnel kinda air to this that only adds to whole atmosphere of there being no future to look forward to. Not the happy go lucky emotions you might associate Australia with when you read the brochures. Much more Mad Max on low speed against the inevitable than anything remotely happy. Doomsday is coming soon, take heed because YANOMAMO is the soundtrack to it. Anders Ekdahl


Tyranny of any sort should be fought with whatever means available. Any sort of tyranny should be turned into ashes and scattered for the wind. There is no excuse for any sort of oppression no matter whoever you are. To be honest this wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. In my mind I had made up images of a grindcore band but this is much more groovy and retro than I would ever had thought. There is a stoner element to this but with a much harder edge. Perhaps a bit like if Soundgarden had gone metal. There is also a classic hardrock/metal element to this in a Black Sabbath-ish vein. And while not being what I expected it to be this is still some pretty cool metal. There is also a thrashy edge to the sound of the guitars that prevents this from being too soft. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

DISCHORDIA “Project 19”

“Project 19”
I remember liking the EP this band released some time ago. If I’m not completely off base I got some slack for mentioning Korn in my review. But I found them to have that samey groove that Korn had on the earlier tracks I’ve heard. Apart from that I’m not a big Korn fan. This is death metal in the more tech end of the specter. If you have problem with death metal, or any metal that doesn’t go from point A to point B but much rather take a turn and heads for C and D before it hits the straight and narrow again then you’ll not like this. If you on the other hand don’t mind being taken on a journey that might not be the quickest but scenic as hell you might find great pleasure in this. That this is death metal there is no question about. It is just that there is death metal and then there is death metal. This is of the latter kind. It is good to every now and then be tossed about by something off the beaten track. Anders Ekdahl

ESHTADUR “Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me”

“Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that it really doesn’t matter where a band comes from. It is all about the music. But as with any rule there’s the exception that proves it. And for me the exception comes in many forms. One being bands from South America. Another being old school Swedish death metal. And with this sounding like a mix of At The Gates and Dismember it is like I’ve died and come a bit closer to Nirvana. This is the kind of death metal that I’ve listened to on endless cold winter nights. This is the kind of stuff that has helped me conquer sleepless nights. Nothing overly original but oh so good. And music doesn’t have to be original to be good. This album alone proves that. Anders Ekdahl

FAITH X TRACTOR “The Great Shadow Infiltrator”

“The Great Shadow Infiltrator”
FAITH X RACTOR is another band that is as blank as the document I use right now. I have not heard of them prior to receiving this album. I have no idea what to expect because there is no press release telling me what to expect. I’ll have to go in blindly on this one. It does start on a positive note. This sounds like a mix of death and funeral doom to my ears. It is slow, it is heavy and it feels like it comes from the deepest pits of hell. There is a charm to this sort of death doom that is hard to explain if you haven’t heard it before. There is nothing grand or epic about this. This is all about death and despair. You will not be sitting with a smile on your lips after having listened to this album. But you will feel cleansed of your mortal coil. Anders Ekdahl

FROSTAGRATH “A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow”

“A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow”
FROSTAGRATH??? I usually don’t pay too much attention to the press releases but every once in a while it would be nice to actually have one just so that you could at least get an idea what kind of band it is that you are dealing with. To be honest I don’t really know what to make of this album. Is it black metal or…? I get that feeling but I’m not totally sure what to think of it. Whatever genre it does belong to I’ve come to like this album. There is a primitive charm to the music that binds me to it. I like that whole early Burzum simplicity of creating an atmosphere using the simplest tools available. This is atmospheric in a whole different way to say Dimmu Borgir. Listening to this is like being on the brink of hell, holding on for dear life not to fall into the pit of damnation. Anders Ekdahl


“Shadows Of Life”
(FDA Rekotz)
I don’t often come in contact with metal bands from southern Europe. And although it seems like I’m about to know all about the Italian metal scene I’m not that familiar with either the Spanish or the Portuguese scenes. But little by little I’ll get there. It is not often that I look at the art work when I get sent digital files but I had to with the cover to this album. It is one of the coolest I’ve come upon in a long time. Musically this is some really heavy death metal. It is quite atmospheric without losing its aggressive side. I wouldn’t call it melodic even though there is that feeling to it. Perhaps a bit like a slower Dismember around their second or third albums mixed with a bit of goth metal vibe for good measure. Anders Ekdahl

GRENOUER “Blood On The Face”

“Blood On The Face”
I think I have an album by this band tucked away safely somewhere in my collection. Just can’t seem to remember much more than the name though. This Russian band are on their seventh album. And I’ve missed most of them. This is heavy metal. I usually don’t have anything against keyboards but I gotta say that this time around there is a nagging feeling of the band having been better off having dropped the keyboards in most tracks. It doesn’t add anything to the sound. Instead it just annoys the hell out of my ears and hinders the songs from blossoming fully. But that is just my opinion. I guess that the keyboard is supposed to add some modern touch to the metal. And modern sounding is just the feeling that I got from this album. A bit like a very light Fear Factory. The more I listen to this album the better we get along. A decent metal album. Anders Ekdahl


If you kill everyone then who will hear your album? Perhaps not the brightest move to kill off all potential fans. That aside I get a metalcore vibe from this band. And seeing as I’ve almost come to terms with this modern metalcore sound I kinda look forward to hearing this album. I get an almost deathcore-ish feel listening to this. Or is it grindcore? I can’t tell them apart these days. Or perhaps it is just plain old death metal? Whatever it is it is heavier than a ton of bricks. There is a thickness to the sound that makes me think back to the American way of paying death metal that started with Cannibal Corpse and has since evolved to be a genre all its own. It took me some time to get to grips with this style of death metal but now I’m quite comfortable with it. And this is an above average attempt at it that has given me enough pleasure to wanting to spin it again. Anders Ekdahl


“Hand Of Glory”
Instrumental doom metal anybody? With two drummers? I gotta admit that I’m a bit intrigued by the whole idea. Can’t wait to hear what this band has come up with on this two track EP. It could be anything from total shit to the most brilliant piece of plastic ever released. I gotta say that this isn’t too bad at all. Instrumental can sometimes mean an excuse to be weird as fuck but this is pretty straight forward doom-ish metal. And with the lack of a vocalist you get to paint you own picture of what the music is all about. There is a groove to this that helps you in your painting. It is easy to conjure up images of what the music is about. As long as you have enough fantasy to last the course of these two tracks. Anders Ekdahl