I can’t say I have any greater connections to France than to any other country when it comes to metal but still I find it exciting (well I do so with most stuff I get) whenever a new album by a French band comes my way, be it black metal or more technical stuff like Uneven Structure. If the band name is anything to go by this might be up there with Treponem Pal in the weird department. Continue reading

ANDROMEDA “Manifest Tyranny”

”Manifest Tyranny”
(Inner Wound Recordings)
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a full album by Andromeda. Somehow I feel excited to get to hear this new one. I have high hopes for it to be a massive progressive metal album. I don’t know how massive this album is but progressive it is. I love Dream Theater. Have since day one but I can’t say that I understand where they are coming from musically. Continue reading

FALLSTAF “Bastard Son Of A full Breed”

”Bastard Sons Of A Full Breed”
I’m have no relationship to brass instruments whatsoever. They say that saxophone is the saddest instrument ever but that doesn’t make it a great instrument to use in doom metal. Canadian Fallstaf seems to think that adding brass instruments to their metal is a good idea. I’m not too sure about that. We’ll have to wait and see what I think once I’m through this album. Continue reading

KILL MATILDA “I Want Revenge”

”I Want Revenge”
I have a fondness for female fronted metal bands. Well I have a fondness for females period but especially in metal. There is something to a band that is full of women. You get the best of two worlds and I don’t mean that in any sexist way. I’m all for women’s equal rights. If I could I’d bring equality to all women. But for now all I can do is champion all women that play metal. Continue reading

NIEGE ET NOIRCEUR “Hymnes De La Montagne Noire”

“Hymnes De La Montagne Noire”
(Sepulchral Productions)
I’ve only read great things about Neige et Noirceur. Well. I’ve only read good things about that whole Qubecois black metal scene that seems to be going on in that region. I get the same kinda feeling I got when Necropolis Records was in business. That there is something bigger going on than just another black metal label releasing albums. Continue reading


“The Vision Of Fading Mankind”
Another split album comes my way. Is there somebody who’s trying to punish me? OK. I’ll be game for it then. Temple Of Baal are pretty intense death metal the way I like it. The way it was when I got into death metal back in the days (another referenced to my high age). I like it when the aggression is so there that you can almost touch it. Continue reading