I thought that TYSTNADEN were off to a promising start when they released their debut album but then all went quiet while I was waiting for the second album. Now it is time for the third and I wanted to know what happened, hence this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Your band name is to me a classic Swedish prog band name, yet your music is naything but Swedish prog. How did an Italian band end up with a Swedish word as its band name?
Laura: Our story begins in 1998, we have been influenced a lot by the Swedish death metal scene, I’m thinking about bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and similar… So, with a Swedish name as moniker, we just wanted to pay a sort of tribute to those lands and to the music we loved so much. Then, there is the meaning of that word: Music is nothing without silence…

I gotta say that I thought it all started well for you with the debut album. There was somewhat of a hype surrounding you. I waited for a second album but heard nothing from you until now that I discover that you are about to release your third album. What happened along the way?
L: Well, in 2007 we recorded the second album, named In Our Eye. I don’t know exactly what happened… The album has been released in 2008 by an American label, but we experienced lots of troubles in distribution and promotion… I think that In Our Eye is a sort of “cursed album”. It contains some great songs but… wrapped by a dark and blue atmospheres, reflecting our mood in the composition of that time.

If you look back at the albums you?ve released and compare them to this new one is there a coherent red line running through them? Does it feel like you marked your territory sound wise?
L: I see a coherent red line among our works. But I see certainly a maturation. There are big differences among our three full lenght albums but I think there is a path you can feel if you listen to them. We’ve never thought to change our style.. We only did a walk together, and what you can hear is this walk, a journey.

What is the hardest part of being an Italian metal band?
L: It’s just… being an Italian metal band! 🙂 In Italy a metal band is considered a band of niche, there are very few venues in which you can play and there are many prejudices by the “normal” listeners. I always take as example our Lacuna Coil: they become famous in the USA and after (but more after) in Italy. But Lacuna are a real band playing together from years. I ‘ve been to one of their live shows in Italy some years ago, before their success in America: there were 200 persons.. Gosh! Incredible. And they kicked some serious ass during that show!! After the success in America then Italy realized we have a great band.. Incredible, isn’t it?!?

How tough is it to find a label that believe and want to see you through a development curve instead of trying to cash in quickly?
L: Very very very tough. Believe me. But I think this is conditioned by the current state of music in the whole world. I think everyone… has to eat! And trying to do it with music becomes everyday more difficult…

You’ve been around a bit now. Do you feel that people attention span has shortened and it is more about ?here now ? gone tomorrow?, that people don?t follow a band like they used to?
L: Good question! I wish i coud have a good answer too… Honestly, i agree when you say that “people attention span has shortened and it is more about ‘here now'”, but i think that it’s something more related to pop music than to heavy metal music… Or at least, i hope so… I mean, how many bands in the last 10 years have been like comets, becoming popular for a very short amount of time then vanished… But again, it seems to me that it’s a phenomenon more related to pop music… and when i say pop, of course i’m not refferring to the Pop music with the capital P, i’m just thinking about some junk-music that affects the most of the radios at these days for a while….

How much damage has the digital download done to the album as a way to listen to music? Has it even affected the album in any way?
L: I think there is an unstoppable changing… The digital download damage in the manner in which you cannot face the news. It’s improbably to continue to suggest an outworn format. In a few years this will be completely given up.

What do you think of digital download? Will it kill the physical format?
L: well… I’ve already answered cause these two questions are linked together in my opinion 🙂

Do you plan the track listing in a certain way? How do you know where each song fits on the album?
L: Ah! The track list is a real problem in every album!!! ‘Cause you plan the track list in a certain way and then after the recordings and the mixing many songs sound a little bit differently from the preproduction…but beyond personal tastes we use some little criteria to do the tracklist… And then we follow the suggestions of a third person not involved emotionally (Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studios, our second “father” now after the third album!!)

What would an ideal future bring to Tystnaden?
L: Fame?!? Ok, i’m just kidding… We would like to reach as many people as possible with our music. I would like to reach the mind and touch the heart of the people with the songs of this album, I would like people all over the world tell me that I brought chills to them.. Am i asking too much?!? 🙂

BY THE PATIENT “Premonitions”

Lately I’ve come upon more Danish bands than I’ve done in the last two decades. I like it. It means that the Danish metal scene isn’t as dead as it might have seen. In my youth Denmark was the closest pale to go if you wanted to see any great metal bands since most tours stopped in Copenhagen. Most new Danish bands that I’ve heard have all been death metal. By The Patient are no different. I can hear an At The Gates reference in their sound. That I like. At The Gates is one of the best Swedish bands to ever have existed. Anything that slightly reminds me of them gets the thump up. By The Patient are slower and heavier than most death metal bands with making them death doom. This was a positive surprise. Anders Ekdahl

KERION “Cloudriders PT1”

“Cloudriders Pt1”
It is with great anticipation that I approach albums by bands that I know nothing about. You’ll never know when that special band will appear. If you don’t dare to take the chance you’ll never know what you could get. So I’ll take on Kerion with the greatest of anticipation. I can’t help getting Rhapsody vibes when I listen to this album. Not that I mind. I like Rhapsody (or whatever name they go under today). I like the greater than life approach to things. This is symphonic metal and as with any other symphonic metal band it follows a formula. When done well it can be the greatest thing since sliced bread. When done wrong it’s like Chinese water torture. Kerion do most things well. I like this. Anders Ekdahl

LORD OF THE GRAVE “Green Vapour”

“Green Vapour”
(The Church Within)
I’m not too familiar with the label The Church Within but the bands that I do have come upon have all been good. I kinda like the idea of a label dedicated to the more doomy end of the metal spectre. I find great comfort in the darker and more melancholic end of things. Had it not been for Black Sabbath the world would have gone amiss on a great deal of really cool metal bands. I’m a huge Sabbath fan so anything that even slightly reminds me of that band gets the thumps up. Lord Of The Grave are Sabbath heavy with that distinctive 70s vibe to their sound. I’m not one for nostalgia but I got a soft spot for early 70s music. This is like being back in my mother’s womb in 1970. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

MANTICORE “Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated”

“Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated”
I know not to judge a book by its cover or a band by its name but when I saw the name Manticore I got vibes of a thrash metal band in the vein of the second wave. Bands that followed in the wake of Metallica; Slayer, anthrax and Megadeth. Don’t know how right I am but I’ll hope for the best. Truth be told I was as far off as I could have been. Although there is a slight thrash vibe to this I would say that this is more in line with bands like Brazil’s Sarcofago or Canada’s Blasphemy than any second wave of thrash that you could think up. This is primitive and very basic in sound. I’m a fan of this kind of primal metal. When I’m in the mood this is a cleansing as anything else. But I gotta crave it to fully appreciate it. Manticore calmed that craving for the time being. Anders Ekdahl


(Dynamic Arts)
When you recognize the label better than the band that’s when you know you’ve overdosed on labels. For some reason I recognize the label Dynamic Arts but can’t place any bands on it. I know that I have a couple of records released by them but what they are is in the clouds. There is a melancholic touch to this that makes me think of bands from Finland that are too many to mention but operates in the same region of emotions. Call this melancholic death light or something to that ilk and you get a pretty good impression of where you have this band. This is like if Sentenced had kept their death metal but added on a more melancholic side to it. I also get a strong Swedish feel listening to this. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Anders Ekdahl

MAVETH “Coils Of The Black Earth”

“Coils Of The Black Earth”
(Dark Descent Records)
I don’t know what it is that they have put in the water in Finland but over the last decade or so we’ve seen metal almost taking over the charts in Finland. And even though I’m Swedish I’m not envious or even jealous in any way. I too get to enjoy the greatness of the Finnish metal scene. This band is no different. Just like any other Finnish band that I’ve come upon lately this is some cool stuff. There is more of an old school death metal feel to this but since that is what I grew up on this will be right up my alley. I get cool vibes from bands like Asphyx, Grave and Nihilist that keeps me going for a long while. This is heavy yet groovy in a way that I don’t get to hear in many newer death metal bands. Another for the Finns to be proud of. Andes Ekdahl

NEPENTE “Suffering Is The Seed”

“Suffering Is The Seed”
I have a craving for something extreme metal. I hope that Nepente can cure that craving. To my eyes the name says that this could be some kind of death metal in the vein of Nile or Morbid Angel. I get that kind of vibe from them just by reading the name and album title. It’s heave like Morbid Angel or Nile. That I’ll give the band. Other than that this was more along the lines of Incantation. Another band that I totally admire. Death metal that is brutal in all possible ways. This is not for the weak hearted. You gotta be able to stomach a punch or two by this force of a band. This is death metal so far from melody that you can get yet this is some of the best kind of metal that I know of. This is the stuff I can listen to driving to work. Road rage anybody? Nah, didn’t think so. Anders Ekdahl

NIGROMANTIA “Inherited Burden”

“Inherited Burden”
(Noisehead Records)
OK. I know of Necromantia but Nigromantia? Sounds like a bad joke to my ears but I guess there is a deeper meaning to the band name. That aside I have no idea what this band is all about. They are a blank to me as I haven’t heard anything by them before this album. This Hungarian death metal band wasn’t what I expected. There is a Death technical side to them but also a more extreme side to them. It almost made me think of a Watchtower gone death metal. But that might be stretching the truth a bit too far. I have to admit that when I heard the first guitar note I thought that this was going to be some sort of weak shit but it actually turned out to be a rarther good death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

NUKORE “Broken Hip? Hop On”

“Broken Hip? Hop On”
I never got the whole funk metal thing. Rap metal made me physically sick (well almost) and any other strange kind of cross pollination between metal and whatever hasn’t really rubbed me the right way. Yet I’m glutton for punishment hence me taking on Nukore. I like bands like Otep and Exilia but somehow I don’t get this. Don’t know what it is that makes me feel awkward when listening to this. Could it be that I’m too old? Nah, that can’t be it. It must be that I can’t relate to this the way I can’t relate to modern metalcore. This to me is music that never really takes off. It goes in circles without ever getting anywhere. Not my cup of tea by any stretch of the imagination. Anders Ekdahl