In Silentio Noctis – “Disenchant The Hypocrites”

In Silentio Noctis – “Disenchant The Hypocrites” EP (My Kingdom Music)

lol there might be something in the title of this album as this Finnish symphonic black metal band have had some flak in the past for mixing these two styles and furthermore, comparisons of female vocalist Armi Päivinen to Tarja Turunen! Well the latter may certainly be true as Armi is indeed a classically trained soprano vocalist but the former has little foundation in my opinion as the mix works a treat. Firstly, songs like ‘The Pit’ and ‘Haunted’ are not out and out black metal in either their tempo or even in their riffs – no doubt they are dark, but we’re not talking any great homage to Satan by any means. Secondly, the symphonic melodies are Armi’s aforementioned angelic pipes which provide a perfectly complementary if opposing sound that In Silentio Noctis have crafted well enough to mesh together. This may not satisfy the purists but this EP has a wide appeal from femme rock fans to goth metallers to symphonists and as such one should not be hypocritical in its critique?

Raving Season – “Amnio”

Raving Season – “Amnio” (My Kingdom Music)

Wow, dreamy Italian doom death with not one chick on vocals but two – one angelic and the other one a growler lol! With heavy melancholic riffs a la Anathema accompanied by some intelligent use of atmospheric keyboards that occasionally raise the tempo, Raving Season have some interesting potential. It’s taken them 2 years to craft “Amnio” and whilst songs like ‘Silent Lake’, ‘Dusk Dance’ and ‘My Darkest Season’ certainly contain the passion of gothic doom, sadly I don’t think Frederica’s growls are intense enough as they are still somewhat feminine. However, I’m not altogether certain a male could pull this off either as I really don’t think the contrasting vocals are even needed given Judith’s enchanting voice is more than sufficient enough to carry the band through. Still, the music itself is definitely worth checking out for its emo factor alone given its careful composing and depressive tones, thus making Raving Season of worthy note?

ARMAROTH “False Vision”

”False Vision”
I love it when bands send me their stuff. There is no greater joy than to discover new bands that might turn into your favourites. ARMAROTH might very well be the next big thing in metal and you read about them here for probably the first time ever. I knew that this was going to be death metal but I had no idea that it would be so Swedeath sounding as it is. There is an air of old Entombed and Dismember to this that just adds to the charm of it. This is death metal that is borderline US and Swedish. A combo that at first might seem a bit odd but in reality works very well. If you can imagine a mix of Cannibal Corpse and Entombed you’ll get sort of an idea of where this will take you. Anders Ekdahl


(Church Within)
I love it when bands thing once or twice about naming their band. BEELZEFUZZ sounds like a band that has sold it collective souls to the devil in order to play the most evil metal you’ve ever heard. Can this be anything but some really cool doom-ish metal? It might be a tired old phrase to use but had not Black Sabbath existed we would not have had bands like BEELZEFUZZ. This owes pretty much everything to those early 70s bands that played heavy metal without even knowing it. This owes everything to a time and place that wasn’t bound by genre restrictions, when everything was new and fresh. If you like your hardrock tinged with a very distinctive 70s ring then this will have you in a rave. I didn’t think this would affect me the way it has but this stuff I just gotta love. Anders Ekdahl

DEATHBREED “Your Stigmata”

”Your Stigmata”
I’m not complaining but I get sent so many digital files that I have a hard time remembering from whom I’ve received them. I have no memory of being sent this one. It doesn’t ring any bells when I read the name and I can’t tell anything about my expectations of it. That this was going to be anything but death metal wasn’t that surprising. That it is death metal in the American vein might neither come as any greater surprise. There is something to this kind of death metal that have me coming back for more. I like this whole idea of being beaten to a pulp by a really thick and heavy sound. A sound that could break through brick walls or force mad dictators to surrender. Death metal that is a force to be reckoned with. Anders Ekdahl

DEATHRED ”Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness”

”Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness”
When I reviewed the previous DEATHRED release I thought that there was potential but it needed some work. Hopefully this will be the release that shows what progress can accomplish. The previous one was melodic death metal and instrumental. I still miss the vocals. I’m sure that with the added bonus of a really cool vocalist this will take giant steps towards being something more than a novelty thing. Perhaps a live drummer also would help the sound become more organic. If the previous release had potential this one meets the same fate. There is potential in it. It just needs that something added to it for it to take that giant step out of being just a Soundcloud novelty. Anders Ekdahl

DEVARIEM “Planet Earth:Ground Zero”

”Planet Earth: Ground Zero”
Looking at the cover art work to this album didn’t exactly get my juices flowing. There is nothing that really excites me when I look at the cover. But as always you shouldn’t judge an album by its cover. You never know what hides beneath. This German thrash lot has a lot to live up to if they want to even slightly match the pedigree they are up against, just in Germany alone. When I heard Destruction, Sodom and Kreator for the first time everything was new and untried. Nowadays everything has been done a thousand times already and it is hard to come up with anything even slightly original. That is why I’m not really looking for originality anymore. I’ll settle for an album that affects me. I had very low expectations on this album but it actually turned out to be a nice slab of mid-tempo thrash with an aggressive edge. There are touches of second wave Bay Area thrash in their sound. Something that appeals to me. Cool. Anders Ekdahl


DIRIGIRI sounds to me like something a child would say before their speech has developed enough for it to pronounce words correctly. But DIRIGIRI could also be a word in some native language that I’m not familiar with. One thing is for sure. It is an easy name to remember. Musically this isn’t hard to pin point either. This is to me thrash that is borderline death. Call it deathrash if you like. To me this is equal parts death and thrash metal. At times it reminds me of an Obituary that has sped up from its original slow to slower sound. There is a simple, primitive thing to this that makes it seem punky in a The Accused gone death metal kinda way. Add some punk attitude too this concoction and you got an album that takes me back to simpler times. I like it. Anders Ekdahl


Just from looking at the digipak I get a feeling that this is going to be something dreamlike and esoteric. I wasn’t too far off. This isn’t your direct in-the-face death metal assault. Instead it is more like a gentle trip through a harsh landscape. Carefully maneuvering so that you don’t cut yourself on any spikey bushes. Musically I have no idea where to place them. An Avant-garde version of Tool might be sufficient but that doesn’t really feel appropriate. A death metal version of Mr Bungle doesn’t really sit that comfortable either. Let’s just settle for that this album moves over a wide array of metal genres. And it isn’t as bad as it might seem on paper. There is a flow to it that makes it an easy listening (without being remotely close to easy listening). Anders Ekdahl

ANTONELLO GILIBERTO “The Mansion Of Lost Souls”

”The Mansion Of Lost Souls”
As I don’t play the guitar myself I try to stay well clear of instrumental guitar albums. I can appreciate a really good guitar solo but I have no way of deciphering the technical skill of any guitar player. But I’m no stranger to a good challenge every now and then hence me reviewing this album. There is no doubt that this is heavy metal. No matter how much neo classical influences you are supposed to hear on this album it is in its purest form a heavy metal album. And as such this is a really cool record. It would have been even cooler if it had had an awesome vocalist add to the sound. But since there isn’t one the guitar has to do the singing. I miss guitar solos in my metal. I have no idea why they disappeared. There is nothing like a really well executed guitar solo. This album is filled with them. Anders Ekdahl