“The Chills”
I don’t want no pansy ass metalcore dressed up to look cool. I want Horrendous to be full on, unashamedly, unapologetic metal. I really need that fix of raw, unadulterated metal to the bone right now. Please give it to me. I can’t take the shit the radio keeps spewing at me. Continue reading


“EP 2011”
There is something very strict and disciplined about the lay-out of Masquerader’s 2011 EP. Even though the images are pretty vile there is a clean aesthetics to it all. This contrast between the disciplined and the vile makes for an interesting brain boggle. Continue reading

The Kandidate interview

Denmark’s The Kandidate may have a weird name for a metal band, but they sure hit it right on the button with their latest album “Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death”! Savouring the bacon, Shan Siva hoofed it over to chat to guitarist Allan Tvedebrink:

1. Congratulations on your new album – “Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death” – I couldn’t stop banging my head which is no mean feat given I’m an old ‘headbanger LOL – and on the strength of the songs I can’t resist finding out more about the band!

Allan: Hey man, that’s great. Thanks for the kind words, it’s highly appreciated!

2. What made you choose the name – is it some sorta take on the 70s movie?

Allan: Haha, yeah we are not making it easy for anybody – but no, not the movie….what movie?!

3. To make matters even more confusing, someone told me that the name actually changed from ‘The Downward Candidate’ so is that true and why did you change it (to an even more mystifying name LOL)?

Allan: Actually yes, KB (Larsen – bass) and I started this band like 6-7 years ago under the name The Downward Candidate. We wanted to write some dirty, downtuned and noisy shit and the name should reflect the “feel bad” sludgy felling we wanted, you know a candidate for going down, going to the dogs… We wrote a bunch of tunes and we had some success with a demo and a nice supporting job for a (by now) well established Danish act back in 07. But things were not always peachy and we had some line-up issues and stuff that was just annoying! But we knew we had the right material to record our debut album and so we did. Just before we did it, our singer split and we decided to carry on and find a singer after the recording of the instruments. We recorded at Jacobs Dead Rat studio and as we recorded, Jacob found out that he really dug what we were doing and started talking about singing on some tracks and suddenly he was in the band. We wanted to make this a new beginning, you know, getting the right line-up, releasing a debut album, getting our shit together. So we decided to start over with a new name, but we wanted to keep some kind of reference to the old band.

4. How and why did the band form?

Allan: we formed the band back in the day to compensate for what we missed in our old band, which was in the melodic death metal vein. We kinda grew tired and stuck with that band and we wanted to pursue our urge to play more dirty and straight forward punk inspired metal.

5. Your sound reminded me a lot of other Danish extreme metal bands like Konkhra and (early) Mercenary so there a sorta Danish / Copenhagen style akin to what the Swedes have with their famed ‘Gothenburg’ sound?

Allan: Konkhra?!? I was a fan back in the really early day, but I don’t think we sound anything like them. Fortunately enough, if you ask me… Mercenary? I don’t know, I don’t remember how they used to sound, back in the day, when they were a good band, haha. But no, I think we are pretty far away from having a signature sound or style as they have in all of the other Nordic countries. I don’t know why, cause we are pretty similar to our Nordic neighbours, but I do believe that the cultural inheritage is way stronger in Sweden, Norway and Finland and that they have a whole different approach in playing music. I don’t think that will ever happen in Denmark…

6. Speaking of scenes, is there much of one in Denmark – every time I go to Copenhagen people just point me to Loppen (venue located in the hippy commune of Christiana – Ed) LOL!!

Allan: Haha, yeah, I believe we have some cool clubs and venues in Copenhagen, Loppen being one of them – and one of my favourite venue. We have a broad variety of venues that hold everything from the local shit band to big arenas with international stars performing. Personally I prefer the small clubs and we have a bunch of those. Too bad the one with the best range in metal (called The Rock) just closed down. We’ve been playing almost everywhere in Denmark throughout our so-called careers as musicians, and we have shitloads of cool clubs. But the most amazing thing about our scene is that there are lots of dedicated people working their asses off to serve bands and fans and offer lots of live music which is killer. After all music belongs on stage and we love playing live more than everything else!

7. On this album there seems to be a lot of Entombed influence especially in the death n roll sections so did that come about given how much you’ve been touring with them?

Allan: No, not really. Touring with those guys has been a dream come true. Something all of us have always wanted to do. But I guess that Entombed’s influence on our music comes from us being fans of the band since they released Left Hand Path in 1990…

8. Napalm tell me you guys won the Danish Metal Awards so besides them, did you have a lotta labels fighting over you?

Allan: Nah, not really. We shopped around a bit when “Until We Are Outnumbered” was recorded and they actually approached us before we got to send anything to them. Their offer and their way of doing business seemed appropriate for us, so we jumped on the wagon and here we are.

9. You’ve also played the Roskilde Festival which is kind’ve a must but I wonder having attended (sadly in the fateful year of 2000) if extreme bands can be fully appreciated….?

Allan: The Roskilde Festival has always been very diverse. Ranging all the way from French lounge music to the most extreme black metal. Actually it’s not that long time ago I saw a study on who’s attending, and it was a big majority of rock fans, but metal fans was represented by something like 17% or something like that. We played on the smallest stage and it was really crowded, I’d say 1000-1500 people, so yeah that festival is very attractive for both metal bands and fans.

10. What will The Kandidate be getting up to this year?

Allan: Lots of touring I hope!! We have dates lined up in Denmark when the album comes out and we are going to China in April. We have also been talking to some people in Russia, and we are trying to coordinate calendars to go there. But we’ll see… On top of that, we are working on festivals for the summer and aiming at a European tour in the fall.

Thx for your time!

Allan: Thank you for your time, and for this interview and your interest in The Kandidate. We appreciate it very much!

Allan // TK

Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance”

Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance” (Nuclear Blast)

Tales from the hardside!!! Yeah, Brooklyn’s finest return with this reunion album and it’s just da bomb that only messrs Hambel, Seinfeld, Schuler and Graziadei could produce! Man, a lot has happened to Biohazard over the years but I’m really pleased that “Reborn In Defiance” not only shows they’ve still got heaps of ‘muthafucka’ attitude but is a worthy successor to classic albums like “Urban Discipline” and “State Of The World Address” that arguably made the band. Dedicated to fellow Brooklyn bro Pete Steele (RIP) songs like ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, ‘Decay’ and ‘Come Alive’ all have that classic sound of Evan’s hoarse voice (sounds like porno hasn’t made the man any happier LOL – Ed) with Billy’s shouting voice overlaying as it did before, Danny’s smashing da drums like he’s taking apart someone’s face in a Jiu Jitsu fight and Bobby is still that dancing, street skanking dude with that mean guitar that makes you just wanna jump muthfucka, jump! With Evan already splitting it’s difficult to say whassup when it comes to Biohazard, but whether its their final album or not (and I sure hope it ain’t) “Reborn In Defiance” commands only one word: RESPECT!

Winterthrone – “The Godslayer”

Winterthrone – “The Godslayer” (Frozen Sun Records)

This one man German project takes me back to the early days of Black Metal with Burzum, Emperor and Dark Throne: underground production and even rawer playing complemented by distant vocal drawls and shrieks. However, Winterthrone have upped the ante by the use of some classy keyboards that not only provide haunting atmospherics, but also big up the sound to an almost symphonic level so that songs like ‘Grave Of Thousand Souls’, ‘The Throne’ and ‘Triumph And Emptiness’ take on almost epic proportions. With exquisitely packaged limited edition vinyl pressings, Teutonic artwork and desperately little information on the band adding to the mystique, the cult of Winterthrone successfully carries the torch of underground black metal into the new era!

Fourth Autumn – “Mock The Weak”

Fourth Autumn – “Mock The Weak” (Rising Records)

This is a fine piece of blackened death from Wales of all places! I know the Welsh can sing, but it’s a tiny country so it’s good to hear the likes of Fourth Autumn bringing it in fine style (and a healthy dose of humour) on songs like ‘Don’t Stop Bereavin”, ‘A Door, A Table, A Fist’ and ‘Rigor Mortis (Makes Me Stiff)! Although not original by any means, they nevertheless effectively combine the likes of CradleOF and The Black Dahlia Murder with brutal / screech vocals, chopping rhythms as well as a healthy dose of classy melodies (LOL must be those Beyonce influences eh lads – Ed) courtesy of some excellent soloing from Jason for good measure. All in all a debut worthy of saying Cymru Am Byth!

Lomera – “Lomera” EP

Lomera – “Lomera” EP (www.facebook.com/LomeraBand)

On the face of it, Australia wouldn’t be a place I’d commonly associate with down tuned stoner rock but Sydney’s Lomera have created such a heavy smog of Clutch punk noise, Sabbathy doom and trippy Kyuss haze that they’re hard to ignore – even if they’re on the other side of the planet! Impressively self produced, Matt Power’s wasted vocals drift over the fuzz toned noise and insane warbling on numbers like ‘Now Way But The River’, ‘Hail The Storm’ and the deep ‘There Will Be Blood’. Totally heavy man, these guys come from down under!!